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Apr 2018 · 1.3k
Kelly Rose Apr 2018
The moon’s pale light caresses me
My desire wakes by the moon’s glow
Dreaming under the Willow tree
The moon’s pale light caresses me
Passion is ignited and set free
Dark lust leaves me feeling ******
I dream of him in naughty glee
My desire wakes by the moon’s glow

Kelly Rose
© April 8, 2018
Mar 2018 · 894
Poison's lure
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
I don’t need sugar or vinegar to
Entice you to drink my cup of poison
I am a savior, a black widow, who
Lures you to my dark web, disguised as the sun
I am a chameleon who changes
To satisfy every need, until you
Can’t live without me, no matter how strange
You’re my new toy.  I will give you no clue
To the pain I will inflict with pleasure
Not only will you love my deadly poison
You will crave its taste as if it’s treasure
Yes, your pain pleases me beyond reason
So, come and ******* darkness, it will be
Beyond imagination. You will see!

Kelly Rose
© March 23, 2018
14 lines.  This is not a sonnet.  I hope you enjoy the tale
Mar 2018 · 647
Weight of dePresSion
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
Heart heavy
The endless struggle
Thy Will ravaged
All control lost
While life slips away

Kelly Rose
© March 23, 2018
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
Laid Bare – Winning battles or losing wars?

The internal struggle
Between –
I am worth while
And utter despair

Wondering what is the point of …
Well, of me
Feeling life’s passion one day
Death’s embrace the next
Feeling the tether between
The two stretched
To the point of no return
Wondering where I’ll be when it snaps
In passion’s bed
Or death’s pit

Today, a gentle breeze
Caresses me
And life’s light shimmers before me

If only…
If only this inner struggle would end

Kelly Rose
© March 7, 2018

From the madness of my soul
Mar 2018 · 440
When Darkness Prevails
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
No! It’s my cup of poison
How can I live?
Without its bitter burn

Yes, yes – I know
The ambrosia of life
Is excellent too –

My poison beckons
Its pull so strong
I really do want that ambrosia

Darkness’ allure
So back off! It’s the bitter burn I crave

Kelly Rose
© March 6, 2018

Some days you can’t win for trying
When darkness prevails
Mar 2018 · 446
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
Moon’s light pierces the mist
Giving hope that shadow’s embrace
Can be escaped

Kelly Rose
© March 5, 2018
Kelly Rose Mar 2018
Making me believe I was unworthy
This was the most unkindest cut of all
Wanting to please, I gladly take the fall
Shamed to the core, I feel deeply *****
Seeking self-acceptance, I take love’s journey
I cling to the shadows, feeling most appalled
Making me believe I was unworthy
This was the most unkindest cut of all
Can I forgive and show myself mercy?
And not hit my head against the hard wall?
I long for the light, still I feel *****
Making me believe I was unworthy
This was the most unkindest cut of all

Kelly Rose
© March 1, 2018
This was a challenge to take a quote from Shakespeare and write a poem either incorporating it within the poem or just writing what the quote inspires.  Please feel free to take the challenge
Feb 2018 · 470
Stolen Moments
Kelly Rose Feb 2018
I live for stolen moments
Catching glimpses of a life lived
Within the pages of…
A story, a fairytale, a myth?

Sadly, it’s easier to live
For those stolen moments
Than earned moments I create for myself

Kelly Rose
© February 28, 2018
Feb 2018 · 362
The Quiet Time
Kelly Rose Feb 2018
It is during the odd
Witching hour
In the quiet time, that I seek
My own norm
Never really belonging
Labels I have often worn
Comfortably? Well, who’s to say?
I cling to the shadows
Even while I seek the light
Neither here, nor there
I am in between
Struggling to accept
I will never blend
Abandoning the window
And looking in
I struggle to accept my own norm

Kelly Rose
© February 22, 2018
Feb 2018 · 530
Mists of Time
Kelly Rose Feb 2018
Another sleepless night
I wander about trying
To “find myself”
Slowly the sun rises
Revealing the mists of time
And for a moment
Clarity strikes
And I know

Kelly Rose
© February 8, 2018
Kelly Rose Feb 2018
Mad, am I? Well it’s better than being insane.
What’s that? Repeating myself,
Expecting things to be different.
Humm, I see.

