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Aug 29 · 114
Never Mind
Cobain checked out
He didn't want to write the hit
Smells Like Has-Been Spirit
Bleach tore my ears out
Heart Shaped Box
Became a reality
Made of pewter
Holding my guitar picks
Young said Every ******
Is Like A Setting Sun
Though no one can touch Cobain's live
In The Pines          in the pines
Leadbelly would ****** another man
In his honour.
Aug 26 · 64
Murder on Halloween
A west coast girl
an artist and a beauty.

She pulled up stakes
and headed east.

Didn't stop 'till
she smelled the Atlantic.

The vibe she emanated
was of love and joy.

But there were other vibes in the air
this Halloween night.

She took a ride to a party in the sticks,
someone who lived in her apartment complex.

Found half naked on the side of a dirt road,
it sounds like a bad horror film and I wish it was.

Things will never return to normal for her family,
Every Halloween brings a sick memory, an awful chill.
True Story
Aug 24 · 58
Cycle of Write
Pencil and paper, pen in ink, the keyboard beacons,
tells me to write, write! Even if you cover the whole page and the challenge remains to find a line or three to turn those lines into a turn of phrase, or to alliterate. I try to find rhythmic threads that wax and wane. Bringing other worlds to mind, other ways to use the word design.
The fingers striking the keys, or my muse be gone and nothing comes with ease, you find faces on the page and give them hair and a neck line that brings to mind a broken person met on a street corner which hurls you into a time and space of mind that turns one's attention to the stars and the planets, this leading to thoughts of William Blake, the one that you had so much trouble reading which was close to causing hallucinogens to take you to the hidden recesses of the mind. No, never could I capture the  images of the words of Blake if called into question.  His artwork points to an imagination so obscure so dark, so close to perfect it takes time to see an imperfection that just must be there, it has to be considering most great artists leave an imperfection. Perhaps so they can feel a greater more loving view of the worlds they have experience in where everything is imperfect.
Aug 22 · 236
Black American Music
The blues they say
Came from singing call and response
In the fields and when they'd go to church they
Injected the spiritual which led to Gospel.

From there, the spawning of Blues and Jazz
And it was fascinating, it was The Birth of Cool
Muddy Water's said it "You know the blues got soul."
He claimed the "Blues had a baby
And they named the baby Rock and Roll."

Black American music remained on the cutting edge
With Soul, Funk and Disco, R&B, Hip-hop and Rap.
The world owes much to many great American musicians,
,But particularly the Black, they've done it with style and grit.
My eyes are all dried up I can't cry anymore
Even if I could I wouldn't waste my tears
It's all in the wrist a simple twist of fate
You have a beginning before you have a finish
When you **** one out it's not the end
Just dig in and pay the price of the ticket
Fire yourself out of a hundred foot cannon
And choose your death before you fade away
Slap your woman on the *** and show her you love her
Let her know that after the fact you'll still be there
Pass on the torch and roll another number
Lay you to rest before you turn into another.
Aug 12 · 73
The Game Is Fixed
Here we go baby
It's coming 'round
I'm reaching for the stars
I'm stepping out of town

I used to be as worthless
As **** on a bull
I've turned that around
Now I'm nobody's fool

You may have a choke hold
I'm going to knee you in the *****
You'll relinquish that choke hold
Before the darkness falls

We're on the threshold
Of a whole new deal
It's called turning the thumbscrews
Let's see how you feel

If the revolution is a shot in the dark
I'm hear to tell you it won't be a walk in the park
If you are going to be stupid you'd better be tough
The game is fixed and I've had enough
Jul 18 · 309
A New Day
The only thing new under the sun
This day may look like every other day
But it's not, it's a new day
The only new thing under the sun
Jul 18 · 201
Be-Bop Moon
We walk this long highway together
Nothing can pull us apart, no never
The sun so low in the sky headed for the horizon
In the garden, things look so inviting
The flowers they just do as they please.

