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kenny Jul 17
What if we kissed while I get 5150’d?
POV: I just met you
You’re in the dayroom oversharing me your
Sketchbook of celestial imagery
Running your fingers through my hair
Translating Le Petit Prince en Français
As you hold the English version-

Holding my head in your lap
I’m the womb in the wounds in your wrists
Filling the void
In your arms
where You just lost your baby;
May 9 · 692
Imposter Syndrome
kenny May 9
Tryna brave the belly of the beast
But this enemy of me
Has got hands-

I’ve never metaphor for anxiety
Like this one
Imposter syndrome-

I was only a dark forest away
from who I needed to be
But feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy
Are twisting clouds so forebodingly 

Mara’s army fires arrows
Raining streams of self-consciousness
Like I wasn’t ready to self destruct
on impact -

I laugh and share memes of self-deprecation
Social media the new god
Where we worship ourselves
By constantly trying to impress
everyone else

Venmo me Dopamine tributes
With the truth in a cave of
depression and

Maybe Holly’s right
And I do need to be here
She shines the light
On the darkness
In the hospital wing
5th floor at Evanston
But I’m afraid I’ve grown too codependent
On this astral plane
I’ve projected
And romanticized
these Ambien nights
Only to awake neglected
Screaming out her name
In sleep paralysis
On a dark night-

When I’m manic
I try to live it out like I’m in a movie
Projecting inner struggles
As external conflicts
To make the scene more interesting
Until I’m in this final battle alone like Odysseus
Lost all my friends when the monster ate our ship and I took em for granted caught up
Between a rock and a hard place-
Depressed and Hyper-sexualization
when spring is here again

I’m in the first act dip
edging the ******-
Stimulating the simulation
kenny Mar 7
You’re no Harley Quinn
But you romanticize mental illness
Like a comic book villain-
It’s comedically tragic
To play with the full deck
Devoid the Joker

The worst part about mental health
Isn’t keeping it a secret
It’s just the revolution glamorized
To sell you more ****;
Feb 26 · 165
Getting Pegged
kenny Feb 26
A little death
    begins at the end.
It’s something you can stand behind.
Jan 29 · 59
kenny Jan 29
You haven’t been red-pilled
You’ve just been replaying a fantasy of rejecting reality-

In reverie, some grandiose day dream-
A revolution from your finger tips
That never gets a grip
Beyond a dimmly lit
Of one-sided controversy
Of what you already wanna believe
It’s a ****** up fantasy honestly-

Cognitive bias.

Delegating saving the world
Through misguided “research”
Jan 18 · 74
kenny Jan 18
Politics are cringe-
Imagine having a personality;
kenny Jan 12
You keep telling them how woke you are
     Wish you’d smash the snooze

9 minute rhetoric In reverie-
Peel your eyes from the screen
Enlightened by one source
it’s their truth written
And you say you won’t wear a mask;
Jan 12 · 75
all live$$$ matter
kenny Jan 12
Assisted-living facilities have a contract with the funeral homes the same way cops have buddies that are tow truck drivers.

If all live$$$ matter we’re all ****** and overpopulated; survival of the most self-indulgent. Targeted ads like mantras /affirmations, your revolution was only televised to sell shoes to put your soul to the track and run the gamut-******* our selves Into the same race

selling yourself out to the mental ******* of vibrating along to humming the power the machine gaslit us with

Profiteering In a pandemic is nothing new-
you’re overthinking and underselling it for your best interest In a self important cult of self  like a politician.

