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Kelley Kathleen Apr 2013
Dancing forms – wings askew
Balancing on one foot or flying?
Pipes or lutes?
Heads bowed to the music
Or to see the love drops

The geodesic dome
Grows from the foliage
The silver hexagons over a
Glass biome – layering,
From within the prickly pines.

The love drops – like candy liquid,
Oranges and reds and yellows
All for the girls.
They’re eaten so quickly.

Only a few blue for the boys.
The boys would rather climb
The glass surface gripping tightly
To the steel pipes
Then jump hard – diving
Into the shallow pool – hoping
To gobble up a little girl
Before she tastes Love.

Pan laughs and plays his pipe
Watching the children play.
Kelley Kathleen Dec 2012
Nights songs tickle my feet
    Leaving me breathless
          Beneath a starry landscape.

Naked on a rock
     Your mouth to my breast
          The old owl hoots in delight

Seeing us, young and naive
     Vain lovers needing only
          The mountain's breathe to warm us.

I lie back on the thorny stone
     And I eat the stars
          As you eat me.
Kelley Kathleen Dec 2012
Heaven high whale bones
Gilded detailed domes
Anglo catacombs
The coronation throne
The stone of scone
All the kings

                              The poets.

— The End —