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6.9k · Oct 2012
Kelly Landis Oct 2012
“You’re overweight,” he says, tapping his finger against his chart of heights and measurements, thighs too big and fingers too plump. I already know. I nod, and continue nodding, listening to the word echo and then fall onto the ground, bouncing and bounding, restrictions that have surrounded my whole life, my whole curvy figure. If I could be like the girls with the flesh wrapped tight and the bones loose and caving in on one another, I would grab the chance before it had a chance to flutter away from my desperately aching hands. When I look in the mirror, I try to remind myself that flaws are flaws and yet they were made to be beautiful, but I see what I see and what I see makes me want to *****, makes me want to close my eyes, makes me want to pull and tug and rip until there is nothing left but a pile of rotting decay. I am stuck, I am back on the playground in sixth grade where the boys would taunt and laugh, point and gasp, as I tried to pretend I looked like everyone else, every other small, petite little girl who didn’t have to worry about these types of things. My clothes don’t fit, I’ve gone through seven pairs of jeans in the last month alone, I look back at the pictures when I thought I was fat, but I wasn’t, I was fine then, why did I think that? I lay in bed beside the man I’m supposed to be with, fully clothed and pushing his hands away from my hips, away from my lips, don’t touch me then if you can’t handle all that I have to give. I’m not her, and she never wished to be me.
2.1k · Mar 2013
too late
Kelly Landis Mar 2013
You think it won't happen, but it does
The sinking feeling, the gutless entry and
You are left to fend for promises that you never
Intended to keep in the first place
I am coldhearted and alone and deserve nothing more
Then to rot here, or there, somewhere
Where your eyes won't follow my every move
And when I will finally fall to my knees
And cry and beg, and bleed and bleed until sore
I will still not understand the price for my sins
As he taunts and teases, pulls and prods
At my long ago innocence, I will falter
To be the girl He intended me to be
Too late and too little devotion to matters of the
Heart, the soul, the in between space
And I am wasted and shedding the wrong skin
Parts that should have been kept floating off into space
1.7k · Nov 2012
empty handed
Kelly Landis Nov 2012
i'm tired,
i'm tired and i'm fed up,
i'm tired and i'm fed up and
i'm sorry,
i could have been more
for you, for us
i could have told you what you
wanted to hear,
that you were the sun and the moon
and every single star in the sky
that held a wish

but i'm tired,
i'm tired of the nights
where i laid beside you
and felt your hands inside of my
hair, and inside of my heart
it hurt me
i tried to pull you up,
i tried to pull you out
your burdens were heavy,
and yet, my shoulders bore the weight
for you

and now,
there's nothing left
for me to give
1.6k · Oct 2012
third & walnut
Kelly Landis Oct 2012
when she asked how we met,
we glanced sideways at one another,
smirking to ourselves,
only we know the secret,
and wouldn't she love to know?
"we met at the circus,
no, but really..."

when in fact, we met by chance,
by accident, but doesn't fate always
have the last word?
we sat side-by-side, touching
and spoke gentle stories to
one another
all night
and in the crowded dive bar,
music blaring, and
drunk people chattering,
i heard every word perfectly

she seemed surprised that we had
just met,
a blind date,
and yet, i was blinder even still
she excused herself right away,
an intruder on our inside joke
and any judgement was dismissed
we had created something
far more important
far more than intended