The trees shake their leaves as we walk by
Hidden secrets they whisper in the breeze.
A long time ago when we first started
I knew you were the one, you were so kindhearted.
Beneath a be-bop moon I want to croon to you
Nothing short of our giving it our best will ever do.
Jul 17 · 228
Burial At Sea
I'll be right here putting all my eggs in one basket
Sweeping sentences into the corners of my cranium
Shaking the cobwebs free to feather in the light breeze

Passing ancient ruined relationships gone down with the ship
The proverbial creek with out the paddle rocks left rocks right
In my right mind there is no turning back you see

You worked hard for what you got welcome to all your stuff
Let's us go for a stumble spilling beer down the front of our shirts
I will skip across the waves like a flat stone to meet my burial at sea
Jul 16 · 284
Whilst Slaying Shadows
You can have a pistol in the small of your back
And still have your heart upon your sleeve
While mine slips into my palms before it jumps to my throat
My fingers draw across it now you know exactly where I stand
One plus one is two but did you ever feel one plus one equals one
You have to face it sometime and maybe now is right-and-ready
Full on there-you-go maybe tonight's not the night
Jul 16 · 94
I'll Let You
You can run roughshod over our language
Mangling it making it hard to comprehend
You can put your faith in some ultimate higher being
Choosing some far out law that allows you to be mean

You can kiss either a conservative or a liberal ***
Letting them add to their larder that's already overflowing
You can play any style of music and try to force it on others
Driving around town with the windows down
Jul 14 · 123
Can I really be free
Staring at the back of my eyelids when I rest
Thought age would give me a leg up
Little did I know it wasn't the flight of any bird I live
Phoenix or not at times I still tie my ******* in a knot
I crucify my ownself in my mind's marination
Lifting my skinny leg to **** on a tree
The apple doesn't fall far and you can see it in the lines of my face
******* away any freedom that could be had
Can I really be free.
Jul 11 · 156
Gender Bender
A taco truck called Pride
Flying the rainbow flag
Specialty being freshly ground  
And spiced ******* tacos three different combos
Comes with gender fluid milkshake
Made by breeders jumping up and down
Furiously shaking hands from side to side from up to down
The last time I was here on HP there were tons of people I loved, now I see a lot of new faces. For those new here I want you to know that a lot of my work is tongue in cheek.
Jul 10 · 92
In  between jobs
heard 'no' so long
begun thinking isn't no 'yes'
they think you owe them those snobs
coming home to a hug  I hug her tight
the smell of salt on our cheeks
in our ocean of sobs

Whistling dixie
passed the boneyard by night
going to walk the cat in a dog park
don't worry he won't bite
a newborn's head
in the palm of a hand
is an awesome sight

I've grieved so many times
keeping sake's in every room
so used to death being around
there is no place for gloom
grim reaper can kiss my ***
where ever he loom
Jul 10 · 162
Pack Up Your Troubles
Pick out the stars in your eyes
When you stare into a constellation
And if you pass a beggar on the street
They're so you can share your wealth
It's not like the end of the world is coming tomorrow
Even if it were, the beauty of the Super Nova makes a good selfie
No sense living life head up your ***
When money is useless a good meal may be hard to come by
Pack up your troubles and go out in the Nova's blaze of glory
Jul 10 · 68
The Good Lord
The Good Lord shined his light on my face
And told me that only the good die young
So I am going to take it easy on you and will  
Bestow unto thee all these beautiful drugs  
So you don't have to **** those that aren't young.

And I said unto The Lord
Can you please stop shining  that light in my eyes.
Jul 9 · 142
Last Night
Last night before the sun went down
I was walking along the pathway
By the train tracks around the  trains station's depot holding area
Graffiti catching my eye
I passed a deer not five feet away
I said 'hi' and the doe just watched me walk by
Jul 9 · 140
My Wife
My wife and I
we talk about all
the good times we've had
and about what good times
tomorrow will bring
When we see others
not understanding
what a gift life is
we hang our heads and cry
It's been so long now since
I've touched a pen to paper
But life goes on  and still this crazy world keeps spinning 'round

I wanted to say something profound
But the words wouldn't slip off the pen
I tried to follow life around but was told I had to stand in front

The next time I think about writing a poem
I'll know that if I really had anything to say
People wouldn't listen anyway
Jul 7 · 154
I want to
go back to the days
when they let us sing
in the fields
while picking cotton
in the blazing hot sun.
Jul 6 · 359
The best part of being dead is nothing.
-random thoughts
Jul 4 · 61
Sick Man Blues
Sick man sick man why you so sick
try to walk a block feels like a mile
sick man be sick for very long while
every time I see him he never smile