Kelly Rose
© February 6, 2018
Feb 2018 · 1.1k
The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
Kelly Rose Feb 2018
A not so perfect sestina
For me the sestina is a perfect way to tell a story.
This is a wedding rehearsal dinner told from different points of view.
The rehearsal dinner

Father of the Bride
God, she’s beautiful.  My poor blind baby
Girl.  She thinks he is some kind of white knight
Tomorrow will be the blackest of days
Married to a gold digger. No more time
No, the thought…Tomorrow will be his last
Lost her to a cur. Pain colors me blue

Maid of Honor
Oh my God, he has gorgeous eyes of blue
What he sees in her, ug! She’s a baby
She’s kidding herself, this will never last
She’s so gullible. Yeah – he works nights
Like the night he’ll have with me, our last time
On to the next, tomorrow’s a new day

Groom’s Mother
What a farce! Tomorrow is a wasted day
A loveless marriage is living life blue
This smile hurts.  Unfortunately time’s
Run out.  She’s gotta be knocked up – poor baby
But we need the money; right now, this night
****, how much longer can this agony last

Best Man
He’s such a man *****.  No way will this last
Getting married is just another day
She needs to be saved. I would be her knight
If she were mine, her life would not be blue
She’s perfect. If only she were my baby
It should be us.  If only there was time

Too bad she’s not the bride, she’s a good time
God, how much longer can this dinner last
At least her friends are hot, oh yeah baby
I don’t know how I’ll get through this long day
Marriage, ick, man I’m crying the **** blues
I’m gonna bang the bridesmaid all through the night

Oh my God, he’s mine, my shining white knight
I’ll love him always, until the end of time
He’s so perfect - I’ll never sing the blues
He’s my first, my only, he’ll be my last
My wedding will be the most perfect day
Perfect, I can’t wait to have his baby


He’s no white knight and she is such a baby
She’s doomed to sing the blues, while he’ll be caught time after time
At long last, the day will end
I hope you enjoyed the sestina
Jan 2018 · 743
Down, Down, Down
Kelly Rose Jan 2018
The rabbit hole she goes.

Inner demons and sorrows
Lurk and fester
An open wound
On one’s soul
So deeply hidden
So dark in nature
They remain submerged
But for the incessant taboo beat
That chokes the air she breathes
The only relief is
Deep in the rabbit hole.

Kelly Rose
© January 19, 2018
Jan 2018 · 642
Just Be
Kelly Rose Jan 2018
Not good enough
How often did she feel
Not good enough?
Always trying to fit in
Be normal
But what is normal?
Stifled by her fears
She could not change
Now, she's done with that
She’s not normal
Never will be
It’s too late for that
No, it’s time to
Face her fear
And just be

Kelly Rose
January 18, 2018
Jan 2018 · 420
Dandelion Memories
Kelly Rose Jan 2018
A dandelion’s caress
Lures memories
Of love’s tender passions
Sorrow burns
For what is no more

Kelly Rose
© January 13, 2018
Jan 2018 · 346
If only
Kelly Rose Jan 2018
Yes, I am my own worst enemy
Sabotaging myself at the drop of a hat
It’s a habit so deeply ingrained
Within me that I don’t even realize
When I’m doing it
But, there are moments
Those rare moments
When I step back and I can see
I’m not where I want to be
Only then can I change reality
I’m able to squash self-sabotage
And take a step forward
Changing the moment, the day
My life
Though I know I can step back
I usually don’t
So caught up in the drama of it all
If only…
If only I remembered
And always took that step back

Kelly Rose
© January 4, 2018
Dec 2017 · 531
Two Roads
Kelly Rose Dec 2017
Betrayal’s scars leech life’s colors
Tears sting the eye, but nary a
Drop will fall
Forgiveness paints with hope’s brush
Torn between tears and hope
Longing for an explosion of color
A battle reigns deep within
Yearning for the road less traveled
A road of dreams fulfilled
But the lure of the dark road overwhelms
Still, I fight to take that road less traveled
Yearning for the unknown
I battle the bleak comfort of the known

Kelly Rose
© December 29, 2017
Dec 2017 · 414
Kelly Rose Dec 2017
The future lies before me unwritten
Blank pages begging to be stained with ink
Ink only spills through action, not thinking
The future is unknown, fear springs unbidden
Words choke, action stalls, I’m unforgiven
Dreams plague me then vanish in a blink
The future lies before me unwritten
Blank pages begging to be stained with ink
Daring to take risks, words flow, now written
My tale stains the pages in vivid ink
Life thrives, dreams come true and now I’m smitten
The future lies before me unwritten
Blank pages begging to be stained with ink