Smash the reacts and dopamine yourself up in little deaths of Inspiration; whispering bittersweet heart attacks, like ASMR Cardiac arrest-handcuffed and tied with a flag to the bed we made with our sugar daddy, Uncle Sam
Jan 12 · 120
check on your friends;
kenny Jan 12
Checking on old friends
in a new year-
means getting met
by a Memorial Page

Remembering you
Getting blazed listening to Cudi
While we turnt up and laughed as our friends ****** in the next room;

In the pursuit of happiness, you were gone and forgotten too soon
Until social media flashes memories
Between things it tries to sell me
And this legacy-
It’s that time of the year I’d be at ISU
getting high with the Man on the Moon

Living with a too late afterthought -
I should have been there for you
Life gets in the way
What can I say
I’m always on my own *******
I’m sorry if I ever let you down
I just wish I didn’t find out you were dead through Facebook;

It’s a new year of isolation
Check on your ******* friends;
Sep 2020 · 62
I Miss Shows
kenny Sep 2020
My heart is an abandoned mosh pit;
I miss you beating the **** out of me in cadence-
some sonic *******
thrashing through the motions
moaning the music through my body electric
with liberation lashes enlighting me up.
I miss leaving mused and abused
dripping of our sweat-
Left writhing and pulsating in an echo chamber screaming my lungs out pretending to sing along with you-
working every ounce of energy out of me until you’re fulfilled
and I feel less vacant;
Aug 2020 · 282
kenny Aug 2020
We live in an era of sociopath glamorization,
virtually devoid of empaths.

Welcome to the Evil Empire-
but first,
let me take a selfie;
Aug 2020 · 139
Social Media Hangxiety
kenny Aug 2020
Virtual pandemonium
In the terrordome
Of social anxiety-attacks
Of one truth shared more than the other
Smashing reacts to your
emotions of the moment
For the illusion of your audience
Written all over your face
Wrapped like a mask
Of a faux influencer
Speaking of change-
fashioned but never took action.
Now history is a broken record
Looping a distress call thru
The ether.
All the worlds enraged
And you’re just a crisis actor
kenny May 2020
If all the world’s a stage
then anxiety is a crisis actor

The trickster archetype
typecasting all my critical thoughts as truths

Into a monster of the weak
rogue gallery
of self-destructive episodes

Maybe it’s the lack of SSRI’s
but SI be like:

Since they slashed and burned
half the forest preserve
maybe you should slit your wrists
and self-immolate in the center of it;

Maybe you should spill
your guts like seppuku
at the center of Daley Plaza
underneath The Picasso

outside that Shepard Fairey exhibit
(Provocateurs; Block 37)
Call it an art instillation

If all else fails, I’ll just throw myself in front of a Tesla on the North Shore
May 2020 · 113
we live in a society.
kenny May 2020
Never forget,
while They were
scaring us sick

They were trying to
sell us the cure

So we panic-bought into the paranoia
while scrolling endless newsfeeds
with a sense of ennui
craving some sort of novelty

Make us feel less incomplete
maybe this is the panacea
for our isolated sadness

They got a spot so sweet
but it’s a cavity
sold like a hole in the head necessity


It’s dramatic irony
don’t you think?

You should lean on the 4th wall
and you’ll see them
Exploiting our isolation

Ever-feeding our hungriest ghost
You’re being consumed;
Mar 2020 · 82
Goddess Apocalypse
kenny Mar 2020
Every kiss begins with chaos
Before we collide
Our unquiet minds
On to the mattress

We made this bed
To bash our brains
of imagination

Where you steady me
slit my veins
and feed on the electricity

Are you turned on?

Tune in,
and drop out.
This is a high
without the drugs

be a little more reckless
Wrack your mind
and embrace the transgressions

Whisper to me,
let your soul start *******

sweet static nothingness

Licked from the goddess apocalypse
to the tips of our
and release

It's such a ******* relief.

Reorganized minds
mend the missing peace
between the reverberations
of our heartbeats
beating the path
down the rabbit hole

Don't you want to come with me?
kenny Jul 2019
Chained and collared
By Mara’s daughters

No safe word Baby,
bound by

They put their
on me

and they drew blood
In the symbol of currency

Then they sold my soul
Into *** slavery;

No one blinded the cyclops
Now we’re walking wounded
Fueled by hubris
We’re headed toward the rocks.

