The path that you are on
May indeed be filled with pitfalls
But, you must be strong
Learn to stand up tall
Rise up to the challenge
And embrace the journey
Go through those dark clouds
In order for you to see
All you have to do is try
Believe that you can
Just put your heart into everything
That should be your master plan
Continue to march on
And rise above every mountain
Carry out your mission
Stay driven from within
Be the one to never give up hope
Strike with a power source
Yes, it is an arduous situation
Have a vision along with a tender force
The battle will test you
Show them that you have the fire
Just push right on through
And continue to reach higher

If words could only be then might know the beauty of what this world offers.

To breath is to wake up
knowing you're still loved
and to go to sleep
knowing you will be missed

birds and a rainbow
a pretty combination
of a rainy day


You can't always choose what you want to hear,
Says Odin the schizophrenic savage,
Says Jesus the schizophrenic savage,
Says Shiva the schizophrenic savage,

Buddha says relax, and hear nothing.

With the opportunity to help others along their way

I’ve gone so insane
The thoughts I present to the world seem out of their grasp
When I ask them questions
They start to dance
Avoiding sharp edges that may threaten a pop to their beloved ego
How far will we go
If we don’t seek to understand the truth beneath us
Void of lies we tell ourselves at night that everything will be alright
When it just might not be
And why can’t that be ok
I’d like to say
Let us live life without faith
In forces, we can only pray to
My uncle implies that I’m impure because my mind suggests such ideas
Because I didn’t go to church enough in my childhood and my parents didn’t stay together
If so then I’m as muddy as they come
And I wear it on my face proudly
In fact, give me more
I’m only playing the cards I was dealt
So here’s my hand
I have a royal flush of rebellious thoughts
All I wish is that you listen along
And help me understand why you're so afraid
to accept a life without eternal sunshine
a brief moment in time
with no reward other than the karma you design

I would write your name
on the water you petrified in my heart
that crystallized since you stopped
melting it by your smiles

My heart is now a pair of dead pools
that I dive in, by all lonely me
while you are petrifying others

God taught angels.
Angels taught prophets.
Prophets taught people.
People taught people
And would be judges over God’s domain.

There are ruins of hearts hiding
in the secluded places
that refuse to vanish into
this decaying world.
Stagnancy is not an accurate word
to describe
the beauty of these corners,
where the caresses of sunlight
and wind are trapped forever.
There are places
that hold the touch of the ones
the world has lost.
Though I am yet
to fully realize
the depth and sorrow of
this word.
But here it doesn’t matter.
Here the summer and the winter are same.
Here the cry trapped in my veins
can sings along with voices from far way time.
Here my silence
can be music.
Here I can sit and hope
for our love to last forevers.
And know that there are certain love
that can never cease to exist,
but only forgotten.

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