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  Sep 2014 Kelly K
Hey guys

I have found several Daily Poems from this site being shared externally with no acknowledgement to the rightful owner :(

Head over here....

and if you find your original work there then I highly encourage you ask this person to either a) link the poem back to your original or b) remove them from his site. He claims to be a poet and is misleading people by not putting original names/original links to the works he is posting!

Go through them carefully as the titles of the poems have been changed.

Please share this because I have read at least 3 poems from this site from 3 different people over there with no acknowledgement to the original author!

Update ~ Sept 6th 2014 ~ You are NOT going to believe this. I found Shane Linville on Facebook and you will never guess who is one of his favourites! Chris G Vaillancourt! That's right, the very same well known plagiarist from days gone by at HP. He was such an insidious piece of work

*******! Not the way I'd like to see my name next to a Daily Poem but getting the awareness out there is a nice thing too :)
Update... To those listed below with stolen poetry who can't access the link to the blog because its been made private you can still contact word press to advise them and they can check the blog to make sure it's been removed. His name is Shane Linville! I'm just sorry I didn't have time to go through everything he had posted :(
The link above contains the following stolen poetry (that I know so far)
Indifference by Purple Orchid is posted as Her Soul
The Bells of Civilizations Ring by Sjr1000 is posted as World of Disease
Morning Light by Silas is posted as Morning Light (no name change but no link to the original)
I am Stone by imadeitallup (no name change but no link to the original)
A Fool for You by MYstro mAdden posted as Your Love
These a just a few... If you know any of the above poets... please share with them
Kelly K Sep 2014
In light of recent awareness about content being stolen from users, I have decided to remove all of my poems. The idea that my poetry could potentially be stolen alarms me, and makes me feel as though I'd rather not post my poems at all. :(

I saw the first page off of the infamous blog that had stolen property prior to it being privatized, recognizing poems from fellow users of this site without credit or reference to them. It disgusted and discouraged me!

I just became a member of Hello Poetry about a week or so ago. In this short span of time, I have received overwhelming responses and encouragement. Everyone has been so lovely and supportive. It has truly been more than I could have ever hoped for. I want to thank each and every one of you for that. Sincerely. Thank you for everything. <3
  Sep 2014 Kelly K
Shannon Jeffery
To be what they want
Is to win a battle
To be who you are
Is to win a war
  Sep 2014 Kelly K
Paula Lee
Mourning is like a puzzle
outlined dot to dot
Time heals some
others not,

It's but another Journey
life throws our way,
We all must walk it
come what may,

Some will heal to sunshine
Some drown in the rain,
For some Mourning claims
the prize of pain,

Belief in God, helps a few
while others live in doubt,
For some the Journey ends
as it's figured out,

Like me the lines get blurred
the path not always clear,
but praying that God
is somewhere near,

Mourning is like a puzzle
outlined dot to dot,
Time heals some,
Others not.
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