Sick man sick man why you so sick
doctor can't tell him what be wrong
sick man been sick way too long
sick man sick got to be strong

Sick man sick man why you so sick
wouldn't wanna walk in your shoes
sick man ain't got no power to choose
sick man sick man don't want sick man blues
Jun 24 · 346
Canadian Summer
summertime brings
high heat and humidity,
so much light you want to catch it all

in an air-conditioned room
then step into the street
to be smothered by the air

it's like  extra gravity
pulling my inner workings
closer to the ground

it's like dense smoke
relieving me of  my ability
to take  deep breaths

here i am complaining
a canadian complaining about our summer
i see it in others, mainly the elderly, but still
Apr 13 · 93
Two Dogs
(To begin with a paraphrase)

"It's like there are these two dogs
that I hold inside of me.

One wants to sit on my lap
and lick my hand,
and play and run
and go for long walks.

Then there is the other,
It wants to grimace and growl
and bare it's teeth,
and rip the face off this world
and of everything it sees.

I ask myself, which one will I follow
I tell myself I will follow the one I feed.

in the mechanics of the mind, as it matters,
half way from heaven, half way from hell.
just aren't mechanically inclined, and while
most move forward, others get left behind.

A Book
talks all about this big war of spirit
and stresses that, it's no game,
no politics, physical or not can steer it.
There will be no passing the buck,
no pointing  the finger in blame.

I can,
if you let me,
let me give two messages,
and I choose this one,
I want to hear about hope.

And hope says:

"Romance is dead,
no it isn't,
it's all in the head.
Just like foreplay could be a game of cards.

You make it so,
by snapping your synapse,
yes you do, and it grows".

Now isn't that worth its weight in gold...

And despair says:
" You are on your way
to being an old man
with the posture of
a question mark.
Always asking why
without parting your lips.
You will feel like you did
when you were an angry child,
eyes full of defiance.
your hands on your hips".

Will you:
"Keep turning your back
to their turned backs,
while the walls will
keep turning to the left,
and whatever you try,
ehat ever you choose
will never be what was best".

Watch your life go by, watch as it goes,
watch it frame by frame.
There will be days when it all appears a waste,
and times that it will make you feel
that your kindness is your shame.

Doesn't despair try so hard, with so many words
to convince you that you're *******...

No longer am I walking with my head in the stars.
My feet are flat on the ground,
I put my ear to the track to hear
that heavy chunk of metal with its painfully mournful sound.

That painful whistle with its mournful sound...

I am
walking on earth,
that half way place.
I am
being tugged and pulled,
and I don't want to dig a hole,
I don't want to go back down.

I tell you, well,
the universe is saying in no uncertain terms
that I had better hold back,
I had better take heed.

It isn't just me that cuts cut,
no, all others bleed.

All those ****** good loving deeds
that hath spawned some life that I don't know about.

What about all those hurtfully hostile things.
Those things that gave hell for many to carry,
those things that gave hell for many to tell.

Then a breeze broke  the solid heat
and quelled the sweat and quenched the thirst,
You can toast the twisted souls
or you can have them cursed.

In my minds eye,
for a brief moment,
no longer enveloped and inflamed.
And I see why my devil has so many names...

Never has it been one cause, on reaction,
and Oh, may thoughts and actions,
my shame that comes in fractions of degrees.

I can say there are other planes,
I can think that if I please,
though with every breath that I breathe,
I want to announce to my world
that I am not out just to feed.

But then....
there is that sleeping dog,
that one sick soul,
and out of some emotional need,
to make it better, some need to make it easy...

Like it had some pain or purpose,
like it had some point that arose
out of some need of some thing
that just had to be said.

Like that dog that you just kicked
only had a snack of grass
before he laid himself to take his bed.
You have been nudging him with your boot.

And now he is awake
and he is going to open his yap
and throw up on your shoes
before he commences to growl.

And that godawful hell will be back
and it's going to extract
one blood curdling howl.

You may as well throw in the towel
because it can't be tamed, no, your mind is trained.

