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Kevin Hawkins Apr 2014


Who's to say I know best?
Everyday is just a test.

To move or to stay.
To breathe or decay.
To love or abate.
To rebel or obey.
To commit or to stray.

Every kiss begins with K,
but then you factor in fate.
I lead a life of ambition,
with no room for indecision.
But I just don't know what's next.
All I do is try my best.

I can't complain or compare,
The results would be unfair.
I have lots, and others little,
yet life, still gets fickle.

I have little family and fewer friends,
who stay until the end?
I'm not worried or sad.
I just wish that I had:
or given away.

You live and you learn.
You decide and get burned,
but thus is life.
Everything happens for a reason.
We'll see what happens next season.

Time to pick.
Time to choose.
Time to stick.
No time to lose.

Pro vs Con.

"Decisions, decisions."
I knew all along.
The first thing I've written this year that wasn't for work. Just venting the typical thought of a 20 something, "What's next?" Having more opportunities doesn't actually make it any easier. "But I digress..."
Kevin Hawkins Apr 2014

On a bad note, things did end.
I burned a bridge, but I'd like to make amends.
Can you forgive, not forget?
'Cuz I'd like to begin again.

Clean slate, fresh plate,
Can we just erase the hate?
Kevin Hawkins Apr 2014

In the night,
Good or bad.
We have a saying,
For our dads,
For our moms, and our bros,
A message that we like to show.
With a kiss or with a wave,
or just how, we behave.
We like to end the day,
With something that we say.
I'm not sure when it began,
Or when it will ever end.
But in this sad light,
I still got told "good night"
Kevin Hawkins Apr 2014

Time is of the essence.
Meridian, a or p.
It doesn't matter to me.
Either way I'm in a rush,
Time is always a push.
Time for work,
Time for bed,
Time is just, in our head.
Time to spend,
You and me.
But not the time,
The time, for tea.
Kevin Hawkins Apr 2014

Random am I,
Random are we,
Random are those,
Random as thee.
So non-sequitur,
Never a quitter.
One with a hidden path,
Always in a bath.
Open-minded to the new,
Defenders of the few.
Mightier than the united,
Never having been divided.
Strange attractor philosophy,
Making sense with psychology.
Everyone emits a "huh?",
Intellects say a "duh,"
No one asks "What?,"
How can it be?
That one I cannot see,
That there is so much more,
Than what's on the door.
Does it make you a number,
That judges by this cover?
Is it really what you think,
Or how much it makes you blink?
The one word that comes to mind,
The one from far behind.
Like the hungry with chewing gum,
Why are we so random?
Kevin Hawkins Apr 2014

In Bed.
Wish I was dead.
Silent in the room.
Quiet as can be,
Yet loud as a boom.
My thoughts have no direction,
My emotions have no connection.
Creativity is ever flowing,
Nowhere will I be going.
Contradict my mind does,
As if hazed in a buzz.
Don't really know what is next,
I just try to do my best.
As I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Earth, my soul to keep.
And if I die before I wake,
I pray the Earth my soul to take.
To be fused with Great Lakes,
To be mixed but not in vain.
As if to be part of one,
To never ever be undone.
Kevin Hawkins Apr 2014

Broken hearted. Broken soul.
Broken will. Broken goals.

Never knowing where to start.
Never feeling not apart.
Never knowing where to begin.
Always looking around the bend.

Always thinking "what if?"
Always singing little riffs.
All about what is new.
All about the Mountain Dew.
All about swimming pools.

Never ever being cool.
Never ever failing school.
Never ever a clear mind.
Always knowing how to rhyme.
Always forgetting the good.
Always being misunderstood.

like firewood.
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