Caught up in some bad religion
We’re only gonna die
For this
Our own arrogance
And we’re running out of time

Some men wanna
watch the world burn
Some die before they rise the fire
History repeats
We don’t learn
Burn the forest into a funeral pyre
May 2019 · 341
Mommy Goddess
kenny May 2019
She creates,
      She destroys;
Her body,
Her weapon,
Her own ******* choice.
Happy mother’s day
Mar 2019 · 262
kenny Mar 2019
Sensory overload beyond the household
of management manipulations
and electromagnetic chemistry
clipped the soul
tethered from the body

Wandering ghosts
starving 9-5 consumption
in cubicles, the constraints of creativity
until it draws all that energy
away from the body electric
numb and out of touch

This what the machine wants from us
for the metaphors they never got in a logical world
where they did away from the imagination

Paint it as you see it
not as you feel it
until the truth vanished completely
Absorbed in a high anxiety setting
perpetuating paranoia to consume the minds eye
and we all just wanna
we just can’t

Without the worry
or the threat of survival
and the capitol nuisance
Blood is running money
Blood is running money
It’s so so tragically funny
I cut myself open center stage
****** up but it be like that
All the time
It seems I’m waiting for the prime
That evades me before it’s too late
I wrote this  to evade a panic attack at work. I was so overwhelmed the only thing I could do is break away and write
Feb 2019 · 125
Sleep Paralysis
kenny Feb 2019
Just pop this Quetiapine
And it's quiet time for me
I just wish you wouldn't choke me to sleep
Oct 2018 · 1.7k
kenny Oct 2018
Nobody mourn,
nobody get hurt

We just project
redirect the blame
and sink back
into interactions
with coping devices
of mass distraction

The artificial womb
of the masses

Tethered by an invisible
umbilical cord
feeding us way
too much

Like hungry ghosts
the next notification

We can’t run.
We can’t hide.
There’s a threat to survive,

But we’re so ******* desensitized

Seduced by the school shooter
we don’t hear him coming
singing siren songs
heart-beating shotgun blasts

That leitmotif
in sync with
The American Horror Story allegory

Just forget it
Too much in the queue
Too many new things

We can’t reject this reality
It’s really ******* broken

Em, I’m sorry we’re descending
Much Madness has lost its meaning

It’s just the means to
unlock an achievement

Emulate another scumbag.
romanticize a villain
amplify the bodycount
Like how many do you need to ***** out
before they give you the cover
of the Rolling Stone?

It's comedically-tragic,
Stranger than satire.

The Judge, the jury
Executioner cutie

cut all your losses for ya
cashed in your lil tax deductions

The most sacred snuffed out
before the light could become them

Get woke a-f,
This is enlightenment!

Come on get
your mind blown!

He’s the one who loves
to shoot his gun
But he knows not what it means
knows not what it means.
Do you know what it means?
Feb 2017 · 637
My Friend's Cousin
kenny Feb 2017
Like lightning striking
tenses my chest
with regret
at night

Every time I hear John Mayer,
I think of how I pirated
Battle Studies
in an attempt
to get down your pants

And as I drove down
to your school in Bloomington
it was the soundtrack
when I was inside of you
for those couple minutes

Giving whiskey-****
a name
Like Heartbreak Warfare
Feb 2017 · 587
Pin-Up Girl Dreams
kenny Feb 2017
To the girl with the pin-up dreams,
Keep reaching for them.

Like the time you reached out
Like a dream and gave me
that over-the-pants-hand-job.

In my car, after work,
waiting for your train to come,
After I did.
Happy Valentine's Day
Jan 2017 · 413
Burgundy Over Maroon
kenny Jan 2017
“Burgundy sounds more poetic than maroon"
You say, in regards to your sweater.
-I’m just romanticizing it
tossed across
my room

As you push me
to the mattress
and strip me down
passed skin and bones

back to the vibrations
of my soul

Humming along,
are you a muse
or a siren song?

Are you rebirth
or are you just
another little death
of inspiration?

So fleeting.

