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Kelsi Herring Jul 2015
And it's bare clothed ******* with pebbled ******* tweaked too rough. Smooth skin bruised by calloused fingers and you remind yourself the fact that parts of you will leave black and blue. She's never been gentle, but neither have you. You like that she likes it to.

It's a head thrown back, scream in throat but sound long gone. She makes you forget how to speak, but you can still hear her heart break. Mussed sheets she never bothers to make, hair too messy to be saved. Your eyes are too heavy to see it anyway.

It's fast and easy. Hips pressed together in unsteady rhythm because you keep wondering what she sees in you.  Legs tangled in a sheen of sweat as you whisper sweet words to hide your lies. She stopped trying to hold your hand weeks ago.

It's pliant lips that taste too much like cherry wine and kisses crested along your hips. She marks you because she knows the truth, for now though you let her have you. Feelings so high, she steals her name from your lungs over and over and over . And it's always after that that you realize this isn't love.

But it's something.

And so you tell her you love her anyway.
*When what you mean is you'll **** her anyway.
july 28//4:53pm
Kelsi Herring May 2015
She’s not you
Then again I don’t think anyone could be you
It’s different and it’s new
*And right now it hurts less to be with her than to bide my time waiting on you
may 4//10:00pm
Kelsi Herring Feb 2015
You know what I haven't said in a long time?
I love you
...isn't that the saddest thing
january 31//9:42pm
Kelsi Herring Jan 2015
I don't have a heart
I just have a hole of who I used to be
And what you made me to be
december 26//10:53pm
Kelsi Herring Jan 2015
If I could go back in time I would
Because reality isn’t the dream I dreamt
And I realize without you this is a show with no end

Days we go questioning that in which we have done
And I can’t forgive the regret I have paid
The belittlement that you freely gave despite the pains we both made
I’m sorry won’t cut it this time

…I wish it would…

But the things we have said
Only opened the wounds in which we had stored away
We can hide them as we please with bandages and sleeves
But we can never pretend that they don’t still b
                                                             ­                        le
                                                            ­                              ed
If I could change time
I would wish for you and me
I’d meet you earlier, not afraid of what could be
I’d give you the stars and the hopes and the dreams that we believed
I’d give you my love
And for the first ******* time that would be enough
**** everyone who says otherwise

The two of us
The story of an endless love

If I could go back and change it all
I’d be your king
*Will you be my queen?
january 27//10:00pm
Kelsi Herring Jan 2015
if I could give you the stars, i’d light up the sky so you’d never be alone again. painting pictures of a love story stronger than the end of time. we’re not the modern Romeo and Juliet; maybe some would rather call it Juliet and Jane.

not your average bedtime story, not the accepted fairytale. and it doesn’t make sense to me, nor does it really matter. anything they say can’t change me, because what I feel makes me stronger than I ever have before.

Yes, I’m nervous.

Yes, I’m going out of my **** mind with questions

is it right? is it wrong?

but I’m willing to try. cause for me and you, i'd fight a million and two. 

Out of the closet
january 26//12:37am
Kelsi Herring Nov 2014
The moon has always been drawn to the stars
An inexplicable pull, the intoxicated sight of the light
The deafening silence of the smooth dark

How does it feel to pine after something we can never touch?
To be so close and know that it is never enough
To hold on to love is easy
We will always love the things we can’t have
It’s never as strong as the sorrow of missing you though
The empty space where I know you should be
Tucked into my side, watching the night  
As the stars explode and gases ignite
As the earth turns round and the planets align

And even if I know I could never have you
Even if these words never reach you
To the moon and back
I will always love you
november 25//1:50pm
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