Kelly Rose
© December 28, 2017
Oct 2017 · 506
Truth's light
Kelly Rose Oct 2017
Stripped bare
To the core
The echoes are silenced
And truth is revealed
In that moment
Truth’s light caressed me
Before retreating
Within echoes' shadow

Kelly Rose
© October 13, 2017
Oct 2017 · 1.5k
Kelly Rose Oct 2017
Living dreams today
no longer are they deferred

Kelly Rose
(c) October 12, 2017
Just a little bit of play with Langston Hughes Dreams Deferred
Sep 2017 · 1.0k
Kelly Rose Sep 2017
Poetry comes from the heart and soul
At times it is revealing
Laying bare inner most secrets
Others, it is concealing
Misleading the reader
To the truth of what is deep within
It is truth
It is deceit
A mystery
Or just plain spoken
Is whatever you want it to be
A song you hope captures the moment

Kelly Rose
© September 16, 2017
I read so many different and lovely poems about poetry yesterday that it inspired me ot write one as well.  Thank you for reading <3 I hope you enjoy
Kelly Rose Aug 2017
Parents, be kind to your kids, I beg you
Harsh words spoken only scars the heart deep
Finding fault daily twists and taints one’s view
Lacking self-esteem, in silence they weep
Echoes rage within, words are useless now
Poison slowly spreads, seeping dark and deep
A tattoo beats out – you’re worthless, a vow
What the parent sows, the child now reaps
A lifelong struggle for self-love ensues
Medicine to cope with depression’s call
Sanity slips, leaving only the blues
She yearns for self-love, but ends up short; falls
Parents, be kind to your kids, I beg you
So life is light and hope is always renewed.

Kelly Rose
© August 12, 2017
14 lines
Jul 2017 · 821
Little Dreams
Kelly Rose Jul 2017
Little dreams
Tiny wants
And simple pleasures
Often get me through
The dark days of life

Life’s journey is made
Up of so many steps
And I dance through the day
When life is drenched with

But, it is
That soothing cup of Earl Grey
That feeling of clean
Or the desire to learn something new
Those little pleasures, wants, and dreams
That restart my engine
When it stalls
And I’m caught in the pouring rain

It is those little things
That allow me to
See beyond “lost gods and howling dogs”
To brighter climes
With endless skies
Of hopes and dreams

Kelly Rose
© July 27, 2017
“lost gods and howling dogs” from Phil Roberts’ ‘In My Mind’
Jul 2017 · 1.7k
Kelly Rose Jul 2017
Lavender perfumes the air
And chamomile clouds
Drift amid
The midnight sky
And sweet dreams
Grace her repose
So easy
It seems
To stay lost
In sweet dreams…
No matter how
Wondrous those
Dreams may be
It’s time to wake up
Sleeping Beauty
And make your
Dreams come true.

Kelly Rose
© November 12, 2016
Jul 2017 · 1.0k
The Curse of Self-pity
Kelly Rose Jul 2017
Self-pity has taken hold
And self-hatred eats at
The heart and soul

Kelly Rose
© July 14, 2017
Jun 2017 · 624
Kelly Rose Jun 2017
Your belief in me
Gave me the courage to
Believe in myself
You always give me the
Priceless gift of acceptance
I have no words
For the love and gratefulness
That I feel for having you in my life
I love you and thank you.

Kelly Rose
© June 29, 2017
Jun 2017 · 516
Stagnant Waters
Kelly Rose Jun 2017
Stagnant waters trapped
Her with its stillness
Its toxic fumes
Colored her thoughts and deeds
Caught and imprisoned
Within the odious waters
She waged a battle
To fight her way out
So tired, was she, of the
Poisonous waters
Now, she seeks still waters
That run deep
Protecting her passions
Feeding her heart and soul
Through its ripples
And fragrant light

Kelly Rose
© June 29, 2017
Jun 2017 · 864
A kind deed
Kelly Rose Jun 2017
A kind word,
Thought or deed
Lifts one’s spirit
Turning a moment
Or a day around
How blessed am I
To have had such
A generous gift
Bestowed upon me
Reminding me of
Life’s little pleasures and
Shedding light on
This dark weary soul