This devil goes by so many names.
Two dogs. An old native American Indian story.
Jan 4 · 191
Monetary Blues
It looks like
I've taken a turn for the worse
I hit a fork in the road
And came down with some kind of voodoo curse

These monetary blues I must confess
They've taken away my happy-go-lucky
And put me under house arrest

My muse she flew out the back door
And is on the run
Screaming over her shoulder

It isn't a crime to be unhappy
But it isn't any fun
Dec 2018 · 105
Dead End
You boarded that train
Bound for nowhere
That day at the station
You were looking kind of frail
I warned you that this would happen
After you burned all those bridges
Now you hang your head in shame
The price of the ticket was all you had
Your Duffel bag full of canned goods
And a jar of peanut butter
It's hard to call your life a journey
When it feels like a dead end
Dec 2018 · 482
Skin Deep
Skin deep in her cold green sea,
a dark and gnarled sky above.
On the curved horizon a sign reads:
She believes in angels but she can't believe in love.

Insane in her reverie, wings sewn cross-stitch
down the spine of her back,
rattling panes that the wind blows
are just a reminder of all that she lack.

Saw teeth across metal is music to her ear,
the shriek of the tea kettle full of insolent childhood fear.
Rude eyes shout; forget the devil, he has no bite.
She knows better and isn't going down without a fight.

Her attempts to speak of the things she has heard
are the sound of the cat who has sprung on the bird.
To spread her wings is to spread her legs
and embrace the power the darkness has made.

Oh, the suffering of heartache after hearts ache,
while pulling the wings off of flies.
She can make you laugh, she's pretty smart eh.
But it isn't the same as being wise.

Every bit of her life, it occurs to her,
yes it does, it just occurs.
Now is it being selfish or just being blind,
if fooling people well is her way to unwind.
Dec 2018 · 86
She will smash
every wine glass.
They are broken,
but not her heart.

She will walk barefoot
from room to room
while her feet are bleeding,
but not here heart.

She will drink him up
until her body aches
and her head hurts
but not her heart.
Dec 2018 · 94
Shit Eating Grin
Stop and think
whether you're one
alone or in the drink
too much of nothing
to the fingers
doing the clutching
I'm full of it
it's wasted on me
"I'd never join a club
that would accept me as a member"
And so it goes
as I sit here on the curbside
wearing a **** eating grin.
Dec 2018 · 274
Poor Child
Like the sour
taste in your mouth,
or the canker sore
on the tip of your tongue.

The sweet taste
of mother's milk
stopped up
for formula.

Poor child,
a curse that
leaves him
for a latex ******.
Dec 2018 · 73
Once he
    held it
     he knew,
      he just knew

he was going
       to the top
         of that, there is no doubt

from the time
       he started
         his mojo working

he was walking, talking
      all about...

that time
  when he was
      reading tea leaves

he was voodooing,

just using
      his imagination

he travelled far,
       that train whistle blowin'
         sowing the seeds he was sowing

then , while listening to bob dylan
     he had what they call an epiphany

he started growing mushrooms
                  to see what he could see

when the results came back

he said his epitaph
           just has to read

"Down Through The Years
The Lord Has Been Good To Me"
Dec 2018 · 577
Back to the
subtle pool
of dark and deep
that lay below illumination.

Wriggling, slippery
scales of black
in a pool
so hard to see,
so hard to grasp.

Down the hall
in the realm of control,
pulling into light a dark shadow.

Maybe two, but one.

Pull it close
to touch it in mind,
to know it and own it
and let it go.

So deep and dark
and subtle and fooling,
this pool of mind.
Dec 2018 · 57
Blue Sky
Way up
in these clouds
just as my expectations
did fall ******* my head
full of those child-like dreams.

Remembering a future
and ignoring a past
that could break
any fragile strong-man
on any bright new day.

