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Kelsey May Daly Dec 2016
We reached our peak so we’re off to sleep
The singing summer’s now humming a lullaby.
Tuck yourself in, while I search for a new sin
I’ve already caught your yelling yawn.
The autumns nye and I a dying leaf
Still green, but barely hanging from your tree.
I’ll wrap myself up, in a hat and gloves
But your cold will still nip at the spaces between.
There’s no shield from the shredding of love
So I’ll sweep with the wind to better things.
Kelsey May Daly Dec 2016
I sang to the slugs
The brisk air smothered my words
As the nightly silence swept through the grass.
Concrete cornered me in
But, my mind was too big
Down crashed the colonial cubes.
Uprose tantalizing trees
Shock stalled my limp breathing
The lone yard transformed into my dreams.

What now that all is mine?
How do I thrive with such a surprise?
No limitations, except time.

Deep gaze into freedom
Arms wide awaiting its embrace
Though I stalled it too late
As it all began to fade.
Pixel by pixel,
Beautiful particles sprinkling like ash
Soon reality came back
While my dreams ran off to laugh
Left me deflated in my yard.
I wiped my tired eyes and sighed
Perhaps I can dream again another night.
Kelsey May Daly Aug 2016
I'm only a poet when I'm sad
Kelsey May Daly Aug 2016
A foundation of funny, quietly tiptoeing around the serious
Only voicing matters of fact
Keeping the peace in tact

My language left me, tangled in vulnerability
Suppression was easy
When questions got heavy

Never have I had the heart to say, that I’m willing to give my heart away
Something held me back..
The risk of a heart attack

You’ve given me your all, I’ve given you a quarter
In fear nothing more exists
I investigated all evidence

I blocked the view of me and you, until feelings finally broke through
There’s only so much you can say and not feel too
I’m ready to truly love you
Kelsey May Daly Jun 2016
I store at an isolated mark that stood lonesome among the words that were written around the board.
To divert myself from the alien eyes that tore the flesh from my
They dug at my vulnerability.
An odour of discomfort defended it.
My eyes stayed stiff on the meager mark.
To hold my pride strong.
I locked my weakness in the darkness of my mind.
It was no prison.
My mind was a mental asylum.
Crazy thoughts raced around helplessly.
They slashed every enemy besides it’s trusted companion of anxiety.
My head dove into my hands.
They vibrated sending shivers down my body.
Their hierarchy of judgement nipped at my ear.
Or did it?

I was defeated.

The bell jangled and I jumped.
I raised my head in a daze a final time.
I studied the classroom and saw my classmates with their blank faces.
No heads turned.
No whispers heard.
Just people who omitted all around them.
The light shifted when I recognized I was the judge. I caused the war. It’s a battle I lost to myself. The hardest battle of all.
Kelsey May Daly May 2016
Find me,
Lose me,
Hide and go seek.
Hit me,
Abuse me,
Is that what you need?
Abandon me,
As I softly bleed.
Run away,
Get drunk,
Rant your tough journey.
I understand,
You were hurt,
But don’t take it out on me.
I love you,
Too much,
And I can’t leave.
Kelsey May Daly May 2016
Memories stain like pen on paper,
A moment now, a memory later.
You wish to forget, a day it will fade,
One bad moment, it will all concave.
All the bad will compress your soul,
Unlock the memories, you thought were old.
Here again, at the starting line,
Ready to pretend you’re fine.
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