i keep expectations low on all things
if you build a wall, how do
you ever expect to climb over
without falling?
he kept reminding me of my smile,
and so i smiled some more,
until the blush was creeping all over my cheeks,
my face glowing with acceptance
Kelly Landis Jan 2013
I dreamt about you last night, and it hurts
When I look back and ask myself,
Why I ever took your graciousness for granted
Placed it on the ground and stomped hard
Over and over and
I ruined you
I know I did, and now I live with
The reality of that
But I don’t know if that was me,
I think that was me...
And I lost her, when I lost you
I will never get you back in the grasp of my hands
I have memories, and they are all that suffice
I can say that I was happy,
I was so happy and I could see marriage
Being a possibility
Rather than something I ran from
But I realize I have always been flighty and flirty
And the disadvantage is all mine
Because you will find someone who
Gives you something,
All of her, all parts
While I will still be stuck here,
Trying to figure out ways
To gain something back that is long gone
found this in my notebook today.
1.3k · Jun 2013
On loving someone too much
Kelly Landis Jun 2013
I laid beside you again,
An act that I realize now
Has become sacred, cherished
Because I never know when
the last time will be
I count the seconds, hours
Until you awake,
Look at me sleepy eyed
and sleepy faced and it takes
all of my strength not to
reach up and kiss you
good morning, the puzzle pieces
sliding, shifting all over our
playing board but
I'm so tired of playing,
I'm tired of fighting, chasing,
Caring too much and you
caring too little
And all it ever seems to
amount to is me -
Standing alone,
Loving you
While you look at me questioning
why I don't just let go already
1.3k · Oct 2012
survival of the fittest
Kelly Landis Oct 2012
it's a wonder we are still surviving,
writing and re-living:
past memories and guilt,
pent-up lust and miserable deceit

sometimes i think,
you were the lucky one
1.3k · Nov 2012
Kelly Landis Nov 2012
I remember those basements stairs,
the smell of cigarette smoke,
and the clicking of beer cans
Girls with long blonde hair and
glow sticks as head bands,
and ripped tights...
Adam stood next to me,
and while I felt connected,
I know I was so far...gone
So, when he vowed
to take care of me
To get me out safely,
I agreed, of course I would agree
I told him we didn't belong here,
but then again maybe I did,
and he didn't
He gave up drinking shortly after,
I continued on into
my own
I wish I would have listened
the first time around
Kelly Landis Jul 2013
When I first met you,
I already had begun to make
excuses for you.
The things that you were lacking,
were replaced by something else
and where you had missed,
I had noticed

So when you ask me to take the good,
with the bad, but there is so much good to be had,
I wonder if my body, my heart
is capable of enduring your pain,
Because yours will become mine,
and while I know I am going
to try and save you,
Play the superwoman I know I can be,
I am going to be disappointed
Again and again

When you choose this
over me
1.1k · Oct 2012
Kelly Landis Oct 2012
dad, i stumble over the words
just as i did as a child,
and you took me in your arms
and rocked me to sleep
numerous nights,
i've cried,
and you've left,
and you keep leaving

a child needs her daddy,
a young girl needs her daddy,
a grown woman needs her daddy,
you were never...

i could have begged ten times over
for you to put down that can of beer
that whole case completely demolished
i tried to empty the cans into the sink
one by one,
i never got far,
and there was still some left over...

couldn't you have loved me
more, better,
just love me

here i am, 23,
and still longing for your
presence in my life,
instead i try to fill with addiction
and voids,
boys who try too hard for
all the wrong reasons,
and dad,
tell me
why i am so dependent
on the ways of this world
that haven't ever mattered?

were you ever present in my life,
or were you always drunk,
slurring your words and stumbling over
the memories,
like you always have,
as i count the beer cans,
find the beer cans
crush the beer cans,
the **** same beer
that you have been drinking since
i can remember

you used to tell me so many stories,
you used to make them up,
entertain me with your sense of humor
hold me a little closer
where are you?
where have you been?
your little girl
my dad is weighing heavy on my heart tonight.
929 · Jun 2013
Kelly Landis Jun 2013
I don't have a lot to say to you these days,
Not because I don't want to but
because I would rather hold onto my
But hey,
Thanks for trying anyway.
916 · Dec 2012
stolen love
Kelly Landis Dec 2012
just look at her,
she wears the love she receives
it's overflowing, and she has no idea
where it should go
the overspill of others generosity
onto her, the air around her
charged and
here i sit,
here i sit,
should i dare say
that i find myself comparing?
the love you wear,
and the love i hold
are not two in the same