Why can't I
make you leave me alone.
Even here,
up in the blue sky,
above the white clouds...
so far away from home.
Jul 2018 · 248
Chipping Away
If I could I would cast a spell
With a vocabulary beyond my reach
I would stack it layer upon layer
Deeper and deeper or higher and higher
Depending on the perspective you took
Rounding corner after corner
Finding what was lost and again losing what was found

Chipping away at a crooked alphabet
Making you sleepy-eyed while still wide awake
Casting aside any aspersions asinine or not
Planting new symbols hidden carefully  between the A B C's
Making troubles for those needing order and for those ordering their needs
Lifting our senses so high  knowing depression must follow
After the low you again start the climb only to crash again

I strive to paint a picture so abstract it loses all meaning
Viewed over and over with eyes that look for answers
I lead the proverbial horse to water finally to have it drink
Meanwhile touching a shadow on a cloudless day poking holes in its silhouette
Do I plant seeds in dust hoping to yield a blossom where none can grow
Are my arms stretched outward to embrace a loveless world
That spins so fast that my fingertips are set ablaze.
Jul 2018 · 5.1k
Licking my Wounds
A buzz saw a buzzing
Looking back through time
It's no longer the problem
That I thought it was

The tap-tap-tap of hammer on nails
Sitting here smoking a cigarillo
Drinking iced coffee
And thinking of my prime

I make few friends
Sometimes I can't even trust those
Often they drive up
And want to stay which way and when

I'm having oral *** with my trumpet
While holding hands with the dark
I shout out to the heavens
My eyes so full of stars

I dropped a letter to my Doctor
Giving him my order
Soon I will be flush
Not bothered by anything

I always go through them
Way too fast
Then I sit there in the corner
Licking my wounds
Jul 2018 · 180
Slow poke in the ribs
In the summer of love
I was fourteen,
I did the acid
And I tripped that trip.

My hair was long and wavy
And my body was lean.

I could look in the mirror
And say 'you're a lean mean machine'.

Sometimes these days
I hear myself saying that
I'll turn my thoughts to the grave.

When I came
Face to face
With my additions
I could see how I misbehaved.

One day the light came on,
I knew I was my master
Not my ****** slave.

There is a season,
Like it says in the good book.
I couldn't find my bearings,
The ground beneath my feet it shook.

I've lived a life and I've broke my heart
I've twisted up sayings like
You have to start from the start

Now why do you want to say that,
That I just come from a squirt
That's gone and left me with my feelings hurt.

It's almost time to lay my head to rest,
I want to say I gave it my all,
Nothing short of I have done my best.
Mar 2018 · 184
Aiming At The Blues
I can be some brutal
or so you say you can tell
but stop and look again
this could be a match made in heaven
for two angels straight from hell

We could sit here
and stare the clock down
stare it right off the wall
or we could dust off our top hat and spats
and strike out on a crawl

Now I know what it's like to be drunk
and I know what it's like to be sober
I know what it is to be young
and quickly growing older

The safest bet by a long shot
is to keep time hung up on the wall
make believe we can predict
just which way it's going to go

Shake those dice
and give them a blow
by the time they hit the velvet
you know how it's going to go

We could do it up something like a drug
We know just where that's sold
it's back to throwing out a life line
to draw some heat out of this late winter's cold
Jan 2018 · 188
This is a Draft
The continental indigenous have been very quiet
Do you think that they will let these new *******
Take any of the air that they breath take any of the water that they drink.

Their Old ladies are greater warriors than the ******* that drive a tank
What are you going to do when they set fire to your wagons
You will think you have allies but when all that is left is a flame

You're going to look funny while you clutch your ****
You can't stop yourselves you think money is real
Somebody else will hold your breath while you slither away

If I am going to be drafted it won't be for snakes
And besides I'm to old for that ****
Just go and find your own secret path 'cause this is a draft
Jan 2018 · 375
Don't fool with me,
make me feel like I don't know English.
Track me down and tell me it's easier to learn French.

Once you think you know French they tell you that you got it all wrong.
You need to know Canadian French. If it wasn't for poutine I'd build a wall around Quebec.

Any how if I didn't use enough modifiers with my Verb string me up
And who cares anyway, just some tired Academic that tries to say
he teaches people.

If anyone wants to say wrong again then the only thing they can do is teach. And like they say, if you can't do, teach.