I hate when you’re leaving,
because it leaves me longing
and pathetic

I’m just the impulsive one
with the most grandiose dreams.
Like I wanna give you everything
from the depths of these
****** up fantasies
With the most
golden ******* intentions

Because you’re the reason for
the ringing in my ear
when I feel like I’m onto something

The reason that the season
starts to make me feel better

So can you just stay
while I romanticize
your sweater?
Nov 2016 · 966
Fashioning the Object
kenny Nov 2016
They cut up her face
  to spite who knows

She cut off some weight
      despite her bones

She’s starved for grace
    like a hungry ghost

Is it passion?
Is it addiction?

The way she suffers
so stranger than fiction

She’s waning away
    just like the moon

It’s just the way
    the darkness consumes

As they edit away
    her absolute heart of the poem

Cut, copy paste
they stretched the truth
across her face

Now the disenchanted runway
calls her name


Baby girl,
you were born
with it

Now you’ve
just been

The transformation
was a success
but you’re still sentient!

"Being like everybody
is like being nobody
and this body
is no body
it’s a plastic prison"

built on a template
of all your false expectations

We need to
    cut off the face
    of the status quo

There’s nothing divine
    left to her ratio

Knock the Goddess
    from the pedestal
Inspired by a Twilight Zone Episode. Named after an art exhibit of the same name. This is part 3 of Movement about the Goddess archetype for a rock opera I'm writing.
Nov 2016 · 708
Girl in the White (lyrics)
kenny Nov 2016
an idea
of you

that I can’t explain

Je ne sais quoi

You're still
wracking my brain

But now I’ve got you
on the
tip of my

I want to paint you
like one of those
French girls

le petite mort
You came
and went

Girl in the white

You brought the light like
Sookie Stackhouse.
You wanna do
real bad things with me
A little stranger than fiction

You’re my strangest addiction
The only one
I’d ever spill my True Blood for
From here until the true death

le petite mort
You came
and went

Girl in the white

by them Lake Michigan Eyes
I saw everything I fear
and everything I desire

You got me
right where you want me
right where I want to be
like a willing sacrifice

le petite mort
You came
and went

Girl in the white

You were my favorite
femme fatale
forcing me to face this
fiery finale

You and me
Like Nirvana
come on blow my mind
These are lyrics for a Halloween song I wrote about a ghost archetype. Here's the actual song:
Sep 2016 · 329
kenny Sep 2016
Desire, clinging, craving
for a past so romanticized.

Aversion, anger, hatred
for a path never realized.

I'm stalling in place now
so restless
and full of doubt.
Aug 2016 · 1.0k
Ambien Angel
kenny Aug 2016
Ambien Angel,
a halo

to replace
the self-doubt
that you’ve got
wrapped around
your mind

We only talk
at times

I felt your
distress call
through the ether

in a cloud
of smoke, whiskey
and Bukowski

There you were,
The American Spirit
staring back
from the
Apothic abyss
of red wine
and controlled

We all
get so alone sometimes
in Tales of Ordinary Madness

It just makes sense
to let another
Siren sing our ships
towards crimson catastrophe

But you handle
the collisions
so gracefully

Looking so
God-**** divine
like your name

This time
Go lightly
and let’s float
kenny Jul 2016
Now that
I’ve told
you all my secrets

Won’t you come
in the night
and ****** me
with the truth?

Push me down,
and tie me to the bed
that I made
between layers of
in vino veritas

When I manifested
from under the mask
where I just
want to be accepted
as both the light
and my shadow

Won’t you come
pull my dark passenger
from the
of my sacral chakra?

My deepest desires
spiraling out,
got me
wrapped around
your finger

I am the snake
coiled around
the core
of the sweetest
I just want to

Then slither
back home

To the
Goddess of the Abode

To decompress
this tension

To Rise up and
slit my throat
at the vortex
of expression
Jul 2016 · 382
Wicked Garden II
kenny Jul 2016
I heard
that the darkness
finally blinded you

With the
of permanent

You kept running
through that garden
looking to get
your fix

So wickedly
seduced into

Do you finally
see just like
a child?

Without eyes
you let
the truth
weigh in

and burn
your garden
Jun 2016 · 893
Strawberry Moon
kenny Jun 2016
Strawberry Moon
So Sweet
So delicate

in the reflection
of the summer solistice

While an oak tree
drips sap
in the shape
of the ****** Mary
or maybe a ******

the cosmic ****
the goddess nectar

We’re all made of star stuff
Won’t you journey to the center?