you walk around this town
like you have nowhere to go,
if i told you i could tell,
would you turn your head
in denial?
and if you lost it,
would you do anything...
anything at all,
to get it back into
your undeserving hands?
908 · Jul 2013
slippery slope
Kelly Landis Jul 2013
I didn't realize that the moments I shared with you, would have to be tucked neat and pretty into the crevices of my heart. I didn't realize that I would be left to remember for the both of us, or that the friend that I should have been was nowhere to be found. I'm sorry. I know in comparison to others you knew, it doesn't matter. My memories are slim, and fleeting glimpses. But I wanted to know you better, more, I wanted to be a sounding board and instead I let your secrets fall from my mouth like stolen gems. There's no one else here to blame. God, you are so brave, I can barely stand it.
902 · May 2013
Kelly Landis May 2013
We would sleep, but never touching,
your sheets were always cold,
your room dark, like a thick blanket

You told me tonight that all you
wanted to do was hold me in your arms,
I didn't know if this was the truth
or the ***** speaking your sentiments
for you

You have been out with women,
women who I'm sure were beautiful,
who were possibly more expressive,
more full of life,
able to offer you what I couldn't
but still, you said
that you were left with
and that every time

I won.
895 · Jan 2013
hide and seek
Kelly Landis Jan 2013
Is my mother really dying?
Spiritually, I know
Lord, it's hard not to feel broken in two
Legs bent backward, arms twisted behind my back
Chest heaving,
Heart throbbing
Pain, pain, go away
Come again some other day
Kelly Landis Oct 2012
i can feel myself inside of you.


my pulse is beating the blood
from your heart that never
took the chance to spill once you
ripped apart-
all our letters,
the pictures,
the words
they're running a marathon
against a wild train wreck which
reeks of the times we spent
wrapped up in...'this'
nothing means nothing
it means
i  can't  deny  our  fate
our hands entangled in each other's hair
the pavement hot,
having everything to bear
having our g o o d b y e s
hanging in mid-air


there were choices made and i
enveloped inside of myself
giving everything away,
so you wouldn't be able to say
that i left being complete
my insides are churning new
love letters for you
but you threw-
you threw up the ties that
held us in each other's own light;
you gave up the fight,
you gave up the fight
848 · Feb 2014
Kelly Landis Feb 2014
Finding my way is like a never ending
maze and I'm afraid that when I finally
reach the end, nothing will be waiting -
and especially not you
844 · Apr 2013
Kelly Landis Apr 2013
Dear sickness,
I couldn't carry her up the stairs.
Her weight was unbearable and she lay limp in my arms.
Dear chemo,
She really did lose all of her hair.
We would go out in public and people would stare.
She wore a wig but still, I knew.
Dear limbs so skinny,
I watched her walk down the hallway using her walker.
My father clutching her arm, guiding.
It broke me in two, to see the jutting bones.
There was nothing left of her.
Dear insanity,
I remember the night she called to say goodbye.
She thought she wasn't going to last another day,
After all... the nurses were out to get her,
and she didn't understand why she had to take so many pills.
Dear rotting tumor,
You had been growing for over a year in her brain.
Taking up space where there should have been healthy cells growing.
You took away so much, the little things,
the big things, the important things...
The heart and soul of things.
Dear growing pains,
I realized what it meant to age quickly,
To grow up sooner than you are ready.
I did it, and I'm still here.
My mother's still here,
although some parts of her
will never be the same.
It's been five years now since, but still the memories from this time remain the same.
836 · Nov 2012
how it is
Kelly Landis Nov 2012
the fact that he would look into my eyes
and deny me of these feelings
it makes me want to become unborn
to sink back into my mother's womb
and never re-appear
not another drink
not another wasted word
her eyes wash over, she goes unseen
i watch the night soak her within the light
but her heart is dark
this is darkness
this is death, caught within her throat
caught within her running veins
this can't be it
this can't be me
running off the tracks
he asks me again and again with innocent eyes
why doesn't this make sense?
my answers are silent
one seems to know
817 · Jun 2013
rock bottom
Kelly Landis Jun 2013
I never asked you to be something,
I simply just wanted to sit beside you
Let the others look upon us like I had some
Kind of claim over you,
Even though we both know
I never will
It sits in my stomach like a rock,
heavy, but somehow I still believe
that it has the smallest chance
to float
781 · Oct 2012
until i met you
Kelly Landis Oct 2012
My palms open up, always.
As your fingers dance across,
and down, down in some kind of
fragmented ballet
sweeping up all I have left
to give to a boy
like you
I know how you are
You're the one
my mother warned me about
You're the
"I should of known better,
Should of learned,
Should of grown"
Everyone else is always right
But me,
I keep spinning the same circles,
until I'm completely dizzy with the thought
of such infactuation,
Always giving too much,
and receiving little to
nothing back
Your world could have been served
to you on a silver platter,
I would have came to you with
so much


