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  Jan 2016 Ken Young
Sometimes I wonder if we are really all listening
Or just too distracted with the African diamonds glistening
Sold to you by Zales, yet every kiss begins with Kay.  
Fat and lazy fast food crazy
Chasing highs blinded thinking they really have it their way

The devices in our possession finally allow us to progress as one people.  We can connect with others oceans away and together rid the world of evil.  The destructive misuse of power is felt when we see the segregation.  Responsibility has been shed for more tax cuts, when some live unsure they will make it.  Fabricated stories facilitate war - on drugs, ideas, and our collective growth.  
So I must ask
When these tragedies happen, who actually benefits the most?  Making sure to add "terrorist acts" under a potential insurance claim just days before buildings imploded to dust rather than be eaten by flames, or severed with a plane.  The man who did this was named Larry Silverstein.  Interviews after he seemed cold, devoid of soul, and mean.  Arms dealers, oil companies, and bank executives, carry out these plots that are now repetitive.  Play with the heartstrings of one's own people, that think they can veil everything but I know we're not feeble, and in all these other places we're beginning to feel.
Cheney's Halliburton rebuilds nations after war decimates the ground.  Yes, let's let our pockets pay any amount, grind ourselves 45 hours a week so with our taxes they can play around.  Still staying stiff in the position promising your wishes will come true.  But again the scapegoat ***** your hope of political action bringing something new.  
While blowing ourselves away the frame becomes unglued.  This cancer is man made and he wants to redesign you. Analyzes with the force of a brute. Built tall walls with his flaws that only allows the seven deadly sins in.  Will he in his mind ever decide to see the sun again?  Can he really say that to himself he is a friend?  Meanwhile a governor of Flint, Michigan is okaying lead be let in to the water system, 9,000 now are poisoned.  We're talking families complete with children.  Speaking on topics like this, I do not have fun.  But the divine needs to shine wherever necessary.  If we don't speak now we could head into a reality that's only more scary.  No more families buried until they carry out their long lives.  I will honor Mother Nature and the life she provides.  As the Amazon depletes, the air needs more trees.  Less chemicals drifting into our systems as we eat and breathe.  Fearlessly pure we become free.  With eyes on the skies we leave our feet, articulated honest advancement.  Through conscious choice and proper management.  
No one owns you or where the lands currently sit, but you'll probably hear different from the government.  

We are all one, and life will go on.
Sun shines on our land every day at dawn
Balances created keep our hearts in motion
Close your eyes and see the focal point of your devotion.  Music gave me a way to see inside there lies the potion - to take my emotion and share the reflections to other oceans
Ken Young Jun 2014
Why do my thoughts seem to run So deep,
when the late hour beckons " Time for Sleep" ,
But sleep isn't headed my way it would seem,
perchance a respite for lucidity in dream.
melatonin melancholy * Hey You*speed slumber , TODAY !
i have things to do and while yet tired , ...Well ,NO Way.
Surely ! Sleep doth approach whether by faith or fatigue ,
I should have , Terrifically traveled terrains tracked to a league.
But slumber, hasn't my number, or asunder  So i'd be.
i'm leaping by faith , But first should brush the teeth.
I'll then recline my ,thoughts and frame, to "succeed" ,
By simply accepting position of such rest i do need.  :D
                              < Brain Mog >
Ken Young Jun 2014
(rust if you must)

I like the way you get me where I go
in any kind of weather , like snow.
i love the freedom i have when i ride
in the drivers seat of you inside.
I dig the tunes we play along our path
I cant afford a New you , i have done the math.
But I love you no matter what others may think
you've Never thrown me of a cliff
or left me at the brink, i think
I drive to and fro to get me where i go
and No better car i own , so now i Say it So...
Rust if you Must , for i don't care about your Looks,
i can study about your kinds repair, if i should read Those books
Rust If you Must , I will always Love you,
For to Me My Camry have you Always been True.  :D
                                                              Brain M.O.G.
just a silly thing i felt like "jotting " down
Ken Young Jun 2014
This is ONLY a Thought About the Strange possibility Of something that Might Happen to Anyone of Us.
What If.... someone spread a rumor about you , or me  and or he or even she, having "passed away" , a rumor that wasn't true.            Selah  ( this means to Stop and think before moving On.)
What if on occasion someone would revive that old rumor and "spread the "lie"(s)...Again ..    Selah   .....   ( stop think )
and after a while yet longer had passed ( Absolutely No Pun intended )
someone found the "old lie" and spread it Until it became viral, Viral , VIRAL.    ...   SELAH  
   what if YOU or I or He or even Ann B. Davis happened to be "pondering the lies and How and or why these thing EVEN start and or how to Stop such things" and while doing things around the yard or the house Even taking a shower , and Thinking about such things.
You or the rest , Fell and suffered a Fatal Sub-dural Hematoma.
....the cause they say of the ACTUAL DEATH today of ANN B. Davis ?
...would you be More Careful about Spreading rumors in the Future,
Well.... Would You !  SELAH      
                                                     - brain M.O.G.
coment and or any comentary ( welcomed )
Ken Young May 2014

A poem is just a bunch of words ( some say ) ,
that tell of conditions like pain or maybe play.
But maybe the start is really the end (of it).
Either way dear human please don't throw your fit.
well you can ,If you like And Will if you Must.
Sometimes however the resulting balloon may bust.
Fall flat or worse , not find hearing ears , (it's sad)
occasionally one thinks that the syntax be quite bad.
No matter the method from finish until a start
just let truth flow freely from the deepest of heart
surface to find a reason to live and on still more
And never your own words Ever Ignore ( Ever).
                                     by Brain Mog

— The End —