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I would be so sweet if it weren't so bitter
I could really move if it didn't stand so still
It's going to take a lot of water, maybe a river
It'll take a lot of love flowing through until I have my fill

Sometimes love's fire lifts is up
It burns so bright as we fill our cup
We touch so soft and slow beside the ancient well
It feels so good to be in love's spell
So we try to hold tight but love takes wings
And sometimes in our pain we do hurtful things

Love's strong suit held close to the chest
It says that you have it made, your hand is the best
So you can go big or you can stay home
You can hold your horses or you can hold the phone
In the end, and you know that it's true
You're going to slide right in, there is nothing you can do

When you can't find love
Hidden hard in heart-red shades and blue-grey shadow
I feels like you don't remember how to live
You stumble around and forget your place
You wring your hands and you knit a face
You try and pretend it doesn't matter, that's what you'll do
who are you trying to kid now, who's fooling who
It's your time to shine
if you want to live in a world full of ****

I look around and see
so many people  with their
******* in a knot

It can be a grind if you're not into it
you don't want to starve, you don't want to die
I will not roll over in some shelter's cot

The plan hit the fan, your monies are no good
Keep poor, as our middle class become poor, much to lose
Don't trust anyone, just make sure you have a car to live in it
I want to love you
Like there is no tomorrow
I want to give it my all
And never experience any sorrow

I want to take your hand and kiss your lips
Lead you to the promised land
While waiting for off spring
With both hands on my hips

I sometimes wonder do you feel the same
I'd like to ask you are you playing a game
Is it my *** you want though it's nothing to write home about
Or is it your *** you want to flaunt leaving no way out

We could blast of into the stars
You being Venus me being Mars
Hold up a mirror and peer past our reflection
And make love all night without any protection

I think that I have loved you
Since I was a kid
But wait a minute now
Let's not and say we did
From my book Reluctant Middleman
Keith's China moon
Were-with-all takes the slate
Light bleeds through a crack in the curtains
Another one bites the dust
Wake me so we can have coffee
Don't ever leave me don't go too soon
When we get a break  cast those aspersions
We'll never know why we fussed
I guess it was the Universe's bait
A world under construction
One last look-me-in-the-eye
the end
Danny said
They're most gobsmacked
oi don't draink anymore

they mind me
two sheets
ter de wind
or blatherin' dribble
on matters
oi knew nathin'

but nowha scon
are as sober
as de winter dawn
an' scon able
ter converse
in moderate tone
aboyt waaat
oi 'av learnt
an' whist aboyt
dat oi nu nathin'

next they want me
ter gie up smokin'
an' oi tell dem
yer 'av ter be jokin'.
Your grief
Is it for you
Or is it for another

Your laughter
Do you keep it to you
Or is it to share
With your brother

I'm not one
To rain on a parade
Don't look now
You just got made
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