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Cigarettes and motorcycles,
Oh Mercy and Long Train Running
The art of snubbery, not an actual word
But you catch my drift, he snubs so good
Never anyone's pawn he wrote so much
He often forgot what he'd recorded.
The story of him hearing someone cover
Love Is Just A Four Letter Word and saying
That it was a good tune brought chuckles from
His travelling companion.
To call him luminary would be a shortfall.
Prolific, another stab in the dark,
Maybe Wizard would suit him, I don't know
Just play it loud Bob, play it loud.
I'm the kind of guy
Who never sits on an ugly truth
When the hard winds blow
And the fishing boats are moored
There's few gulls to be found

As breezes go this is a beauty
The combinations of grey's in the sky
The tumbling of trash cans is music to my ears
The slippery streets, a hazard to the unskilled
The lights in the windows become beacon like

Lost are the die-hard umbrellas
Seeking shelter under the overpass
They always end up there through no fault of their own
To be in the company of a vagrant wishing for a drug or drink
Something to numb the sounds of the world's howls of transition
It is the usual morning
the usual waking
as if like Lazarus
brought back
from the dead

the usual going
to the bathroom
and gazing at the self
revealed there
with the sad eyes

the usual washing
applying make up
as your mother used to do

the usual dressing slowly
wishing to return
to bed and sleep

the usual going down
for breakfast all alone
making coffee and toast

the usual gazing at the place
where he used to sit
and talk and laugh
and now has gone

the usual regrets
you never said more
never said how much
you loved him
never always listened
to what he said
now he is dead

and as usual
it all goes around
and around your head.
Sometimes I feel like a canary in a coal mine and it's a concern,
Putting "fragile" on your Amazon Box will make a case for return
Holding my favorite fiddleheads while standing in the ferns
Last bullet in the chamber and it's your Russian turn
Give me my country's flag and I'll watch it burn

I call and I respond and I'm going to go on long and slow
The best part of living daily is you have some control.
Taking up peoples advice can drive you solo,
They each have to sing their song and they'll start before you know
No permission,the band's rolling me over, not going with the flow.

A fraction of the time a fraction of the now,
Give your head a shake before it begins to pound.  
The whole world is crashing he sang  "It's coming down"
Sometimes second guessing myself can be a raging hound,
If I lose my senses I'll will miss hearing all that great sound.

I'm pretty cool when it comes to no dice,
Not once did I say your best won't suffice.
It's like ordering-in Pizza, do you want your slice,
No business working hard, no food for the rats and mice
If you want to crucify someone, make sure it's not the Christ.
There are those
people that think
they have you pegged.

They will try and finish
your sentences for you
and even be right sometimes.

Those readers of minds
they put themselves ahead of you
always assuming all the while.

In parts of the world
where someone asks you over for dinner
It is to the cannibals, very literal.

A decree is sent out to the countryside
to look for such mind readers
for the mind readers are the cannibal's delicacy
My brother called me and asked what I was doing
when I said I was blocking bots there was complete silence

I'm inclined to side with the dearly departed George Carlin
He told us we don't have freedoms we only have privileges

Privileges that they can take away at anytime they please
There is so much going on in the world that is heavy handed

How do we move past this, the people that have the majority of the weapons. Highly sophisticated death dealing hellfire weapons

To keep people in line while they siphon off those dollar bills
If you want what they have go ahead and try and join them.

Their power becomes so perverted  they care more about controlling people than they care about what they can buy.

*** in all its forms is how they get their jollies. *** with children
Is prized, defecation and urinating on each other turn their crank.

This all plays out in the public eye and they get away with it.  
All that money can buy weapons yet we outnumber them.

If I were in the shoes they wear I would not feel safe. They control through manipulation. They will not give up their power easily.
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