Spiral in and out 
let fear
be the reason you enter

You'll only stand in your own way
if you don’t come back around
and pull yourself together
Jun 2016 · 552
kenny Jun 2016
you seemed to amplify
the monster inside me

Vivid dreams
of a devil in the driver seat,
Mirrored back
in my rearview, 
on the way to a crime scene
in my mind
where one of our sisters
was given plastic surgery
via shotgun

A crackling static
tears through my brain
and takes me
to the Ideation of 
self-inflicted martyrdom

Idealized death
put on a pedestal

in a basement
Of the subconscious

Until I wake up and suffer

Had enough of
the akathisia

I can’t ******* sit still
I feel like 
my heart is going to beat out of me
When I’m already light-headed
I see me from outside me

this blood is poisoned 
with restless impulses

I can’t fight
or flight
just freeze 
and pulsate
an S.O.S.
to the telegraph 
at the other 
end of this the 
other half of
This sorry soul:

*If pain is a void 
I can feel you missing 
Where the doctor
Filled the hole
With prescriptions.

Will you hold me,
hold me,
until these looping
distress calls
**** Abilify
Jun 2016 · 522
Manic Depression
kenny Jun 2016
I drew the shades 
And shut myself 
off from the world 

Let me lay in the darkness
Of this abyss
I'd rather suffer here
Than out there 
With the rest of the world's *******

Somewhere in the back 
Of my mind I'm fixated
On my most ****** up failures

Nothing ever lasts
So don't get attached
Everyone leaves
So don't ever love

2 days in this bed
It was 3 days last week

Maybe tomorrow 
I'll feel a little more god-like 
When the wolves are at the door
This is basic. It doesn't even flow right, I know. My heads been cloudy lately and needed to vent
Apr 2016 · 378
Final Girl
kenny Apr 2016
Would you be my
final girl
like Sidney Prescott?

I wanna
hear you scream

Folie à deux
do you feel
the madness too,
now that
the mask
of sanity
is slipping?

the sins
of man
like an overcoat
for the
in the final act

we need to go
a little mad
Or find ourselves
serving the
in a
tempter tantrum
for a
love loss in a
coup de grâce

Before you deliver
that final blow
and render me back
Apr 2016 · 901
Moonlight Sonata
kenny Apr 2016
Staring back
from the apothic abyss,

faced with
a fiery
femme fatale

With a face
like ******
in the

by them
Lake Michigan eyes

With such fear
with such desire

You came and went
little deaths
of inspiration

Like the Earth was
a little more gracious
To perpetuate
your presence
beyond my ****** up

Paralysis by analysis
while I sleep
a demon stands on
my chest

Whispering sweet
"you're nothings"

It's always
Me vs. Mara,
In a manifestation
Of obstacles

The triangle
pointing down
the sunlight

Back to
black holes
In the mind

Just like the song
that makes you
think about the
end sometimes

‘cause nothing lasts

believe me
you’ll leave me

They’re always
******* leaving
like the Sun's
kiss of death
to the horizon
before the darkness
kicks in

When we’re stuck
suffering a solo
under the Moon's

Staring into
the same
Jan 2016 · 1.5k
Darling Wreckless
kenny Jan 2016
I'm never violent
unless it's self-inflicted

**** me for feeling
worthy of a heartbeat

Pulsating my wrists
to my fists
and unleash vibrations
in a caustic manner

I will destroy the dreams
of Darling Wreckless,
wracking my brain
like Mara's
malicious temptations

A self-destructive
in a God-mode
Dec 2015 · 10.7k
No Romance
kenny Dec 2015
No Romance,
just the way
you liked it.

Just the way
You ripped off
Your dress

And left me to
romanticize it
balled up
on my floor

Just the way
you teased and
my poetic soul

You said it
felt so foreign

Like you were
never worthy
of the prose

You left me
Writhing and
I know
you know
You’re not perfect

I just wanted
you to feel
like a goddess
I worshiped
beyond words
even if you didn't
believe in something.