"Too much love,"
as you would say.
I had never heard of such a thing,
until I met you.
744 · Nov 2012
Kelly Landis Nov 2012
because you always had the right answers.

that's why i came rushing to you,
in a flailing of arms and hands,
rushed words, but still you understood,
like we had our own kind of secret language
hidden from the world

you would attempt to play god,
wrap me up in prayers and calm meditations,
speaking from something other-worldly
but still, it always worked
i couldn't blame you for that
i still can't look you in the eyes and
tell you how badly you broke my heart
i was young, and you were older but you
should have known better, or maybe

this is the way things need to be
you can't let me go because i know i
was the only flesh that you have felt
underneath your palms, and i know all
too well that you took that kiss to mean
something far more important,
you tried to save me,
because i had already saved you

but i will never have all of the answers
like you, christopher.
sometimes, it's just too late.
sometimes, it's time to let go.
735 · Oct 2012
Kelly Landis Oct 2012
she's gorgeous
that's all i seem to know

and when your eyes start to glaze over
i can't, i need
to look away
you complain to me, whisper in slow syllables,
"this is how it's supposed to be"
my stomach in knots and my hands twisted
i can't, i need
to become her
(suddenly i regret the way my smile curves,
i regret the shape of my body against hers)
and to look at her pursed lips
makes me sick
to think
back onto your thoughts

and i don't care how long it takes
for me to


a sick cycle,
a circle that spins,
and i become the center
twirling again,
and again,
over her and what wasn't said
comparisons are eating me alive.
Kelly Landis Oct 2011
the old couch
you, half naked me
resting in between that
one place of stillness of false pretense of
love wrapped within bounds of
human flesh and
thin confusion
we have no idea
how any of this is done

instead of being welcomed
i was transformed
glancing down at my white cotton dress
pulled so high, so high up
your shirt thrown carelessly
onto the worn carpet
eyes burning
as fingers pull pull pull
on the strings of my innocence

sighing heavily into your collarbone
i choked
while you covered my body
every inch with your heat
you didn't know
how much i wanted to love
you, this moment
in return, you took it all
every sweep every glance every sharp angle
became your very own

i drove back home
windows through scent tangled hair
wisps of remnants
i no longer wanted to remember
images ingrained onto my mind
as stars fell from that
black hole of a sky
718 · Nov 2012
Kelly Landis Nov 2012
a blank page,
waiting to be filled,
waiting to be violated and blemished,
waiting to carry every single last burden
it stays waiting, because i can't
seem to reach my expectations
it will never be enough
and i will always come up short
with that puzzled look on my face,
like i didn't know this would happen
like i had no idea at all
i don't know.
709 · Nov 2012
secret wishing
Kelly Landis Nov 2012
I miss you,
Can't you tell?*

The way my fingers intertwine
on themselves, looking for a hand to hold,
yours were always so small,
despite your rough exterior,
I took every flaw into consideration,
tasted it, held it,      felt it
in my being, and when I told you
that I love imperfections,
I meant yours
and only yours
It was always this simple,
and always this complicated
And we are still breathing here
with our eyes blinded by
our past, the moments when
we became caught up in our
own crafted demise,
when we weren't strong enough
to just say, "No."

