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KC Cabauatan Jul 2017
people sway to your poignant ballads,
for you, it's but an empty stage.
your songs bring you all the pain.
short though your life may be,
but hope you've given.
to all who's hurt.
still, you were
gone too
KC Cabauatan Sep 2016
i yearn for a world devoid of struggle,
where peoples are one, respectful of other people.
where bonds transcend gender, colors, beliefs, and creeds.
a world devoid of wants, and people live simply with their needs.

i would love to walk along the streets, unhindered by fear.
tread along the pathways safely, something, i long so dear.
let the place i live upon, be absent of violence, crimes, and hate.
across divides, let the peoples be united, living as one blissful state.

if only in this world, no one lives in hunger.
everybody learns to share their resources, no matter how meager.
let no single child be abandoned, un-cared and unwanted.
let the whole world be one big village; foster everyone, and care be warranted.

but no, this world, i realized, is only just a dream;
with all the chaos, hopeless as it may seem.
people fighting, nations warring, where can peace reside?
when will this ocean of blood and tears subside?

when will this world be healed from strife?
when will the people stop sending others to the after-life?
when will this world be truly free?
all those questions i'm asking, i hope, it's not just me?
KC Cabauatan Sep 2016
the marriage between two hotdogs and two buns

some say it is a bliss - the union of two hotdogs:
two pieces of elongated meat lying side by side
bound by grease, tenderized by heat.
some say they're sumptuous,twice as filling, twice as fun;
though you can only consume them one by one.

two hotdogs can quite be a scene,
may it be dinner or an afternoon delight.
some may like it, some may not.
but who can deny them, that for them is delight.

the same goes for the bonds of two buns.
two hearts twained, bound by filling.
twice as refreshing, doubly fulfilling.
food for the gods, truly life-giving.
for the marriage of two buns can be mouth watering.

the matrimony of two hotdogs and that of two buns,
may be fun for anybody, but not for everyone.
as most could still be sated by a sandwich; grilled meat and toast.
as the marriage between a hotdog and a bun is still preferred by most.
KC Cabauatan Sep 2016
you enthralled me; put me in a trance,
all the buried feelings slowly start to dance.
you seeped in to my heart, a seed of love sown,
bursting forth like a flower that grew on a stone.

with you, every second feels like heaven is near.
your radiance dissipates every demon i fear.
you are the wind that lifts me high,
taking me to a place where peacefulness lies.

though you may not know it, it's you i behold;
my hidden desires for you, i wish to unfold.
a heartbeat without you is like endless night,
for you saved me from darkness; you are my light.

how could this be, i'll never understand,
every moment without you is like counting sand.
though at this very moment, we are never one,
i'm waiting for the day when your heart is won.
KC Cabauatan Oct 2015
only boys hurt women's heart;

a woman's heart transcends through the elements;
her emotions amplified- her joys, her sorrows,
can fill the void of an expansive universe.
such magnitude all contained in a fist-sized vessel

we boys, usually boast that we are strong;
that we can carry the whole world over our bare
that one of us is worth ten ladies.
yes, we are physically able, but we are weaker
than the woman we thought we ****** over.

we boys, can never understand the strength
and resiliency of a woman.
how she can withstand a torrent of heartaches;
of being cheated, abused -  be it bruises from our fist,
our harsh words, or at times, by us;
when we forced ourselves inside her despite her protests.
how she can carry those, we can never fathom;
since if those happened to us, we can easily lose ourselves.

a woman's fight may be silent;
she may be oppressed -  but do not underestimate her,
because she can always live without a man.
and guys, if we are truly men,
never hurt a woman – because we will never be complete
without her.
KC Cabauatan Oct 2015
i can tell you only one thing,
my sight searches for you,
like the dawn searching for the
orange hue of the waking sun.

i love you,
not just because you are the portrait
the muses dote on;
the brightest stars may,
shed their infinte radiance to you my dear;
but you to me, are my endless light,
a light that refreshes my ageing soul.
and you, my beloved, are seared into my heart;
like an oxbrand that tames a maverick.

if you do not love me,
do not befriend me.
for every moment that you stay on,
my love for you will,
like a flame on a candle that
continues to light on till i am no more,
and i will go on being drawn to you as a moth, being
drawn to its demise; the fiery light that proved false.

instead, my dear,
toss me into the deepest chasm
where the roaring tempests will wash away,
all my lingering thoughts of you.
until little by little, i shall stop remembering
that you were once, my yearning.
and once i forgot you my darling,
you will no longer be my haunt.

but before my impalpable longing,
for you, my sweet, turns to ashes,
let me tell you this;
yet, you were the hope, that led me to
nowhere, you were still, the hope that kept me on.
and after that, mon amie, i shall have stopped
loving you.
KC Cabauatan Sep 2015
don’t leave me!
mama, baba, hold me for I am scared
with the rising water-walls
and the cold dark sky sometimes lit
by a sudden bright twisted light,
and the loud noisy boom that follows it.

you promised me;
mama and baba,
you’ve told me that we’re goin’ on a boat ride
to a new land and see once again the bright blue sky,
away from the bad men whose shinies
that turns red when they swing them
at any little boys and girls, and mamas and babas.
you told me that where we go, flowers bloom and grow
and children like me can once again run and play.

at first i laughed and squealed,
everytime the small boat went up and down.
at first i saw you smiled and then wondered why you suddenly frowned.
then i saw in the distance
the white cotton clouds turning grey, and the water-walls around us rising
and i felt the cold slaps of the roaring wind, and you dear mama,
your smiles turned to cries,while you held me tighter.
like this is our last goodbye.

hold me and don’t let go;
comfort me,mama and baba,
tell me that the new land is near,
hold me tight and kiss me, for they take away my fear.
why is the sea angry baba, is it because we went away?
why is the world angry baba, when all i wanted is to play.
soothe me mama, sing to me once more.

crack! we hit something, and then you were gone
i went under, and see nothing but black,
when i rose again, i see no one, but i have heard your cry
where are you, mama and baba, i don’t know how to swim.
i can not reach the bottom, and the walls come crashing in.
i am slowly falling, i’m tired of getting back.

i am slowly losing air, mama and baba
but you were nowhere near.
i can still hear you faintly in the distance,
and i really wish that you were here.
somewhere deep within me, something felt like it’s leaving
maybe it’s the little big boy inside me, maybe, i don’t know.
yet all i hear right now, is him saying, don’t forget me.

don’t forget me mama, for now, i’m going home…
tribute for the brave little syrian boy named aylan
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