Kelly Rose
© June 23, 2017
Thank you PPx for your generous heart
May 2017 · 575
Song in my Heart
Kelly Rose May 2017
Song in my heart
Has been lost
Now I live in
Joyless angst
Silence can be a weapon
Leaking toxicity
Flavoring my life
In violent hues
Of anger and resentment
A tear moistens my cheek

Kelly Rose
© May 23, 2017
May 2017 · 532
Stagnate Path
Kelly Rose May 2017
I yearn to travel that
Road less travelled
To March to the beat
Of my own drum
I walk the lonely path
Letting self-sorrow
Drown me in a sea of darkness
Closing my eyes to life
Living in a numbed limbo
Without hope, without joy
Gasping to feel the light
I pray for, I beg for
The courage to live my life

Kelly Rose
© May 23, 2017
Kelly Rose Apr 2017
Cento of the Poetry of Gutter Punk

Could you…take me as I am?

Feel the tremble of the parchment
I close my eyes
In the shadows of the Spruce
They weep like the willows
Walk on by as you’ve done before
Into the darkness
As my madness wept in black tears
A bleeding soul, fractured light
I slice the silver from my blade
****, ****, ****, life
And this ******* masquerade
Could you…take me as I am?
Eyes closed wide to the focus
On the sight
In the witching of night
‘Neath the misted sky
Walk with me through the dancing shadows
Could you…take me as I am?
The woe was seeded deep,
Deep in poetry
I tasted your tears
As they dripped and mixed with mine
Could you…take me as I am?
Silent steps through forlorn sands
That even in darkness we can love again
Could you…take me as I am?
Shadows don’t leave, they stay
Never, can you touch what I have
See what I have seen
Could you…take me as I am?

Kelly Rose
© April 12, 2017

This is a collage of brilliant lines from poems of Gutter Punk, whose poetry always touches something deep within me.
Apr 2017 · 1.4k
Kelly Rose Apr 2017
Moments lost,
Adrift in the sands of time
Regret stains the soul
As unlived dreams linger
Life erodes,
Memories fade to sepia
Worn and disillusioned
The spark of life wanes
She struggles
To reignite
Her lust for life

Kelly Rose
© April 12, 2017
Apr 2017 · 8.3k
Mistress of Spring
Kelly Rose Apr 2017
She is moonbeams
And dappled sunlight
Renewal and
New beginnings
Gracing the land
With fragrant blossoms
Buzzing bees
And dandelion flurries
As children play
In Spring’s garden
Blowing happy bubbles
And laughter floats
Touching the heart and soul
She is Mistress of Spring

Kelly Rose
© April 1, 2017
Apr 2017 · 605
Kelly Rose Apr 2017
Music, he sweetly plays
Young love
Accepting tribute
As Eros’ notes
Inciting all
To revel in
Such sweet emotion

Kelly Rose
© April 1, 2017
Kelly Rose Mar 2017
How I wish my life was
Just a dichotomy
Or even “Fifty Shades of Grey”
I am standing still
And moving forward
Living in the present,
But pondering the past
While worrying about the future
I am neither here nor there
But somewhere in between
I go so easily from feeling good
About myself
To self-sabotage
So even though
No matter where I am, there I am
I am in my dreams
Or somewhere
In between
Oh, how I wish
I was either here or there
But no!
I am everywhere
I am nowhere
And everywhere in between.

Kelly Rose
© March 30, 2017
Mar 2017 · 731
Spring is Here?
Kelly Rose Mar 2017
Spring is here? It’s hard to tell
No changing seasons where I live
Just hot and humid, a living hell
Spring is here? It’s hard to tell
Endless summer leaves my joy felled
Drowning my sorrows with Zinfandel
Spring is here? It’s hard to tell
No changing seasons where I live*

Kelly Rose
© March 23, 2017
Mar 2017 · 742
You are a lie
Kelly Rose Mar 2017
You are a lie

Don’t - life slips through your fingers
Even Poe could not grasp time
Stop hiding in illusions, coward
You are a lie
Shattering another’s dreams
Even if you don’t understand
The destruction you cause
One day you will wake up
To the reality of ‘what ifs’
As you look at withered hopes
And dreams that you hide behind
You are a lie

Kelly Rose
© March 13, 2017
Feb 2017 · 815
Roses and Romance
Kelly Rose Feb 2017
Raised with violence and harsh spoken words
She embraced fairytales, roses, and romance
Always seeking the different and absurd
It’s better than performing a cruel dance

