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kendra Danaher Dec 2018
I keep thinking of you
I went looking for you again
But this time, my self respect showed up instead
kendra Danaher Dec 2018
You were my best friend at the start.
But your drama became a work of art.
Forcing me to impart because you were attacking my weak parts.
So its best for me to tear apart from your drama that was a work of art.
kendra Danaher Dec 2018
I’m a ****
I am owning every inch of it
I am owning being that girl that only wants you for your body
Why is that bad?
Being a **** is ******* rad

I can avoid relationships
I can get your body and that’s it
Every bit of it I will kiss and **** and make you feel good
Because *** is my love food
kendra Danaher Dec 2018
A little girl needs her Daddy to love her with gentlemanly charm.
If only you didn’t cause me so much harm.
Your violent words holding me so tight.
Making me alright with you no longer being in my life.
I will never regret the day I took a knife and severed our ties.
It has been such a prize.
kendra Danaher Dec 2018
Bit by bit, you took away my innocence and pieces of me.
Years later, I am broken and unclean.
Making me wish I had a time machine.
To be able to pick up all these lost pieces of me.
And piece them together into the love I never received.
kendra Danaher Dec 2018
Being with you is like being a pet goldfish
I am in a bowl trying to swim away
Hitting nothing but glass
Trapped and can’t escape
kendra Danaher Dec 2018
Worth more than sharing you with other people
I am the lightning striking a tree; Bright and loud
Worth more than you ignoring my texts
I am like the neighbour dog; an annoying *****
Worth more than you making me feel like an invisible *******
I am lit as ****
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