I carry you around with me,
like an old picture kept in a locket
chained around my neck,
holding me down,
and the heaviness rests
beside my heart, as it slowly
seeps into
I've tried to wear you well,
you would never know,
but others look at me like they
know my hidden secret,
In the way that I walk,
in the way my smile curves
downward, and
I realize
if I don't let you go,
it will be the end of me,
I always wondered how I
could lay beside you at night
and not say a word,
listen to you breathe,
and talk in your dreams,
even then you battled your
demons in secret,
in the times you thought
I wasn't listening,

but I was.
704 · May 2013
Kelly Landis May 2013
I wanted to sing you to sleep,
But along with my heart, you took my voice.
678 · Apr 2013
better left alone
Kelly Landis Apr 2013
I stood in the middle of your chaos,
guitar melodies and melted candle wax,
cigarette butts from another drunken night
and that **** futon that always made
me awaken, toss and turn
but I never reached for you
and you never reached for me
I knew right away,
this should tell me something
about the way we both love
Not enough,
or too much
and neither is ever
672 · Sep 2013
Kelly Landis Sep 2013
we sat on the uncomfortable creaking fold out chairs, me beside people i barely knew but who knew you better then i ever did. there was not enough, not enough flowers, music, laughter, pictures, energy...the room felt like everything had been ****** out of it as soon as we all congregated. dear god, i am so sorry...i know death can feel like a prickly heat consuming the whole body, i shook your sister's hand and she looked at me waiting, but i didn't know what else to say. we sang one song, and all i could do was look out at the window at the sun shining on the leaves of the tree...i envisioned you underneath it with a joint and one of your hippie dresses saying, "kelly, c'mon, life isn't so bad..." you were a wonderful person, i'm ashamed it took me longer then it should have to realize that.
659 · Nov 2012
don't speak
Kelly Landis Nov 2012
"you're confused,
isn't that why you're here?"
he speaks in quiet tongues,
always so gentle,
but sincerity lacking
i don't want to talk about the
things that brought us here
the things that have broken us
down... in the quiet,
and in the dark,
it was always the same

i'm here because
i want to be held*

it's as simple as that
i have no other explanation
for the way things are,
or should be,
or could have been
643 · May 2013
Kelly Landis May 2013
There's always more that could have been done.
But I think I walked away just in time.
642 · Jan 2014
Kelly Landis Jan 2014
You held my face between your palms
I was the baby, the experiment
of my own demise
liquid courage dripping from your lips
and I soaked it up
like every other girl would
I refuse to be with you
in this state of mind
the mind of my father
slurring, with no boundaries
besides the edge of the bed
Your only safety net
against the drunken rage
and your endless hope of
i am not here
for you

i am leaving
phone me tomorrow
and i will not pick up
This is the
of what you tried to create
me, willing little girl
begging for your attention
against the forces of this world
I'm gone
I'm gone
g o n e

all that i intended
falling to sand
between the cracks of my fingers
pouring through my being
and while we're here
in this state
you can have my

in fragments
621 · May 2013
family ties
Kelly Landis May 2013
You told me I was the glue that's
holding everything together,
I never asked for this title,
I never wanted to be the center,
All I can think of is standing
in the middle of all of this
chaos, all I can think of is
my mind, heart, and body
absorbing every last drop
of negativity...
The selfishness,
The names,
The substance abuse,
and the ***** **** water,
The sins that lie in secret,
begging not to be found,

Lay it all on me,
I will soak everything up,
Like a sponge,
Like a buffer,

I will make it all better,
I won't let this fall apart,
or fray at the edges,
but GOD,
I am so very

616 · Sep 2014
Kelly Landis Sep 2014
i didn't know how to tell you.
i felt you slipping away the moment
i took a sip of something fierce,
burning my insides like a poison
i could not tame,
a wildfire of false hope and future promises.
i tried to wrap you up in something comfortable,
something familiar so that this all could be
easier for the both of us.
because that's all i ever focused on:
y o u a n d m e as one entity.
the second i made my claim i knew
that this was going to be something that
neither of us would be able to handle.
i always become too sure of myself,
and you too loving.
i wanted to warn you ahead of time,
i am not easy.
i     am     not     easy.
the divide between us will surely
end in a gaping hole,
a hole you try to pass gingerly
but fall into anyway.
a slip of the foot,
like a slip of the tongue
will always cost you more.
i think you're a beautiful person,
but if i wanted to choose a person by
their soul i don't know if you
would be my first choice.
i don't know if you bear the pain
the way that i bear mine.
fruitful and full,
overwhelming and screaming.
i look at her with the blonde *****
strands and bony shoulders,
slender fingertips that smear paint
and write obscenities,
she could sing me to sleep.