Fantasy led her down the path of pain
Where self-hate and ignorance reigned supreme
Unable to cope, she felt quite insane
But that’s what comes from living in a dream

Tired of the dark, she sought a new path
Self-reflection led her to face her fears
And slowly her inner pain and deep wrath
Left, leaving room for hope’s light to appear

Still, she embraces roses and romance
It’s better than performing a cruel dance

Kelly Rose
© February 7, 2017
Kelly Rose Feb 2017
Catching a glimmer
Of distant dreams
In a photograph she found
Lying between the pages of
Her favorite book of poems
Through a distant lens
A backward glance
She sees it…
A reflection of her life
In black and white it speaks
And frames for her the picture
Of a life that might have been
Slowly, a tear escapes
As she ponders all it says
This teller of lies
Filtering truths never told
Of a past disguised
A pain so strange
Inside her arose
Holding her transfixed
By this portrait of old
The outward reflections
Of this life-altering moment
She now uncovers
The truths never told
As the lies unfold
Then, in a moment
Her choice is made clear
This flash from the past
Brought her life into focus
Through she may shed a tear
For what might have been
She knows deep within
She would not alter
Her past life’s album
Nor the choices she made

Collaboration between Kelly Rose Saccone and SE Reimer
© February 6, 2014
Feb 2017 · 902
Ravens: Keepers of History
Kelly Rose Feb 2017
Sitting in the park one day
Watching my thoughts cast adrift
I was graced with a strange view
Ghosts of the keepers of history
Revealed themselves to me
I heard the distant cry
Of the Ravens’ caw
Desperately seeking to
Impart their wisdom.
If only one would see
They’d know the
Lessons of his story

Kelly Rose
© February 1, 2017
Jan 2017 · 776
Poet's Romance
Kelly Rose Jan 2017
I yearn for your touch
To be held tightly
Within your grasp
So I may stroke
The blank page before us
As my ink expresses
Your thoughts
and splatters your emotions
Across blank's page
Please hear my cries
And clasp me in your hand
Oh, just image
The magic we create
If only....
How I yearn for your touch
Defeat your writer's block
and see me yearning for
Your touch

I crave for that dance,
You, sweetly entwined betwixt my fingers,
Filled with the ink of enchantment,
The delicate nib are your lips,
Adorning your sublime silhouette,
Let me move you in cursive swirls,
sprinkling all the letters,
Forming a beauteous verse of love,
Dancing upon the stage of paper,
How wondrous is the fact,
That you fathom my inner being,
And splash it upon the sheets,
Like pearls from a sentiments' string,
Help me rise again,
From all the worldly pain,
I lovingly desire,
Your touch......

Collaboration with Shilpa Sandesh
(c) January 31, 2017
Kelly Rose
Shilpa Sandesh
Kelly Rose Jan 2017
The poem on the Statute of Liberty

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Emma Lazarus (November 2, 1883)
Jan 2017 · 2.5k
Young Love
Kelly Rose Jan 2017
Young love,
Bitten by the Rose’s thorn
Giving the lovers’ their first blush
Powerful imagery stirring memories
Of first love, of true love

There was a time when
He would have suffered
Her pain as his own
So connected were they
That even in dreams they were one

Sadly, Rose’s thorn
Left its poison behind
And betrayal cut
Deep and true
Its ravaged scars
Leaving an indelible stain
Upon their souls

Bonds torn asunder
Young love’s blush
Turned scarlet red

How I yearn to warn the lovers
Of the Rose’s devious ways
Slyly infusing their love
With betrayal’s bitter pain

For in that moment
When they thought
Love was won…
Well, I guess that’s why
First love’s wound
Colors forever one’s love

Kelly Rose
© January 27, 2017

This poem was inspired by an image - The Thorn by Charles West.  Here is a link to the portrait is you wish to view it.
Jan 2017 · 509
Kelly Rose Jan 2017
Spoken softly
Or harshly
No longer do they
       a k
What infuses meaning?
Leaving the sentence bare
No longer understood
In this mad crazy world


Kelly Rose
© January 26, 2017
Jan 2017 · 859
Tears of Life
Kelly Rose Jan 2017
Tears of life:

Tears, are they ever idle?
Like departed children on a playground lot
Still, I don't always know what they mean
In-between the light of day and night
Tears, sometimes they haunt me
Taunt me
Sneer me into vague submission
Silently, silently
They come and go
Like ocean waves
On a vagabond beach of submission
Always hidden like a pearl inside an oysters Shell
And into the core
Of life..

