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Kevin Dawe Jun 6
in a flash it got dark
hope y'all have been enjoying the view
'cross my balcony to yours
the darkness lets you see in
my flickering amber silhouette
jumping from hall to hall
my mute shouting (to you)
gesturing, pointing at walls
glass in hand
subtitles of ice clinking
condensation dripping
a sweating brow
my ******* obstinate, silent riposte
crash to the couch in defeat
oh yeah, the blinds, the blinds
and to you, your perspective - goodnight
what's left is mine, and mine alone
Kevin Dawe Jun 6
the spider on my balcony has five legs, not eight
I think to myself, what a pity, that its struggles are!
though I stop myself and ask; is having five legs worse than eight?
I've only two!
so how can I tell?

well! its web is different than those I've seen
less ordered, less dense
at times it flails before it pivots, to conjoin the lines
disorder! we know that to be a curse!
what a curse! what a curse! to affront the mold!

yet it persists, holding on, with its five legs, not eight
in the wind, in the rain, it deigns to ensnare those
whom, I suppose, lack its elegance - trickery, and guile
plodding on, eventually grasping the next thread
linking twine to twine
harmonizing strands
as I think of its life, and mine
and mine,
and mine,
and mine.
Kevin Dawe Jun 2
they say I should talk to you
even tho you're gone
that it helps
(me I guess)

what can I say? what's new with me?
nada, dear
I am a static object
sitting here & ruminating, without you
I've so much time...

so how is the other side?
I bet you take to it well
when it's my turn, you'll be there
to show me the ropes
and share sunny smiles

we'll take back our goodbyes
we were lucky enough, at least
to spend some of your fleeting time
on those, so for now, till tomorrow
Kevin Dawe Apr 7
these pretty things we tell ourselves
conjured from misshapen realities
abstracted, sifted, & distilled
till sweet as honey
drank in for vitality
their warmth sustaining
bearing halos over our eyes
like coins, awaiting collection
at the end of this absurd, rapturous quest
with its solitary end;
Kevin Dawe Mar 17
listen closely
you miss this amongst the company of others
the smell of juniper
(almost like bark)
that beloved word
so close to Jupiter
her rings an engagement to us all
(for our world)
benevolence // protection
(or a curse?)
could've been stellar dust
instead paramecium
instead here we are
drinking fizz & juniper
till we forfeit our favour
(insatiable fervour)
with the fates, and Jupiter
juniper, juniper
'tis such, 'tis such
for now, it's enough.
Kevin Dawe Mar 17
**** negative space
give me generosity
and bounty
a cornucopia
all to myself
if this is going to be worth it
we need to do it with some zest
and ******* zeal
in an age where we marginalize zealots
(not advocating for them)
no middle ground
(huge space in-between)
a void, voids, we know voids
THE N-E-G-A-T-I-V-E...
   S   P   A   C   E  
from voids within us
is room for harmony


D     -     I     -     N
Kevin Dawe Mar 7
our bodies shared their heat
one’s promise to the other
of vitality and sparks
broken at morning’s parting
till their tangled reunion at dusk

now there is a space next to me
a coroner’s outline
that feels sacred
it only echoes
and promises nothing
but a chill
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