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Keenan Akeem Oct 2015
Serenity and tranquility,
When I look into your eyes that is what I see.
Palm trees and a gentle breeze.
That is what I feel when you pass by me.
I feel as if I’m invincible, like Superman on a concrete street.
Keenan Akeem Oct 2015
From day one I knew you were special, a gift from heaven.
Sent down to save me from myself.
Who knows what my life would be like without you.
I spend nights wondering that.
Until I looked over and seen you.
No matter how life turns out, I will never forget you.

My soul mate, my Kool-Aid.
Sweet as apple pie on a summer’s day.
Please never leave me because I need you.
I know its bad to say “need,” but I do.
To my other half I spend days dreaming on ways to make you smile.
I spent nights dreaming of you in white walking down the isle.

No matter how life turns out, I will never forget you.
For we will always be connected, in one-way or another.

I sometimes wish we can rewind back to days of never ending laughter and smiles.
Days of care free afternoons and nights starring at the moon.
Fast-forward to now, there be days where I can’t help but smile.
And there are days where I can’t stand you.
But I love you.

I guess that’s the difference from day one to now.
I understand now that everyday isn’t going to be like day one.
That everyday we aren’t going to get everything done.
That everyday we may not like each other.
But I can promise this.

I will always love you like it’s day one.
  Mar 2015 Keenan Akeem
Nick Web
No way,
Not you,
I know you,
You're not a gangster,
We grew up on the same street
Sure it was not the best place to lay our heads or sleep,
But we were alive,
We played together,
I know you
No way you're one of them now,
You're never home now
You're 15,
You're too grown now,
10 years ago we sat on the same curb,
You're mind is gone,
You got into some dirt,
Those your new friends?
They're way older than us,
We've run up and down the same hill for years,
But its them you can trust,
I guess I don't you
You're a Ganster
Those plastic guns became real,
How could you
We're one in the same still
Do I know you?
I'm so confused,
Now we're on the same street,
But you don't know me
No more riding bikes
No more corner store trips,
No more walking home from school,
Besides you never go,
Shots alarm the neighbors,
Not you,
You never know,
It's true,
The sirens and the lights flash through the windows,
I saw laying there on the cement cold,
I don't know you,
Until its clear to me,
I can't believe,
How loud your Mom could weep,
Held back by yellow tapes and a couple of police,
As the medic covers you in a sheet,
The same old curb ,
The same old street,
I stare until I realized,
And accept defeat,
I know you
...protect the youth. The streets are dangerous.
  Mar 2015 Keenan Akeem
Nick Web
Love Detect

Have you seen love?
no-no I mean seen love
Not a fake scene love?
But real love,
Mean love,
Not what you see on the screen love,
I mean brings you to your knees love
That you scream I scream we scream love,
Real love,
No that sneaking through the window just to see how it feels love
Don't use her up,
Don't steal Love,
But Real Love,
That spend your last penny and then rebuild love
I need that fight
We argue and still love
Put her first,
Let her go first,
That Yield Love,
That nothings perfect,
It hurts ****,
But its still love
Have you seen love,
That sweet love,
Cream love,
That Mad Love,
Blow Steam love,
That as long as I have you,
I'll protect love,
I detect love,
I'm looking for love
Have you seen love?
Keenan Akeem Apr 2014
Look around and sulk in the envy of happiness.
The smiles on the faces of the people who regret.
Because we as humans are never fully satisfied.

We receive a blessing say that it’s a stressing and throw it away.
Like it never existed. Goodbye, so long to the one who cracks a smile.
Who makes me laugh, and fulfills every fantasy that I ever dreamed.
Soulfully on behalf of my interest of another woman.
It seems, like my life is torn between two.

I love you I really do, but there’s Incognita
The mystery beneath my bed.
The monster in my closet, the woman that’s in my head.
I try to be a better man, but I can’t.

I wish you would understand that I want you.
Or at least I think that I do. I don’t know but hear me out.
Try to listen without having to shout.
It all happened three months ago.
We had an argument, I got laid off, and I ended up sleeping on the couch.
Days past and distance took it coarse.
I found someone who listened to me, joked with me, things I thought you didn't do.
Being with another woman was always a thought but never a reality.
Until today it seems like I found the woman for me.

Incognita, woman of my dreams.
As you wear your Prada and red bottom heels.
You look at me with your mesmerizing eyes and steal.
Every feeling I had before you came and showed me real.
Now bless me with your eternity and goddess like aura.
For this lifetime, is our lifetime.
Keenan Akeem Apr 2014
As sweet carols float throughout the wind.
Sipping sweat tea, honey bees buzzing to obtain their nectar.
We look up and ****** our bodies to the sun
******* up every aura and rays upon our skin.

The raspy sound of chalk pressed against the ground
The sound of children laughing in the distant.
In this instant you look around, and smile for time is at a standstill.

For now, we enjoy each other’s company.
Dripping heated therapy upon your back.
Minted leaves, honey scented incense burning in the distant.
Marvin Gaye, press play, pause, and repeat.
The melody and the beat
Just stop and listen, for your eyes my dear seem to glisten
With ever word I seem to speak.  

Now this is an except of my Utopia, my alternate reality.
My dear, if I’m ever so distant close your eyes and dream.
For the person that’ll always be there waiting is me.
Keenan Akeem Dec 2013
Welcome, to the intro of forever.
Where you’re fantasies may roam and hover.
All those insecurities and doubts may cease.
Come forth with me; tell me everything you ever dreamed.
For this time being I am no longer me, I am anything you wanted to see.

Undress and change into the bared skin that God gave you for me to see.
Lie down, turn over and repeat.
Over and over again, we hear the melody and the beat.
Sweat dripping off the warm shoulders of you and me.

As we lock eyes, you see no doubt.
Everything becomes so wrong, but as the same time so right.
You're lips gripping never are letting go as you begin to shout.
Legs shaking, knees trembling.

And as you wake from you’re slumber you have this grimace on your face that will show from miles away.
For “the fantasies got the best of me” you say.
Remember, every night and every day you wish to dream of me.
Because I am anything and everything you ever wanted to see.

Sweet Dreams.
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