Jan 11 Kenna
Anna B
Red Wine
 Jan 11 Kenna
Anna B

Love me like red wine,
uncorked, breathing,
a full rich body,
deep aromas,
soft on my tongue,
sliding warmly down my throat,
revealing tasty undertones,
oak, blueberry,
a very fine,
well aged vintage,
mixing with and heating my blood,
intoxicating powers opening me
for love without defenses
as I continue to drink you in
savoring every last drop
you had bottled up.

 Oct 2015 Kenna
 Oct 2015 Kenna

The crash left an autograph,
below my shoulder but permanent,

precipitating on a needle
softened by fog,

my abstract reality,
then seemed concrete.

 Feb 2015 Kenna
 Feb 2015 Kenna

On the porch,
Our star hung high above us,
The flowers bloomed,
Trees wiped away sleep from their branches
I remembered the frost on my bones,
Floating candles of fireflies,
Laughter in the breeze,
And the rain dripping from the shingles

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