(c) January 25, 2017
Collaboratin with Ken Riccio Poems
Jan 2017 · 684
Someone You May Know
Kelly Rose Jan 2017
Someone You May Know

I know what’s going on, don’t play the fool
Hiding behind your oh so charming smile
You may deceive others with your smooth guile
But I know you are rotten and so cruel
Conning your way through life, you’re such a tool
When you are found out, all will agree you are vile
I know what’s going on, don’t play the fool
Hiding behind your oh so charming smile
A stranger you are to just laws and rules
Instead, your lifestyle leaves me most hostile
What a wretch, a fiend; you are such a ghoul
I know what’s going on, don’t play the fool
Hiding behind your oh so charming smile

Kelly Rose
© January 13, 2017
Jan 2017 · 636
On the Fringe
Kelly Rose Jan 2017
Shrouded in shadows
Comfortable in the misty fog
Her soul quivers
Yearning for light
To bless its grace upon her form
Fear of pain boldly strikes
Her soul slips easily back
Within its comfortable mist
Hiding on the fringe
Secretly hoping to
Feel the caress of light’s grace

Kelly Rose
© January 12, 2017
Jan 2017 · 2.5k
My Dark Tale (A Sestina)
Kelly Rose Jan 2017
I apoligize for not reading your posts. I have been battling my depression and have not been online .  I have written a poem about it (of course lol).  I hope you enjoy and I hope to be online tomorrow.

My Dark Tale (A Sestina)

It is a lovely time of day for tea
As I sit curled up to the song of rain
Memories arise of a deep dark pain
Storm clouds gather within my heart, darkly
Dimly, I am aware of rainbow’s hope
Wanting dreams infused with Rosemary and Thyme

Out of work, I suffer from too much time
Overeating and drinking too much tea
Depression worsens, stealing all my hope
And all my dreams shatter in the cold rain
Leaving me empty in the bitter dark
As I stare out of the broken windowpane

How I long to conquer my bitter pain
If only I would organize my time
I know then, I would rise above the dark
Instead, I get caught in cookies and tea
And sink deeper; chaos supremely reigns
I flounder once again, losing my hope

I am tired of losing precious hope
Letting despair and worthless bitter pain
To take control and determinedly reign
Structure! Will that allow me to use time
Positively? Cutting back on black tea
Getting needed sleep to fight back the dark

Rested, I can push back the hated dark
Strive to capture peace and beautiful hope
Learning once again to enjoy my tea
And not as a crutch that causes me pain
While I mourn the loss of wasted sweet time
Instead, I would see rainbows in the rain

I yearn to topple depression’s long reign,
To walk in the sun’s light, not the cold dark
Eager to greet the day and enjoy time
Pursue my dreams, infusing life with hope
Do away with doldrums and bitter pain
Relaxing and enjoying Earl Gray Tea


To sum up, I yearn to enjoy my tea
Overcome my darkness and pain; to feel hope
While I take time to enjoy the sweet rain

Kelly Rose
© January 5, 2017
Dec 2016 · 666
Just Life
Kelly Rose Dec 2016
For years they shared similar
Goals and dreams
Then a crossroads
Upon the horizon
Brought them to a halt
Choices were made
And paths diverged
Once united, now divided
Though moments
Shine with laughter and joy
Swiftly, storm clouds
Of disdain and contempt
Can color the air
As choices made are ridiculed
A delicate balance exists
That teeters rhythmically
One minute, camaraderie prevails
Stirring feelings of love
The next moment, despair rules
Planting seeds of rage
How I miss the one,
But hate the other…

Kelly Rose
© December 29, 2016
Kelly Rose Dec 2016
You have given my life grace and beauty
Offering your light when darkness filled me
Never has your love felt like some duty
No, you have filled my life with joyous glee

Offering your light when darkness filled me
You gave me courage to discard the hate
No, you have filled my life with joyous glee
Always, you make me feel lovely and great

You gave me courage to discard the hate
Allowing me to discover my way
Making me feel like your wife and soul mate
And always meeting me more than halfway

Allowing me to discover my way
Is a gift beyond compare, truly
And always meeting me more than halfway
You have given my life grace and beauty

Kelly Rose
© December 24, 2016
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