I Am...
a Black Queen...
a Black Woman...
a Black Poet...
a Black Sista...
a Black Daughta...
a Simple Person...

a Complex Mind...
a Soul Lover...
a Christ Believer...

a Visual Writer...
a Passionate Soul...
a Broken Spirit...

a Thick One...
a Crazy One...
a Lazy One...
a Soft One...
a Patient One...
a Slow One...

a Different Light...
a Strong Individual...

a Mysterious Girl...

some things about me

So hard to find
during the summertime
One of the sweetest things
I'll probably never get to know
I dream about it, sing about it even write about it
Blackberry Loving
Only a black woman and black man can have
Sweetest gift to know each other
Strongest bond to reach for
Something I only wish for
Blackberry Loving at its best

black love

The steadiness of night does
Please me, ever so well with
Calming reason to breathe and
Live and sprint with joy.
A joy only felt by the flesh of one
Pierced by the spears of
Cupid, himself.
A joyful pond, indeed,
And I only kneel before pain
Because I wish to quench my
And drink from the pond of
It is so hard to rest, if you have
Tried to do so in my eyes,
You would never catch sleep.
Would never taste the dreary
Milk of stars and moons in
God's galaxy because my
Heart strings are strummed by
You and a symphony of a
Other angels.
If day does not make a come
Hither motion to me and my
Existence, I do not care,
For I have heard your voice and
Seen your eyes and
Touched your skin.
What more is there to wait for
If not you?

Beauty beckoned with an exquisite tale,
Although its form I could not gleam,
Shining through a watery veil,
Or awakening in a dream.

Reveal yourself, I did beg and plead,
Through mighty heaves and fractured flailing,
Still my voice it would not heed,
Neither in whispers nor in melancholic wailing.

What would it feel like, this grand ascension?
A world without sorrow and empty of delight?
Between heaven and hell eternal suspension,
No questions to be raised, no valours to incite.

Too weak was I for such exalted pursuit,
Too enslaved by earthly desire,
When the wind came humming, an angel with a flute,
Prelude to a celestial choir.

Wisdom lost and all hope thrown asunder,
I pray this heavenly storm should never cease,
Through thunderous crescendos, only faithful surrender,
Till my soul is tun'd to hear God's holy song of peace.

I move you move
I settle you settle
I nod you nod
When I sleep you disappear

And I wonder
When I cry do you feel the my pain
I see your anger
I see your sloppiness
I see your confidence

At time I wish you can get up
Get up before me
Get up and give me your hand
Get up and lift me up

You are always here
Yet you never acted unless I do
You depend on me
I depend on myself

I need you because you need me
I see you because you follow me
Now I am you
Without pain
I am but empty

Thanks for being visible yet
You keep all to yourself
I see you and you see me
That is all that matters


Yes it started as thoughts
Never pleasant thoughts
Uninvited thoughts
very hefty in me
This slowly yet very fast to consume

This creep in my mind
This thought are but of parting ways
My physical being has completed
and accepted its course of being defeated
What was left was but all in my mind

Slowly yet very fast to consume
It  feasted on me inside
There is nothing really inside
But the uncomfortable that came with it
made it impossible for me to exist

I fought this I promise
But the harder I fought
It struck with its sharpest swords
Whispering the words you lost

Day in day out with you
Was horrific
Yes with a forged smile on my face
But my inner was screaming repelling force

I never meant to shatter your heart
Yet I couldn’t love it
For your sake parting ways comes at bet
I hope my damaged soul will but
But not sink in with your precious one

20170529 01:20 pm

Was I created by the same God
That created this beautiful creature?

I asked myself.

If she is a living being,
What does that make me?

I asked myself.

Her angelic features, substituted all
The perfect and precious pictures in my mind.
For a brief moment I thought
I was healed from being blind.

Touching her hips,
felt like kissing
Her juicy lips…
Her figures makes a
dumb person to
Shout “Jesus”
And I call them
“the figures of speech”

I call her buhle…

Her glittering eyes simulates the
Reflection of the sun in the
Skies and seas.
She is the most precious stone
In the entire galaxy.

And i call her buhle…

Yena muhle shame
Maaka a dirang
Her nose so sharp like it could
Scratch my brown skin when
We kiss and leave a lovely scar
Right next to my chin.

I could tell by just a sniff
She is heading my way when
She is still afar…

Her teeth so white as snow…
She makes me rush when I am slow…
Steering at her,
Feels like watching my favourite show…
For a matter of fact,
She is my favourite show…

I do not call her like they do
They call her…
Sweet lom’khuhlane
Some call her…
Seponono sa dikoti marameng
Mmago ditshaba, moferehla moikutlo.
Ke ra yena mma kgosi wa bokone
Bophirima legaeng la maswi le mamapo
A dinosi
The mother of all heavens on earth

But I call her Buhle

Makau Donald 20170531 08:33 am

I let you get aways with things
That is because my eyes has
My vision has favoured you
It chose you my fit buddy

Hours pass without word from you
How does this feel
it doesn't feel good or bad
My eyes lingeres to see
My digital longs to get signal
The signal from you

Do you see what you have done
Do you realise what you have done
Can you measure what you have done
Can you tell what you have done

Yes I said it
It feels not but in the head
It feels good when my digital
Connects you
It connects you to me
And my eyes sees
Sees what they long lingered for

You are my buddy buddy
You said so yourself
I don't know what future holds
What it holds for us buddies
But the current makes my eyes
My eyes continues lingering
Lingeres for my digital to connect
Yes to connect us

20170617 9:05pm

I, from stone to honey,
melt for you to find
me in the
essence of darkness
curled like a seashell

broken and whispering
still full of water,
how much your breath
means to my heart.

I hold your breath
on the softness
of my lips, as you
smoke through breeze;
skies of stars perfumed
all around for me
to taste the scent of
your light.

I carry you like a
piece of ocean
in my palms as I
walk across the flowers
you've grown for me
to feel the petals of
your heart kiss my hands
and never die.

The rhythm
of your flesh
tangles my veins
into a beautiful mess
of emotion;

like water
blooming on my
in the summer,
when it's too
hot for our skin
to kiss.

we dance;

you pull
my body close
like the moon
on a string

and my heart
thumps wildly
within my bones

as it flutters
right next to yours
to the pulse of
            and halos

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