you always tried but your voice,
out of tune and trying,
never reached my dreams.
583 · Nov 2012
a father and his daughter
Kelly Landis Nov 2012
he's ranting and
raving again
i wonder if it will ever just


i count the seconds until the
door slams, until the pain seeps into
his drunk smirk of a smile and
god, i wish
i wish that i could remove
what makes him

in turn, she screams and pleads
with him to come down from his
to look sobriety in the face,
and declare himself a winner
once and for all

he will never push past his
stubborn ways, his childhood
still raw and i know his wounds,
because i am a part of him
addiction takes over everything, until eventually there is nothing left at all.
583 · Jun 2013
taken care of
Kelly Landis Jun 2013
You cried to me on the porch steps, like a small boy.
The round moon bearing down, and the cigarette smoke shifting
I held my arms out, but I realized a second too late,
That I am not capable of saving you anymore.

Your mother probably would have looked at me like I was crazy,
if she were still here to see the person that you have become,
But I sometimes like to hope that she would have embraced me,
With her warm eyes and her warm voice,
Because you were always her favorite,
And now you are mine,
and at least that is something that we could have shared.
574 · Jun 2014
lack of: communication
Kelly Landis Jun 2014
I wish I could talk about love.
About a lot of things, actually
I mean, what do I even know?
When it comes down to it,
I could be a lot of things
For a lot of people.
I just don't know how.
564 · Jul 2013
flat line
Kelly Landis Jul 2013
sometimes i wish i could reach inside of my chest,
detach my heart, hold it in my hands
and watch what emerges.
it may take ages to uncover the truth.
would you still be by my side?
544 · Oct 2011
Kelly Landis Oct 2011
at the strength of my own hands,
i held you in the holiest of lights
sunshine, and rays, and god...
you were so beautiful to me
did you know that?
you question me like you have no idea
how i ever felt about the things we shared
our whispers in the dark,
and our entangled fingertips
i was holding onto you for dear life
how did you slip away like
i wonder, like so many times before
numerous and plentiful
weighing me down like so many unspoken burdens
you want to know i feel,
yet you're not ready to take it like a man
you're not ready to own up to how
this has made me
these second chances are like no other
i'm grasping and gasping
for you

to come around
to come back around
to me and my empty and aching hands
they are open, palms accepting
and yet

yet you feel invincible
to these thoughts, these emotions
that you keep
to yourself, because trust is hard to find
wrapped within the lies of a beautiful girl
i was her, wasn't i?
now what's left for me to show?

you hold the world at the edges of your fingertips,
strong and steady and sure, but yet
i don't
you were never like this
so please,
please tell me, how do i make this okay
within myself, within these months that are flying by,
you're drifting

and in what direction
you never prepared me for this,
i left and you left and now

there's nothing left
at all
526 · Oct 2012
Kelly Landis Oct 2012
you told me you had lost your muse,
the first night we had met,
i glanced over and blushed into
the overhead lights,
i wasn't about to volunteer
my own self
but i secretly knew

i could be her
525 · May 2013
If I had the courage
Kelly Landis May 2013
I would tell you that I love
you so insanely much, it hurts me.
But we are not meant
to be here,
like this.

We are not meant to spill our
secrets to one another,
We are not meant to to sleep side by side,
I was not made to be your sacrifice,
and you were not made to be mine.

