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Keith Labonte Apr 2017
Foresee the

Rain clouds
over drought.

we'll be as ants
by a downpour.
Beware the lies and wool for the eyes.
Keith Labonte Aug 2016
dazzling expansive
vastness entrancement
souls dance elastic
in an astral transit
the further the voyage
it tenses attachment
stretching the band
is a strenuous tactic
Keith Labonte May 2016
writing writing
spelling spell'ing
boil boil
toil and trouble
to pop the picture
in the bubble
cursed be the language spoken
nature has no definition
no words can define me
simply be*ing beings
within eternity
Keith Labonte May 2016
We're not only raising children
we're responsible for the nurturing
of the souls of our universe, heaven.

The universal souls of our brethren.
We've been entrusted with overseeing the development of divinity.
A delicate job to say the least.
Keith Labonte May 2016
I believe that
givers never quit
because they wish
their generosity would be
Never waiting for payback.
Only hoping that the taker
may become a giver
for someone else.
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