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  Nov 2019 Kel
Poetic T
The early bird
    Doesn't catch the

Because the worm
   Isn't stupid!

It's still fast asleep...

    I'm going back to bed....
Kel Nov 2018
Loving and not getting the same in return makes me weak

Being loved when I can't love back makes me sick

If love makes me do something stupid then I hope my heart stops

I'd rather be a loner than die choked with false hopes.

At least they'll say I wrote poems
or maybe I inspired a handful of poets
Kel Nov 2018
I wanted to give up
but then I realized
that life is a jigsaw
and my heart was the missing piece
Kel Nov 2018
If tears can wash away pain
I won't cry in the rain
Kel Nov 2018
She was the best thing happening to me
my life was a colorful  sea
we'd laugh at each other
laugh together, grab a burger
watch the sun set and seal the day with a kiss

Whenever she was away, there's something I'd miss
my happiness, my miss
I knew we were meant to be

Her angelic face,  lit up my world
her smile can't be described by words
She was everything I'd ever need
our love grew to a sycamore, from a tiny seed
How amazing life was.
Love life

"You're the last thing I'd ever want to lose"
she would whisper in my ears
Lost in her world
I fell in an abyss of love
Blindly I followed her,  as she led the way

until the day when I stopped being in her priority list
her worries, I was the least
She turned into an aggravated beast
A monster a hungry predator
Her demons haunted me
they were cutting my heart piece by piece
until it was no more
all this,  she thought was normal

Love turned to bitter hate
I saw it better to leave before it was too late
But then she had the same idea
All that she did to push me away

If only I knew
Kel Nov 2018
I gave my life to the Lord
He promised to release me off the loads
that burdened my heart
That made me hurt

I gave my life to the Lord
He promised that I'd never bleed
and that he'd take care of my needs
and forgive my bad deeds

I gave my life to the Lord
He promised to give me life
blessings and make me thrive
happiness and a good wife

I gave my life to the Lord
It's the wisest decision I've ever made!
Kel Oct 2018
A thousand letters for you

To tell how I feel

To tell what I've been hiding

To finally be real

Its time I adopt confidence

For this is plumbless

And comes from the heart

That's been under that hut,

I would have said this a long time ago

But I couldn't

Afraid I'd be befriended

Or worse, rejected

It would hurt true

Dreams bestrewed

Hopes shuttered

Ego humbled

But am ready,

Ready for anything

Ready to take it in

Ready to tell what I feel

to finally be real

Its not by sheer luck

I got to know you

It was meant to happen I choose to believe

For that reason I took a pen

And wrote this

Only for you

For it comes not from being poesy

But something I have always wanted to say

There's a difference between loving and being in love

Same as the raven being different from the dove

Let me call you my love

Let me here you call me My love

Love me more not just as a friend

Let's do this for days on end

Take it to another level

See my hands

That's your image I suppose

A thousand letters

Meant to propose

Will you be my girl?
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