Believe me,
I did my best not to be

But your cynicism
was never ****

No one cares
What you don't

You would
look into the
Grand Canyon
and just see a void.

the obviously

Like where
your heart

Before it was
split with a river
streaming your

Maybe I was too sweet
finishing last
like a nice guy
that you just
left salty

of your
thesis statement:

Nov 2015 · 579
Shoe Factory Road
kenny Nov 2015
At a crossroads again
With the ghost of my regrets
Spirit of the stairwell
We can only ascend

"We'll always have Shoe Factory Road"
she says
As she plunges the dagger
Into me

So slowly,
Taking her time
Twisting the blade
and the guts
I never spilled
Before her
Holy Matrimony

She tells me she'll
Always love me
Beyond physical means

Cutting even deeper
While she's everlasting
with my soul successor.

Standing on ceremony
I should have never
Held my peace.

At a crossroads again
with the ghost of my regrets
Spirit of the stairwell
*Only I can ascend.
This was particularly difficult for me to write. I reached a point where I was living in regret of an idea I romanticized to begin with. Growing up means watching the one that got away get married. There was an overwhelming sense of guilt about this. Then I thought to myself "Why? There's nothing I can do other than grow beyond this" It was a necessary intervention.
Sep 2015 · 1.5k
kenny Sep 2015
Miss Maiden,
might I compare you
to that of the guillotine?

Your swooping grace
like the edge of a
silvery blade
that curves and cuts
across the sky
so seductively
slitting the throat
of the horizon

From the threshold of dreams
to bring a new day
Where we feed our blood
back into the monotonous machine
then drop to our knees
and pray for divine intervention

My femme fatale,
Could you take me out of this?
to break cycle
before you wax away

You know you were always
my favorite deity,

Artemis, Artemis
You’re the art I miss
from a life unfulfilled
From the music

The untold story
agonizing inside
writhing for a release

So I’m drawing you down
to this plane
to hunt me as a willing sacrifice.

Won’t you drop from the sky
and come blow my mind?

Just leave my head in the basket.
kenny Aug 2015
Enemies arise
when I close my eyes
and push them back

Until I see constellations
sparks coming off of stars
of divinity vs. temptation

A transcendence I romanticize
until I got lost trying to focus
back on the truth

As Mara's army fires arrows
I feel the presence.

breathe in, breath out
sat nam

The Earth bears witness,
arrows explode
into blooming flowers

I am still here
I am
Jul 2015 · 475
Fogcutter, 10 PM
kenny Jul 2015
My friend the bartender
sports short shorts
and I can’t keep my eyes
off her little
purple ******* peeking along
the cusp of her waist
where olive skin and fabric contact

I can’t maintain eye contact
without fashioning her as an object
this little angel dancing
on the head of a pin

Or ******* symbol
when I let the id win

3 beers and 2 shots in
don’t blame me

I just turned 30
and this little goddess
just told me
my tab doesn’t exist

She just walked around the bar
wrapped her arms around me
and whispered in my ear
“Happy Birthday, kid"
Channeling a bit of Bukowski on my birthday.
Jul 2015 · 497
Slippery Slope
kenny Jul 2015
Never play the
“Why would anyone ever want me?” game

When you’re unkind to yourself
You will know no worse
and deserve no better

Like Bukowski says,
Bet on the muse
in those moments of fleeting abandonment

We exterminate the love
we really deserve
and we keeping going back
expecting more

Always at a lack
Like hungry ghosts
in the stair case

Do we dare to dream for something to say?

Or do we keep it inside?
Until we wither
A rant of anti-self-depreciation.
Jun 2015 · 453
Purge the Dream Destroyers
kenny Jun 2015
There's a revolution at our fingertips.
Their lies won't be televised
like they were there
seeking out the unjust seekers of light

The world's on fire
We purge the dream destroyers

and collect their blood
as souvenirs
on a slide
kenny Jun 2015
It's that feeling of temptation fleeting
forgetting the ego
and ******* it all to chance
or pretending like you know how it's all going to happen

Fate faked until it's made
we were new gods predicting the way things would happen
hurt or held against our helping hands
to our beating ****** hearts
for the next person we hand it off to
to feel the warmth in everything

What are we passing on
and where do we hold ourselves back from
the call to adventure?

