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Keifus Dec 2015
Maybe she decides she's better off alone
Perpendicular to you, not parralel
Maybe she decides she doesn't need a man
Because Lord knows she doesn't need
But a partner does make us feel at ease
Unless they don't of course
I will do my best
To respect
My self, patience, & crime
Slippery slops in a vortex of tropes
This corn I'm chewing on feels odd
The nights bring solitude
The distilled ambience isolates a disparate exhale
As annoying as I find you
I miss you
There is an imbalance here
Keifus Dec 2015
All these poets so sad desperate and alone
All these poets so full and over flowing
All these poets so discontented
All these poets expressing
All these poets bathing in woe
Are you not tired?
Are you not tired?
Are you not tired?
Are your hills just slippery slopes?
Does it rain here all year?
Where did your sun go?
Are you just grey skies?
Keifus Dec 2015
Consider the intellectual ramifications!
Consider the inviduous suggestions!
You cavil over the idea but I have nothing to add.
Keifus Dec 2015
I live in the shadow of a giant.
How am I not a goat?
I live in the shadow of my Father.
How am I not a goat?
I live in the shadow of my Mother.
How am I not a goat?
Keifus Dec 2015
slow roll from static
too much motion, swirling
rays of photon, impasse
Golden grills pledging
allegiance to no frill
in the thrill of contagion
the air's residue reminds
You hustle or you die
Keifus Dec 2015
This flowed from north to south from my mouth to yours from the shrub to the tree from the atmosphere to the continent from the beginning of time until.
Which narrative do you reckon is true?
How long ago did we become?
Was there one, many, or none that put us here?
Where did they come from?
Who put them in motion?
If we get lost in arguments about information that holds no bearing to our daily action have we both missed the point?
I am still limited by laws
descriptions of naturally occurring phenomena.
Like this planet has ozones
Like this body needs oxygen
Like this body is restricted by gravity
Like this body breathes out life
food for the green to function
Like I don't care.  
Like I do care.
Indifference isnt always negative.  It can be a powerful tool of acceptance.  To say exist as you wish I will still care about you.
Our thoughts metigate our direction even if  it is mere inactive contemplation.
Wake up.
Get dressed.
Have a glass of water.
Remove the toxins.
Get into the car.
Insert the car keys.
Twist. Shift. Push.
Propel via combustion to work.
I no longer engage in these reflections.
I just do.
They've become a well groved trail in my mind.
I have frequented these so much I love them.
I grow tire and still.
I've become a slave to them.
Keifus Dec 2015
Help me!
There is a robber.
He stole my soul.
Placed it in a rubber body.
So flexible and greasy.
So free speeding.

Help me!
There is a doctor.
He stole my eyes.
Taught me how to be a fool.
An inversion to nature,
sense I able too
assume the role.

Help me!
There's a cop.
He trained my legs to run,
my lungs to vacuum
exhausting organic resources
my heart to pump
this red tinged ocean
spreading vast across the globe

Help me!
There's a women
She taught me how to listen
to the planet as it spins
and the birds as the chirp
You are never alone here.
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