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Keshan May 2018
~Love's Arguments~

Nostalgia reminds, regrets accrue
Tears stain, emotions reign
Grasps erratic, hands uncertain
Despaired concerns, a heart wrenched
Lies appease, future truths.

Distance abundant, doubts excessive
Pace slows, feet lead ahead
Evasive glances, assumptions severing
Dependence realised, apologies strained
Care aches, departing thoughts resign.

Direction bemused, frustrations perplexed
Discussions flow, arguments resist
Audible voices, silenced ignorance
Compromise imposed, stubbornness persisting
Selfishness bare, exception quells.

Relations worn, exhaustion contaminates
Schedules busy, rest prevents
Messages brief, balance unfound
Attention returned, neglect reflecting
Impulse wary, arms wonder.

Questions buoyant, answers flounder
Routine predictable, suspense escapes
Seats reserved, places unknown
A shoulder proffered, a face burrowing
Love's monotony, time appreciates.
Keshan Apr 2018
Blurred sights, clarity remains
Rebelliousness nonexistent, sometimes a ray
Associations a downfall, leading astray
Numbness soothing, until panic soars
Attendance to depart, ensuring departure.

Unsteady legs, balanced steps
A poured escape, drowning in regret
Unnoticed presence, disturbed by familiarity
Speech absorbed, uninterpreted
Purpose defeated, knowing the unknown.

Emotions fluctuate, care constant
Emptiness filled, with concentrated sips
Excessive consciousness, a poor act
Elaborations fluent, betrayed by a stench
Erroneous responses, beckoning distance.

Mental lapses, memories stored
Glass drained, a purchase to be made
Uncontrolled motions, perceived to be intentional
'Disappointment' echoing, volumes relentless
A pond of thoughts left, to a lonesome ponder.

Loss envelopes, relations sustained
Shards scatter, threatening flesh
Invisible tears, sodden spirits
A fated meeting, a choice afforded
An inebriated promise; a sober agreement.
Keshan Jun 2017
Blood that oozes, hands that scar
Blows that begun, interminable
A cause known, innocence forgotten
Audible screams, silenced by repetition
Destruction chosen, fear discarded.

Acknowledgment, does none bear
Witnesses seen, sightless to recall
Scabs that remind, require time
Console unwelcome, forgiveness unwarranted
Impulse pursued, a pulse influenced.

Tears dried, by tears shed
A perpetrator fallen to prey
Weakness shown through labored breath
Relent almost tempted by repent
Hope forgone, consciousness, a luxury.

A semblance of sanity restored through agony
A tree uprooted, preventing further anguish
The eyes of a sadist, pleading for an end
Vengeance fed through each severed limb
Victims chosen, collateral, a curse.

A livid corpse staring at the skies
Discovered only to be a headline
Justice imposed by a civilian, chastised by an incompetent system
Whilst condoned by mourners
Violence and peace can not coexist.
An 'eye for an eye' has been an ideal I understood but strongly opposed. But when you take the time to look around, you realize we have a judicial system that is incompetent, we have lives that are stolen everyday, we have sadists preying on numerous innocent victims and we as civilians are forced to choose between peace or violence (the latter being favored). I wrote this, no longer as an opposition to Mr Gandhi's ideal but as someone who accepts it as a code that is imposed upon us. "Violence and peace cannot coexist. "

The piece itself is bland (neither refined nor spectacular) but it is dear to me as it has been my first since a seemingly interminable case of writer's block.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for your time.
Keshan May 2017
A tense mind, forsaking abilities
Days passed can not be recovered
The suffering brought upon, by choice
Fear arisen at the thought of the inevitable
I scorn at my sight; their pride, mistaken.

Excuses granting an escape, to relinquish
Forces I seek, to deny that which could have been
Regret masked, by an expression unseen
A promise to change, unmet by time's progress
Lies spoken; their trust, misplaced.

A resolve is thought, a distraction is discovered
A minute becomes an hour, an hour, a day
The effort becomes insuperable - the load does burden
To find others, does alleviate  
A sleepless night, my own cause; perseverance, they presume.

An unsteady hand, prepares notes anew
Legibility is minimal, as panic progresses
Absorption is improbable - an attempt at redemption, in vain
Expletives remembered, relevant now
A head that aches; difficulty, they concede.

Eyes wake, pleading for rest
A disheveled appearance, hides no worry
The many lines crammed, indistinguishable
A dire situation, chiseling a cheat
Failure admitted; their forgiveness, undeserving.
Keshan Feb 2017
My actions not taught, learnt
Choices of bliss blind to regret
Inhalation an act of betrayal
Exhalation succumbing a conscience
Unsupervised time; irresponsible beings.

Fear overcome, discipline disappeared
The second eased by the first
My body a temple, tarnished by a whiff
Remarks held true, fall to a lack of structure
Pride spoken, unknowingly.

Morals condemn my sight
Preach do I, with no bearing upon my own
A resonating voice that ably lies
A norm increasing believability
Forgiveness can not be asked until guilt is sequestered.

Precedent welcoming hazards  
The clearance of smoke; a lapse to wet my throat
A child who promised to never, seeing forever
Rebellious thrills, consuming potential
Age prepping an inescapable chamber.

Coordination of motions inhibited
Obscenities uttered, consideration discarded
Attention found, with reflectivity
Substances relieved of responsibility by a will
Upbringing questioned, a disappointment mentioned.
Keshan Jan 2017
I wish for an end to come
A welcome I spoke; untrue now
The progress of time, showing me pain
Saved me than, to severe me again
An arid mind, pleading for lines to flow.

Upon entrance, my improbable dream tempted reality
My artistry had granted me a title, of weight
Dragging me down, before a rise begun
A love that fluctuated, had become so dear
Belonging had I found, as a poet in the world.

Almost quit had I, before my words were fully fledged
At the mention of poetry, I had deigned to deny the ink
A fear of being deemed feminine, had taunted my being
My stanzas had become a guilty pleasure, I could not resist
Years transpiring, before guilt became pride.

My heart had been afforded a source of release
I had been gifted a talent, to be honed
Appreciation was not a given, but had grown
A time of need, was announced with hope
Depression I could not part with, but a reprieve I had found.

Weeks into the year, and my footing I had lost
The joyous monotony of writing had found absence
My life had worn to a thread - a noose was seen an escape
Will myself I could not, without another try
A last attempt, reviving an unconscious passion.
Keshan Dec 2016
Escalated had it, through mere words
An argument with a drunk, leaving none sober
Avoidance I practiced, consequential to unity
A day of togetherness, spent alone
My desire to leave, superseding my will to stay.

You were right, I conceded; true or untrue
A waste was it to speak, when I would be unheard
To read was it my choice, to refuse
A key preventing entrance, denying inebriated lectures
Solitude enlightening the festivities, more than company.

The skies were blue as I walked toward a reprieve
Blame was exchanged, for a norm that was apparent
Maybe a little disappointment, wooed me forward
But an excuse does that afford none, for irrationality
Irresponsible was I in not informing ; irresponsible were you in trying to find me.

Your defence would I always assist, to rectify or sway
Good to me were you never not
Imperfections denied by a bond, unbroken
My respect wanting to yield, but not confounding
Your pedestal never lowering, even when your actions requested.

Maybe forgiveness is to be asked, to relieve
An apology would do well, to alleviate
One person, a victor, the other not; egos choosing
Toxins I am unaccustomed to, poisoning minds
I want to hate, but love remains true.
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