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a tempest now brews
thunder rolls o'er the township
rumbling its echo
Burning my
eternal body
of blazing stars
on a painter's
canvas of the
night sky.
Silver rays of
moonlit dreams
sing the hypnotic
mermaid melody
to the broken
mirror of
Where waves of
marble bitterly cry
into the deep,
do not disturb
her pearly sleep...
 Jul 2016 Kevin Eli
Daphne Ryan
I feel scared of myself sometimes,
I can be irrational,
I think of something unreal and forget about the things I care about,

But a vision flashes directly into mind,
Your face,
The way you smile,
Or a look that you have upon your face,

I flash forward to a place,
Where your eyes meet mine,

Where we can erase the rest of existence,
Or pause the world from spinning out of control,

To observe each other
For who we are,
Without judgement,
Or thought,

Only because we know each other,
Without words.
 Jul 2016 Kevin Eli
Daphne Ryan
Underneath the redwood trees,
I'll wait to see your hearts true desire,

Maybe lust will peek on through the night sky,
I've never had a place to be,
So within the wilderness I'll look,

For something in your words,
To help me find my peace of mind,

Searching for one more chance,
To be the one who dances with you into the morning light.
 Jul 2016 Kevin Eli
I booked a flight to America
Wishing to start a new life.
You found out I was leaving.
You were mad as if it’s a crime.
You called me and asked
If we could see each other for the last time.
You gave me a letter that broke my heart
Explaining why we fell apart
Telling me you never stopped
Telling me you though I gave up
But the one thing I wont forget
Is when you said
“I will never, ever forget you. You’re one of the reasons why Im happy and because... you mean a lot to me.”
I wanted to talk to you and sort this out
But it was too late
Because I have a flight before midnight.
Looking back to those days
Still makes me sad.
Its been a year and I still think about you.
You said you’ll never forget me
But is that enough to forget the agony?

This is actually a very long poem, but it turned out to be a personal thought so I had to cut it out. Anyways, Im sorry for being heartbroken x
 Jan 2016 Kevin Eli
no choice but to keep on going round the Sun
kicking and screaming
or docile as a slug
either way we share the same sky
 Jan 2016 Kevin Eli
Make yourself
A social engagement
With some wise and brilliant minds
Discover the think tank mentality
It's the intellectual wine

Intellectuality can only grow
In wide and open spaces
Questioning your own beliefs
Could give your heart a face-lift
 Feb 2015 Kevin Eli
Scot Powers
Quietly she entered
and crept across the floor
knowing all too well
the pleasure that would flow

Slowly she approached the bed
there laid a supine form
her heart began to skip a beat
as she undid her robe

Revealing herself  to the night
and to the lying form
gently she began to kiss his neck
her skin was getting warm

Slowly she descended
her tongue leading the way
he wrapped his arms around her
in his loving way

gripping and pulling him
closer to her mouth
her hot breath sent quivers
as she licked the tender shaft

She took him in her mouth
and began to gently ****
he rubbed her moist tightness
and probed her with his tongue

Then they rolled over
still tenderly embraced
and worked together thrusting
to reach a higher place

She dragged her nails across his back
the moans began to rise
sensations racing forward
searching each others eyes

Releasing waves of pleasure
reaching out at the same time
their pleasured moans a symphony
entangled and divine
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