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I'll be right here putting all my eggs in one basket
Sweeping sentences into the corners of my cranium
Shaking the cobwebs free to feather in the light breeze

Passing ancient ruined relationships gone down with the ship
The proverbial creek with out the paddle rocks left rocks right
In my right mind there is no turning back you see

You worked hard for what you got welcome to all your stuff
Let's us go for a stumble spilling beer down the front of our shirts
I will skip across the waves like a flat stone to meet my burial at sea
You can have a pistol in the small of your back
And still have your heart upon your sleeve
While mine slips into my palms before it jumps to my throat
My fingers draw across it now you know exactly where I stand
One plus one is two but did you ever feel one plus one equals one
You have to face it sometime and maybe now is right-and-ready
Full on there-you-go maybe tonight's not the night
You can run roughshod over our language
Mangling it making it hard to comprehend
You can put your faith in some ultimate higher being
Choosing some far out law that allows you to be mean

You can kiss either a conservative or a liberal ***
Letting them add to their larder that's already overflowing
You can play any style of music and try to force it on others
Driving around town with the windows down
Can I really be free
Staring at the back of my eyelids when I rest
Thought age would give me a leg up
Little did I know it wasn't the flight of any bird I live
Phoenix or not at times I still tie my ******* in a knot
I crucify my ownself in my mind's marination
Lifting my skinny leg to **** on a tree
The apple doesn't fall far and you can see it in the lines of my face
******* away any freedom that could be had
Can I really be free.
A taco truck called Pride
Flying the rainbow flag
Specialty being freshly ground  
And spiced ******* tacos three different combos
Comes with gender fluid milkshake
Made by breeders jumping up and down
Furiously shaking hands from side to side from up to down
The last time I was here on HP there were tons of people I loved, now I see a lot of new faces. For those new here I want you to know that a lot of my work is tongue in cheek.
In  between jobs
heard 'no' so long
begun thinking isn't no 'yes'
they think you owe them those snobs
coming home to a hug  I hug her tight
the smell of salt on our cheeks
in our ocean of sobs

Whistling dixie
passed the boneyard by night
going to walk the cat in a dog park
don't worry he won't bite
a newborn's head
in the palm of a hand
is an awesome sight

I've grieved so many times
keeping sake's in every room
so used to death being around
there is no place for gloom
grim reaper can kiss my ***
where ever he loom
Pick out the stars in your eyes
When you stare into a constellation
And if you pass a beggar on the street
They're so you can share your wealth
It's not like the end of the world is coming tomorrow
Even if it were, the beauty of the Super Nova makes a good selfie
No sense living life head up your ***
When money is useless a good meal may be hard to come by
Pack up your troubles and go out in the Nova's blaze of glory
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