Kendra Mack Jul 13

I wished to live deliberately.
I wished to have a reason
To "suck out all the marrow"
In this and every season.

The truth -- it isn't easy.
The struggle is unforgiving.
But I get by, for I must try
This experiment of living.

Happy 200th Henry.
Kendra Mack Jun 25

Buzz buzz buzz
I check my phone
Look who’s calling --
It’s Unknown.

Do I answer?
Do I dare?
I say “Hello?”
She asks, “You there?”

“Who is this?
Why do you call?”
“I am Unknown
And I know all.

I am the strange
I am the new
I am what will
Become of you.”

“Tell me more!
I must know
Who I’ll be and
Where I’ll go!”

“Embrace the now,
Let go the past,
The future’s rich
If you act fast

You will win
A two-week stay
At our hotel
Sign up today!”

And with that
I threw my phone.
Damn spam calls --
Leave me alone!

Kendra Mack Jun 19

My process is to process
What I’ve seen and heard,
Input into output,
Word by written word.

My process is to process
What’s inside my head,
Parsing thoughts and feelings
So they may be read.

Kendra Mack Jun 11

See something new
That you’ve not seen before.
Try something new,
Get messy! Explore!

Meet someone new
And just listen, be kind.
Go someplace new,
Then share what you find.

Learn something new.
Ask questions, like “why?”  
Be someone new
And kiss fear goodbye.

Kendra Mack Jun 6

I think I can
I know I can
I know that
I can try

I think I did
I know I did
And now I
Wonder why

I don't understand the new HP layout yet...
Kendra Mack May 22

Older women
Give me advice.
They treat me nice
For in me they see
Who they once were,
And they’re so sure
I must take heed!
Know what I need
And what to do.
I have no clue.

Older women
Have been to war,
Been there before,
Have lived, explored.
They’ve been let down
Passed off, ignored.
They’ve wasted time,
Time goes too fast!
The youth can’t last!
But as a fact
It can come back.
Oh, yes it can,
‘Cause here I am.

Older women
Shake fists at fate,
Knowing what they
Want too late.
But they like to teach,
Tell tales and preach.
Maturity is
Their security.
Think they know me,
They want to show me,
And I say that’s fine.
I’ve got the time.

Older women
I make them laugh,
Make them sad,
Then drive them mad.
They build me up
Then push away
When I don’t do
Just what they say
Or what I should.
If I’m not good,
I disappoint.
So what’s the point?
I get to learn
They get to share
And unlike the world,
I hear, I care.

Kendra Mack May 15

I'm a reluctant poet.
I write and I rhyme -- yeah, I know it.
But once folks start caring
About what I'm sharing,
I become more cautious to show it.

Advice welcome.
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