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Pencil and paper, pen in ink, the keyboard beacons,
tells me to write, write! Even if you cover the whole page and the challenge remains to find a line or three to turn those lines into a turn of phrase, or to alliterate. I try to find rhythmic threads that wax and wane. Bringing other worlds to mind, other ways to use the word design.
The fingers striking the keys, or my muse be gone and nothing comes with ease, you find faces on the page and you give it hair and a neck line that brings to mind a broken person you met on a street corner which hurls you into a time and space of mind that turns your attention to the stars and the planets, then you think of William Blake, the one that you had so much trouble reading which makes you think of hallucinogens that can take you to the hidden recesses of the mind. No, never could I capture the  images, the words of Blake called into question, but his artwork points you to an imagination so obscure so dark, so close to perfect it takes time to see an imperfection that just must be there, it has to be considering most great artists leave an imperfection perhaps so they can feel a greater more loving view of the worlds they experience.
The blues they say
Came from singing call and response
In the fields and when they'd go to church they
Injected the spiritual which led to Gospel.

From there, the spawning of Blues and Jazz
And it was fascinating, it was The Birth of Cool
Muddy Water's said it "You know the blues got soul."
He claimed the "Blues had a baby
And they named the baby Rock and Roll."

Black American music remained on the cutting edge
With Funk and Disco R&B, Hip-hop and Rap.
The world owes much to many great American musicians,
,But particularly the Black, they've done it with style and grit.
My eyes are all dried up I can't cry anymore
Even if I could I wouldn't waste my tears
It's all in the wrist a simple twist of fate
You have a beginning before you have a finish
When you **** one out it's not the end
Just dig in and pay the price of the ticket
Fire yourself out of a hundred foot cannon
And choose your death before you fade away
Slap your woman on the *** and show her you love her
Let her know that after the fact you'll still be there
Pass on the torch and roll another number
Lay you to rest before you turn into another.
Here we go baby
It's coming 'round
I'm reaching for the stars
I'm stepping out of town

I used to be worthless
As **** on a bull
I've turned that around
Now I'm nobody's fool

You may have a choke hold
I'm going to knee you in the *****
You'll relinquish that hold
Before the darkness falls

We're on the threshold
Of a whole new deal
It's called turning the thumbscrews
Let's see how you feel

If the revolution is a shot in the dark
I'm hear to tell you it won't be a walk in the park
If you are going to be stupid you'd better be tough
The game is fixed and I've had enough
The only thing new under the sun
This day may look like every other day
But it's not, it's a new day
The only new thing under the sun
We walk this long highway together
Nothing can pull us apart, no never
The sun so low in the sky headed for the horizon
In the garden, things look so inviting
The flowers they just do as they please.

The trees shake their leaves as we walk by
Hidden secrets they whisper in the breeze.
A long time ago when we first started
I knew you were the one, you were so kindhearted.
Beneath a be-bop moon I want to croon to you
Nothing short of our giving it our best will ever do.
I'll be right here putting all my eggs in one basket
Sweeping sentences into the corners of my cranium
Shaking the cobwebs free to feather in the light breeze

Passing ancient ruined relationships gone down with the ship
The proverbial creek with out the paddle rocks left rocks right
In my right mind there is no turning back you see

You worked hard for what you got welcome to all your stuff
Let's us go for a stumble spilling beer down the front of our shirts
I will skip across the waves like a flat stone to meet my burial at sea
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