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mollie May 30
At some seemingly unimportant point in time,
I stopped and thought.
After long years,
Long nights,
I finally saw
Mind over heart.
And realised how you killed me,
Slowly inching your dagger through my open heart.  
An almost invisible motion clouded with false love.
And, finally,
I reached up and grasped the blade,
With shaking hands and frosted eyes,
Bled palms and torn skin,
I pushed you back.
Clung to your dagger, you fell.
With tears,
You asked me meakly to help you up,
Reaching an extended, pleading arm,
Grasping at a broken person.
A heart you broke,
And bled.
Tears fell from my eyes
As I refused,
And guarding my wounds,
I turned away
And fled.
mollie Mar 19
long painted finger nails
scratch the surface of my skin,
slowly peeling off each translucent layer
fingers curl and grip
as she reaches my core
in a writhing wave of bliss
we fall and crumble
to the sheets,
skin snaps back
to arms laid beneath her
and gently caress the torn back skin,
she looks up at me with echoed eyes
and she is no longer mine.
me being too emotionally attached for one night stands
mollie Mar 3
yellow sun,
who made me feel free.
knowing freedom is one thing I crave more than love,
so you gave me both in yellow tissue gift wrap
with beautiful ribbons and twine.
I still keep them,
within my drawer
and yellowed heart.
so if you did return,
I would once again fall into our dream,
of perfect paradise I only ever felt with you.
mollie Mar 3
no love passes beyond these gates of gritted teeth,
swallowing only lumps of my own chewed up heart
and never words of else's.
because how can I swallow words I do not trust?
watching others swallow tails so obscenely untrue and false whispering woes.
so gullible, they gobble up and digest
this sentiment
that's spewn their way,
foolish phrases of false love.
they'd rather fake fantasies of false loves and cheating canvases with artworks screaming "this is love,
I promise to you."
and they willingly believe these pathetic perpetrators of untrue
"I love yous"
why would I subject myself to such unattainable nonsense such as true love?
at one time, I too, would swallow sentiments of ridiculously staged songs of love
with a grin.
and it granted nothing but heart break
and aching face from false smiles.
so now I relish in realities of loneliness in dark rooms,
still smiling with myself
but with no other by my smiling side.
mollie Mar 3
dead eyes.
deafeningly voiced with death and dreaded ends,
starring coldly between furrowed brows
no emotion within their core
because to let emotion win at a time like this
would be lethal.
more lethal than eyes of death.

hands fidget.
cold hands,
dancing together in a ballet of nervousness and awful aresbesques imperfectly executed by long pointed finger tips.
no holding hands in a place like this,
holding hands would be lethal.

lips quiver.
cracked and broken,
trembling in tune as they attempt to hold back the dreaded words yet to be heard.
no whispers of sweet but only sour as they grasp what they can to make the sour silver in theory.
no kissing lips in a heart like this,
kisses would be lethal.

deathly cold fidgeting hands and dead dull eyes
present on your body like an unfamiliar shadow
guarded by cracked, seeled and trembling lips.
but gestures signal,
like rising smoke rolling from distant towns or lost civilians
in fogged forests or desert depths.
and they signal a sign so long anticipated yet still unwelcome,
they signal only death.
a dead end lays between us.

and you leave,
this end stuck within my hurting heart like a dagger high pitched with pity
and resentment ringing in my ears.

and you leave,
no love left within your ****** vessels and veins.
or perhaps love for another,
but no love for me.
mollie Feb 11
her eyes are forests of tall towering trees with so many shades of gorgeous green.
they twinkle like the stars shining down into the dark depths of the forest.
its where people go to ponder,
they spend hours in these woods
how could they leave?
the woods are enchanted.
they glisten and glow
as night dew from leaves fall from her face
and to the floor,
they escape from this forest and enter our world,
a world that is little in comparison to that grand green forest of foliage and wonder.
why would they leave such a beautiful place?
I'd stay there all my life if I could,
inside her eyes,
inside that woods.
but they leave when she cries,
each drop of delicate dew a flood of sadness and despair.
but I can't help her
only stare at the towering trees inside her eyes,
the evergreens and oaks
of despair.
mollie Feb 2
I tip toe on the frozen grass,
each blade encased
in a shell of frost,
preserved in a tiny terrarium
of its own.

and I feel only guilt when it shatters beneath my feet,
like breaking glass
of empty bottles of green.
snapping each leaf out of its miniscule shell of cold and beauty.

and the sun's rays hit as my accomplice in this hateful crime.
each ray envious,
makes its way to melt the frozen wonders.
and the grass cries with tears
of ice cold water,
each tear drips down its faceless being.

and before others have awoken to it's beauty
all evidence is washed away.
melted, it seeps below the hardened ground.

now a secret that must be kept
between me and the golden sun.
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