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21/Agender/Germany    Hello, my name is Umi. I enjoy the arts of poetry philosophy and conversation. My hobbies are cooking, gardening reading, archery and writing! I like ...
Julieta Aurelio
23/Genderqueer/South Africa    If anything, my words aren't for understanding but for feeling. Purchase my poetry collection on
16/M/Singapore    Hey, nice to meet you! I am Joshua from Singapore, and I will be writing poetry and proses etc about God, my encounters, and my ...
33/F/USA    She and I never met, but my grandma was a poet. It was meaningless to me, until recently, I read some and they spoke to ...
Oh    Feeling my way along the bottom with ink.
Deadwood Jawn
22/M/The Unconscious    I write cathartic, visceral poetry to express intense emotion. Themes are centred in my own mental health such as: Depression, BPD and suicidal thoughts. Sensitive ...
Non-binary    "The sun will rise and we will try again."

— The End —