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kelly solanum Jun 18
I am no different.
I am like you.
I have my problems.
I have my issues.
But I am like you.
I have desires.
I have feelings.
I am human.
Just like you.
I am trying.
I fail many times.
I am disappointed in myself.
Just like you.
I want to live.
I want to thrive.
I want to be normal.
Just like you.
kelly solanum Oct 2018
Different voices
Speaking at once
Who am I
Too many opinions
An entire society.
kelly solanum Jun 2018
A part of me
Wants to fly.
A part of me
Is afraid of falling.
kelly solanum Apr 2018
Hooked on
to the drugs
My doctor gives me
He tells me not to skip a day

But i feel it's the meds
That's making me feel this way.

He says its my only hope
But i can't feel my heart no more
He says i got to take em twice
Before and after meals
If only i got hungry like i did before

My doctor is a very nice man
But i don't believe in his plan
he says regular walking will
Stop the talking.
but the voices follow me till bed.

my doctor says he understands
by his voice i think
he's the only one who can
So i take his pills and advice.
But I wonder does he
really know whats it like
To be undoubtedly desensitised.
kelly solanum Mar 2018
If day and night
Are only separated by light
Then you and i
Are only seperated by fate.
  Mar 2018 kelly solanum
There's this void inside me,
a vacuum ,you know?
It often expands like a balloon but inflates really slow.

And when this void expands, it screams at me.
I sush it for a while but it doesn't stop,you see.

It yells' Don't hold Yourself up, go, wander free.
Go run into the world, set off for your journey.

Catch these dreams you have, keep it by your side
I know you want to let go and flow with the tide
'Fill me in' This vacuum inside me cries.
'Fill me in with the starry scene as you lay down on the grass somewhere,
Fill me in with the delicious smores and scary stories you share by the campfire.

Shower me with the sprinkles of water as you raft in a swift river
And as you get scared of falling,
feel your adrenaline rush with a shiver.

Erase me with the giggles and laughter you share with the strangers
Complete me with the joy of new friendships you gather in your purse.

Hit me with the snowballs that you throw as you laugh sticking your tongue out,
Cover me with your red cheeks and freezing nose when you get hit while you pout.

Love, fall so hard in love that your story will be told in days ahead.
Hurt me with your heart breaks and the tears that you shed.

Tire me with long walks of the mountain
And when you're in awe at the beautiful sunset, you won't recall the pain.

Color me up with the blush on your cheeks as you kiss
Shiver me with the strange feeling, betold as bliss.

Confuse me with your screams mixed with laughter as you get chased by a cow
Relax me with your smiles as you open up your heart that's been locked
till now.

Annoy me with your banters with new mates,
Just fill me in with whatever your journey gets.

You've always wanted to go on an adventure , have you not?
So why're you shying away now, don't give it a lot of thought.

This is your soul speaking, this is you, yourself, the void.
Don't let it be' the child is grown,the dream is gone' thing as said by Pink Floyd.

Promise me will you?
Such a work you are,pheww.'

I listen to the screams that my void lets out,
and i try to comfort it
'Soon, when the time is right,okay?'
i mutter as i feel my heart beat.

The void's quiet now, i guess it gave up on me
I frown and i stare at abyss, i think, i think about my dreams and all i want to be.

Today, i waved everyone goodbye,
unknown of my return.
I finally mustered up the courage, and set off for the Sun.

Early in the morning, i said' Hey void, your name's going to change'
I guess it understood, for the feeling i had was so strange.

' Here i come, my own little adventure,
Smile, your waiting days are over.'
Hmm. So i just wrote whatever i felt.I've always wanted to just wander off, you know, just...
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