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Kennedy May 25
i don't have any happy poems.
i don't know
if i'm okay anymore.
my happiness comes in waves.
Kennedy May 25
as of tomorrow,
may 26th, 2021,
my spotify bill will go down.
not by a lot, just enough to hurt.
as of today, may 25, 2021,
i haven't eaten.
my heart beats too fast.
my brain goes too slow.
and my spotify only plays sad songs.
maybe i'm melodramatic,
maybe i'm pathetic,
maybe i'm all the things i don't want to be.
my eyes are the broken faucet at the *** farm breakroom.
Kennedy Mar 20
i am either entirely paranoid,
or presumed to be deaf.
the walls in the bathroom are either
incredibly paper-thin,
or just thick enough.
it was either the anxiety,
or secrets about me,
that weren't meant for me.
i want to imagine i imagined it.
Kennedy Mar 8
do you know what i've done?
i did it.
i finished my shampoo and conditioner
at the same time.
i don't watch Doctor Who,
so for all i know,
it's been canceled.
my best pasta recipe?
bowties, olive oil,
spinach, lemon juice, garlic.
so, am i done yet?
Inspired by - Hannah Daines
Kennedy Mar 7
they have yet to crack and bleed,
they have begun to sting with lotion.
I need me that lubriderm.
Kennedy Feb 2
i think of it daily.
when i mention her,
my heart remembers.
i know i am not what you want.
i am not the one you think of
when asked of beauty.
i know i am being silly,
thinking with my heart,
rather than my mind.
how silly it was, for me to think i was enough.
Kennedy Feb 2
do not tell me.
i know.
i see it in the way
your eyes follow her.
i feel it every time
your arms wrap around her.
i see it
in every comment,
every like,
every follow.
$8 means nothing when the person you want,
is not the one in your bed.
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