If a tragic love story has a
tragic ending, ours would be the
most tragic of them all.
Only about a boy who loves a girl,
A girl who loves a boy,
and a world that destined them
to be apart,
not by choice,
but because it just wasn't
I already know that no matter what, I cannot jam the puzzle pieces together...anymore.
512 · Sep 2013
roll with the punches
Kelly Landis Sep 2013
All I seem to feel is you
Inside of me,
Throughout the veins
which have long stopped
You have gone,
Vanished into another lover’s bed
And I am stuck here
In this dingy hell
With the burning sheets
And the night as
Black as black
Is all I see
And when I go to reach
For some part of you
For one last time
All I feel are the crimes
That you have committed
And the heat against my ribs
This is the final say,
The final truth
The final spin at something
Worth holding onto
And you let me go,
While I purposely let you
500 · Oct 2012
in a million years
Kelly Landis Oct 2012
the truth came
tumbling in on a cold
winter wind
i was asleep,
the world became chaos
my grandmother told me to
face my eyes in
the mirror
i found after much
i couldn't
487 · Jan 2014
warm hands
Kelly Landis Jan 2014
Your hands left mine,
To dangle within the stagnant space
I stood still because I wanted
to memorize your breath
in patterns, the frigid cold
seeping through my mittens
I finally started to realize
how heavy the impact of being
alone would
483 · May 2013
drowning in alcohol
Kelly Landis May 2013
Her smile is ******* beautiful.
I don't even know what to do with it.
I'm sure you don't either,
You are probably looking at her like she is the
best thing that has ever happened to you,
in a way that you have NEVER looked at me.
She probably is, the best thing.
At this moment in time, I can't be happy for that.
I have so many emotions, sitting at the bottom of an empty bottle,
and her ******* smile is all that I can seem to see.
Not even you,
not even any ounce of you,
Just her.
And I'm sure your life with her will be beautiful,
I'm sure of it.
473 · May 2013
history...means nothing
Kelly Landis May 2013
You love her already....and it's only been 7 days.
It took you months to tell me you loved me,
you waited and waited, showed me and touched me.
So, what is the difference?
She makes you feel alive, and "special,"
so I'm left wondering,
what hides inside my fingertips,
what is waiting to come forth from my lips,
is what I have to give not sparkling,
not magnificent,
not worthy?
If I were to stand beside her,
hip to hip, would you compare like
it meant nothing?
Would you know your choice right away?
Even if we have history, I suppose it means nothing
in the way that she seems to look at you.
Like that.
464 · Nov 2012
one & only
Kelly Landis Nov 2012
maybe i should have been better,
you always said it was a competition,
and i was never in first place,
no matter how many times you came back
to kiss me, and you always kissed me well
well, this is all i have left
all i have left to show for this self-doubt
a morning hangover, and your side
is empty

i'm always cold,
with(out) you here
so cliche.
461 · Nov 2013
mind game
Kelly Landis Nov 2013
Sometimes I think of how my body must be so coiled up inside, emotions hugging the stretch of my bones, sadness wrapping itself in the in-between of muscle and ligaments. A maze...

I'll never make it out of myself.
455 · Jul 2013
on feeling used
Kelly Landis Jul 2013
the feeling in the pit of your stomach,
like someone's steeled toed boot kicked you
straight on, and hard
i slid my *** across the wooden stairs
trying to make my getaway as quiet as possible
my shirt inside out, and my heart bleeding
god, why do i try to find love in these places
the places that will hurt me the most
i reached the last step and ran,
ran to my car, past the old farm house
started the engine and sped away
i really thought you would have asked me
at least if i had gotten home okay,
but honestly
even that was too much to ask for
447 · Dec 2013
every single detail
Kelly Landis Dec 2013
I backed away,
Backed up because that was expected,
And actually I scared myself.
I ran into you like it was
An act of fate that put us
In the same room, an act of fate
That left us breathing the same air
And left me out of breath,
Struggling to understand
Why that girl's hand on your shouler
Enraged me...
I made my claim,
But you accepted it like
A boy who accepts an award
He doesn't deserve to earn
All pride, and no love
Where is the love, the magic?
At times you touch me like you
Have it all underneath your
Fingertips, head to toe
Other mornings I'll wake up
Feeling cold, laying beside you
Never wrapped up within you
Tell me what you want
Don't let this get away
It deserves to be noticed...
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