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if we could
be someone completely different

at least for a while

child to adult  woman to man
asylant to millionaire  president to farmer
human to animal or tree

or vice versa

we can imagine all this
in our phantasies and virtual worlds
yet we are missing essentials

to BE a mouse  a bear  a shark
a president  a film star  a tree
is to feel  think  sense  suffer
live in their alien worlds

maybe even understand

at least for a while
difference  alien understanding j
I like to say
Cause someday
It’ll never come
I put it off
Till the next
Rising of the sun
And if I am to end
And never see
Let me burn
All in this light
That won’t be here
Floods fall out of me.
Hurricanes inside.
I was the home of the storms,
but they left me dry.

It was the mirage,
in the dessert.
I had no water left.
So the cacti crept up,
grew taller and wider,
and they poked me until I bled.

I could try, but what’s the use.
There is always a storm, or a drought.
I could try, but I feel I will soon say
The dark side of moon
simmers. There was an outbreak
of romance on planet.


Ah, the senile edge of
twilight! Which way the light will go
to shine dry humor?


Shall we change ourselves
in dim hope of rebirthing
of our ancient gods?
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