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kenan meullion Nov 2017
"Black eyes"

My eyes close and the world goes away.
I'm up at night and sleep during the day.
Confined in the infinite black that came.
Spotlights on me, who's calling my name?
Out of the shadows he came in view.
A familiar face I thought I knew.
Though I couldn't  recognize...
His identity was fortified by his black eyes.
Symbols carved in skin still blood red.
"Can't you see I'm your father"
"No, my fathers  dead..."
I leaned over the coffin and kissed him on the head.
I suddenly felt wickedness leak from this deceiver.
I refused to believe this sinister endeavor .
"Come follow me in the dark"
He snarled, teeth sharp vicious like a shark.
I shook my head no, I refused to go.
The darkness goes nowhere except down below.
The demon faded out as I fell down and wept.
Pillow soaking tears as I painfully slept.
This dream drove me crazy for 1 full week.
But I didn't tell anyone, I wouldn't dare speak.
A peaceful spirit came through, her heart gold and true...
The Catastrophic secret, she came because she knew.
She pointed me to the way and said I can follow.
Blinded by the light, I'm choked up and can't swallow.
Embraced by serenity the that came from above.
It flew down gracefully, an alighted white dove.
The wind moved the trees with a slight breeze.
Acquiring protection now I can sleep with ease.
This is a poem I wrote from years ago. It's about a dream I had that really changed my life.
kenan meullion Jan 2017
My heart spills down the mountain.
I watch it drain like a fountain.
Splash on the rocks and splatter,
If my heart was cold it would shatter.
Why must I open myself and pour?
When all I have in store only finds the floor,
While you keep the key to my door.
The more I try to polish the frame,
It only seems to darken the stain.
We speak what we believe,
Words are words , but my hearts on my sleeve.
Your expression left unspoken,
If this is fixed, why do I still feel broken?
Though I know there's nothing left to fear
It's nice to know, but better to hear.
kenan meullion Jan 2017
The sky floods with purple blue and pink
Thoughts of you make my heart sink.
I knew my world would hurt and sometimes be blue
Cause i had became insanely...stupid, and crazy about you.
Every day and every second of mine
I burn on you, every single time.
You're the brightest star in my night sky
You shined so strong, I thought the light would never die.
Then your aurora started to dim slightly
Suddenly my star didn't shine so brightly.
I reached up to make sure the bulb was ******* in tightly.
Star dust crumbled in my hands...
Shards shooting into my face...
I tried to catch on to darkness as I fell from grace.
Gradually falling slow
I've got nowhere to go...
I can't grasp the void, I'm stuck in limbo.
Now My sky is dark
And there's no floor beneath
I'm gasping for air but there's pain in my chest and I can't breathe.
I can fix this...I just have to believe.
Pulling the shards from my face
Piece by piece I put them in their place.
Hoping and praying you'd ignite the same
Although cracks and empty spaces still remain.
I can see inside that your core was gleaming
Blinking my eyes quickly to make sure I wasn't dreaming.
I cant look away cause I'm fixed on your blaze
Destiny has engraved me in your cosmic waves
Creeping in, that stratus night cloud
Hiding you from my vision
There's darkness all around.
I thought it was the end
My love is gone, it's over.
Yet I still wait for my super nova
kenan meullion Jan 2017
Drown the sound of my thoughts so loud
What makes my gears grind all around.
My mind over analyzes and wanders
My mind realizes, and yet still ponders.
With all intention to stop my mind from tracing.
Around the track my brain is still racing.
The cycle starts to diminish, It's quieter now.
it's nearly finished, The question is how?
Busy smoke whistle from my ears
Gears collapsing, like they've been at work for years.
You've been casting my heart into the air.
Pretending like I don't care, when I find strands of your hair.
Though things are not as they seem.
Being shouldered away, I'm still your locked dream.
Surly aware, I held my spirit higher
My thoughts were still burning,
And raging like wildfire
Linger in the slumber, the dreams we hold
To watch the mold as your eyes unfold.
We count the stars as our sky gets clear
To pass the time as dreams get near.

— The End —