In conclusion  ( like I'm writing an essay). To which I state the dictionary's definition of Predication could use a little plain language, or maybe I should learn Chinese. Just for their beautiful Characters.
Oct 2017 · 227
Doors and Windows
fully in this moment
when you feel it
and you know that it's really real

and you bow your head to that great spirit

we come here and we are here
it feels so heart stopping
we clutch at greased straws

greased so we slip into that stream
that runs through the stars

zipping past lights
hugging the whole
where you are born

a fantastic show of love and light
that blanket of lace and fire

pushing on and out and through
loving every total in its small and huge

whirling around some centrifuge
spinning out of chaos calmly

forgiving, forgiving, forgiving.
Sep 2017 · 283
Little Wing
All her friends call her Little Wing
But she flies rings around them all
She comes to town when the children sing
And leaves them feathers if they fall
She leaves them feathers if they fall

Little Wing, don't fly away
When the Summer turns to Fall
Don't you know some people say
The Winter is the best time of them all
Winter is the best of them all

                                        Neil Young
Sep 2017 · 303
Shady Lane
let's make
        cool again

***** cruising
    down the road

two lips
   kissing a cigar

comes from
          shady lane

he said

let's make
      cool again
Sep 2017 · 376
September Walk
tall pines
birch trees
lining the trail

high cliffs
running streams

spilling over rock

smashing into
pools below

ears attuned
to forest creatures

fast approaching

a full grown doe

a young buck

I wonder
who it is

that feels
more fear

in that moment
we are one
Sep 2017 · 259
The Man That Is Sane
I want to work my vision
And make a story
A story of the crazy

For the crazy
To pass to the man
Who says he is sane

Trapping those who walk the borderline
With those of a mind to            or
With a mind not to

I commend my soul
To the vastness beyond
I beg of thee, bathe me, cleanse me

Take my talents and possessions
That I leave here on earth

Scatter them share them
To bear witness of fresh new birth

They will bury me
Under a star lit sky
Beside a sinless tree
Sep 2017 · 170
Pine Top
last night
I lost the best friend
I ever had
I think this is a line from an old blues tune. I titled it Pine Top after a really cool blues piano player by the name of Pine Top Perkins
Sep 2017 · 250
The Artist
You leave
Drops of spray paint
Like an alley cat

The musky trail still fresh
You move from city streets
To train yards

You travel the continent
Not asking for approval

Not asking for a handout
To pay for the occasional fine
Sep 2017 · 196
I open the pantry door
And stare blankly
My arms start waving
Fingers pointing

Out of the corner
Of my eye
I notice my wife

I break into
Tai Chi moves
To make it look
Less like a man
Who has
Lost his way
Sep 2017 · 163
I Waited For You
I waited for you
You never came
I headed back home
Wondering who was to blame

I called you on the phone
Your voice mail was full
I scratched out a note
And posted it just the same

We rely on one another
For all the wrong things
I don't know why I bother
We're going down in flame

When we started out
We really kicked ***
Over time though
Neither of us garnished any fame

What did we expect
There wasn't a pair of ears to hear
Our best laid plans were tom foolery
We had the right tools for the wrong game
Sep 2017 · 218
Web of Whispers
When my baby's web of whispers
              screams I love you in my ear
  it echoes through my cranium
                       sending messages ear to ear.

My synapse snapping
       and gravity collapsing,
    a host to the sensual,
                 no such word as fear.

                    It really slays me
                       when I see it disappear.

When we make love my ego burns in effigy
     sending naked stars to fall, it's a natural born lovers ball.

Candles kissing the air, flickering flames of release, total ecstasy,
    it's not just *** to me,                    a forgiving rush of peace.
                                                I stand in wait, waiting for your call,
                                                   oh will this feeling never cease....

                        No four-way flashing, not only fore-play happening  
                                              no yield sign to stop me now.
                                     Like a gold mine, she'll be tappin' me.
                    Yes,     right in the kisser,     POW!

My baby is drama free... if anyone creates confusion,
               well that would be me.

Everything is oh so fine,
         yes, I'm hers and she's mine.
                          It is one slippery shift
                                  on into the sublime.

That is the way I want it,
     not exactly everyone's cup of tea,
                          still, she brings it on just for me.
Aug 2017 · 279
An Old Man and His Cats
like an

living his life


up in
the middle
of the

a flea off
his *****


on his side
to take sleep
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