We so carelessly led ourselves into reality

Realler than any other *******
What it's like to hold on

I feel like I got a song in me
Fortunate for you
I'm in tune to your stupid ******* heart

Let me in like a vampire invite

I am anorexia

I am the human condition
the **** of man
the status quo
the holy union
of Ms. America
and Capitalism

I will hold no peace
at the ritual
we all worked so hard
to hold together

But you can love without money
blood is running money

My hands are tied around this next new little thing
She's just another missing peace
To the eternal void
of the allegory of my emptiness

mood swinging to I hate you
don't ever ******* leave

I left the best part out
She's the goddess of the myth
she's the one I long for ever more from
the depths of my dreams

She can fix everything

I just have to think about her
This ideal muse
mending my broken heart
Does she know how bad this loneliness hurts?

I just want to feel something
I want to resonate

and work myself to completion
Controlling everything from the eternal electricity

Deep beneath
buried away
giving my very best

But where do I go?
I want to be everywhere
Alive in anything that is or isn't
nailed down

When I feel so stuck.
May 2015 · 310
kenny May 2015
I just wanted her heart
to melt in my hands

But she was a steel beam
and I was jet fuel.
May 2015 · 1.2k
She Choked Me Here
kenny May 2015
She is the life breather.

She is the adventure.

She is the little death.

*She choked me here.
Apr 2015 · 351
Hieros Gamos
kenny Apr 2015
She's my new religion
Sorry Dad,
There's more than one path
that leads to the same center

Where her and I collide
And manifest abilities
Beyond this world

Then leads me back out
We all come back around together

She comes to me in flashes
Between is this real life
Or is it all imagined?

She's all that I fashioned
Between her lashes
Is worlds within worlds
Like the first time I saw Lake Michigan
I was just a kid
And I swear to God
I was hypnotized by the
infinite abyss
with such fear
with such desire

She fuels me here
She is the *fire
Apr 2015 · 768
Kiss Eclipse
kenny Apr 2015
My kiss eclipsed
From lips to lips

As above so below
From face to hips

Red wine tongues
Tasting teasing and tossing

Deliver the final blow
And suffer the euphoric bliss
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
Transcendence Contest
kenny Apr 2015
Reality is psychosomatic
We perpetuate thought-form
On a treadmill of synchronistic
Passing self-doubt
In a transcendence contest

Fear vs. desire,
The pillars of motivation,
With the best intention


*A dream-scape manifested
Feb 2015 · 389
kenny Feb 2015
You're more than your eyes
and the galaxies beneath

lusting for supernovas
in the face of the goddess
you need to resurrect
rise up and see

or scientific mutations
beauty is a distraction
it draws the face of the masses
down to a religion

You're the new deity
in my minds eye
transcending like an iconoclast
throwing a wrench
in the status quo

and slitting the throat
of the exploited symbols
flashed between shifts of consciousness

We met on the shores of our subconscious
in oceans of cerulean
Red hair with a curl
like the first song I ever learned

I heard you on high like an angel
Or was I just high?
You were still an angel.

It was always the music
that brought us together
beyond sight
you were my favorite sound.
Feb 2015 · 2.3k
In Her Apotheosis
kenny Feb 2015
We've got a red white and blue bloodlust
For the drips
from the slits
in the wrist
Of Ms. Statue of Liberty

Miss America
Covered in capitalist pigs blood
camouflaged as corn syrup
whispering bitter somethings
to the diabetic nation
that broke her sweet-heart

They'll give her something
to fill her wounds
And add insult to
Self-inflicted injuries

in flashes of light
our arrogance
our destiny

She’ll overcome us
in her apotheosis  

She’ll come
back around harder
next time

When she finally comes for us
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