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38.4k · Nov 2015
Delilah Baby
Keah Jones Nov 2015
Delilah baby I can feel the weight of you in my arms.

I can feel my k to z love for you and see how that laugh of yours makes people cry
and how that smile pierces my heart because it looks just like his did.

I can feel the sun kissing each one of our toes as we sit overlooking the grand canyon in the kaleidoscope sunset.
your spider fingers are wrapped in my hair like a plea to never be left alone
your spindle legs are all knobby kneed and pale entwined with mine.

baby he left me not you.

I was a hurricane and he loved you too much to look

afraid that one glance and he'd be head over heels reeling out of control
like you were the drug and he was the addict.

they say everything happens for a reason and you are my reason.

Delilah baby you are the here and the now of forever.
the stop sign on the corner is an obstacle for street racers but its a godsend because its just enough of a pause for me to kiss you between the eyes.

and I can't ever finish anything so this story isn't complete

and at the top of the pass where the air is clear enough if we sing loud enough maybe he will hear us and remember who he left behind.
4.4k · Mar 2015
The Common Bad Day
Keah Jones Mar 2015
Maybe begging you to stay was the reason

it was 5:30 a.m. and you told me I wasn't the one

and all of these poems are ******* and have nothing to do with anything that is going on in my head

but three months ago I tried to **** myself and you wouldn't answer your phone.

when you saw me the next night you told me everyone has bad days.

With beer in hand and stagger to your walk I believed you

Cause you were right,

everyone has bad days, I would never deny anyone of that

even my bad days are better than others

I have never had my stomach pumped,

I have never drank till I have passed out

I have never been in a car accident

but I have tasted the cold bitter remnants of what love was supposed to be after swallowing one too many pills

I have opened my skin in the attempt rid my blood of you

I have stained sheet after sheet with what I thought beautiful was,

still all I can hear is you preaching that it's just another bad day
3.8k · Mar 2015
Keah Jones Mar 2015
Human beings have five vital organs
but the most interesting of these is the heart
even the heart tries to keep us from looking back
blood flows through on a one way street, teaching us the importance of moving forward
1.4k · Sep 2016
this forbidden fruit
Keah Jones Sep 2016
all these words and I cannot form a single sentence about you and me
it’s like you are forbidden fruit
the apple I so violently want to grab
the devil is egging me on
when there is a greater force begging me to recoil

you know I thought I had ruined it
You know
ruined you
But you never forgot how to love me
And when I love you slipped out of my mouth that night you said it right back
1.4k · Apr 2017
for you, i hope
Keah Jones Apr 2017
I hope you find it brave girl
i hope you find someone that does more than embrace your flaws
no, i hope you find someone that colors outside your lines
someone that sees your rough edges and jigsaws themselves to fit into you
i hope that you find that brave girl
i hope you are loved like you deserve
1.3k · Jun 2015
Keah Jones Jun 2015
take this
barter my soul
throw it in the trash
plunge it into your next victim
get it away from me
It's all ****** up
I don't want it back
1.2k · Mar 2015
Classes in Growing Up
Keah Jones Mar 2015
No one ever taught you how to grow up
the simplest things like which fork to use when you are dining with her parents for the first time
or how to change the fire alarms

So when you sit down for dinner you use the desert fork for the salad and wonder why you got yourself into this mess in the first place

and when your house goes up in flames you scream to the sky, you burn down with it.
1.2k · Mar 2015
Keah Jones Mar 2015
I saw you last night
I tightened my jaw and averted my eyes
But not before I sympathized with the plaid shirt hanging from your hunched shoulders
Those buttons that have been replaced with my teeth, chipping away against your sternum
leaving me with a skyline smile
I saw you last night
I smiled
You acted like you had seen the sun set on this city a thousand times
1.1k · Mar 2015
The Immortal Jellyfish
Keah Jones Mar 2015
There is a species of Jellyfish that is immortal

deceased people can still get goosebumps

blind people do not see the color black, they see nothing.

these are the facts that I read as I try to distract myself from thinking about

how you called me three times last night

begging me to answer

hearing my phone cry into the silence my hazy margarita mind has created

facts, facts, facts

immortal Jellyfish



I didn’t answer, I pressed decline and rushed to the bathroom

to gag your memory from my stomach into the porcelain bowl

I fell asleep on the bathroom floor

i awoke in my *****

wishing I would die

with goosebumps

and blind to what was happening to me.
1.0k · Jul 2016
I want it all
Keah Jones Jul 2016
I want your last breath
before the unknown of sleep brings your world to a halt
before the nothing of your world is consuming
unimaginable by anyone but you

I want your body
before you give it away to the sandman
before you becoming heavy with relief from a long day

I want your touch just one last time
burning embers against my skin

take me away with you
give me your love
give me your heart
give me all of you
1.0k · Mar 2015
Teach Me
Keah Jones Mar 2015
Teach me in the art of letting go
Your blue eyes only just met mine
in a collision of ice
frostbitten and screaming
behind long lashes
but they said you knew of abandonment
of being left behind
so, teach me in the art of letting go
of moving forward
of standing alone
teach me in the art of letting go
1.0k · Mar 2015
Brain Cells in Love
Keah Jones Mar 2015
It takes 3 minutes for you to lose consciousness by lack of oxygen
This is suffocating
Your brain begins to fire neurons off into the maze of your body
telling it secrets that will forever be held on its tongue

Brain death occurs after 6 minutes
This is the cessation of all brain function
This is death by the deprivation of the air you need to go on
In any other circumstance where the heart is not deprived of oxygen
it will keep beating for a period of time.

this was me when you left
I went brain dead
My heart continues to beat of its' own accord
the pacemaker is set to pump my blood
but my lungs crept up and out of my throat
this was my suffocation
not by hanging, not by smothering

It takes 5 minutes for brain cells to start dying at a slow dance of a pace
This is asphyxiation
Consciousness will be lost within 2 minutes
like falling into a deep sleep, peaceful and then all at once

Asphyxiation is the build up of a substance such as carbon dioxide in the body that interferes with the oxygenation of your organs
This death is timely
The car running in the garage or the bag slipped over a head
This death takes 20 minutes

our love was a metaphor of this,
a slow dance into despair
the outcome was the same either way
but it seemed like you picked the method with the flip of a coin
it was lengthy,
it was beautiful,
but it was also devastating.
1.0k · Mar 2015
Lonely Sweethearts
Keah Jones Mar 2015
The fact that he only made you more lonely should have been a clue,

Stop trying to configure yourself with someone else's body parts,
they won't fit right

leaving you with a phantom limb here
a vestigial ***** there.

You thought it was love because he paid for your meal
and called back when you slammed the phone down,
but this was just because he was even lonelier than you.

He has only ever loved one girl
the last time he saw her she was holding a gun to herself
appointing herself the victim.

She was a tragedy of the most catastrophic kind
and he wasn't ready to be a refugee just yet,
but he let you shelter him.

You became the glaring neon sign, flashing "loneliness"

You took the bait, and he kept reeling in the line,
but was disappointed with what he found at the end.
1.0k · Jul 8
you left
Keah Jones Jul 8
You left

Like I was something to be forgotten

And maybe I am.
just another thing to forget
1.0k · Aug 2016
getting over him
Keah Jones Aug 2016
how to get over someone that was never yours to love:

step one: remember everything, savor every moment
remember the time you went long boarding and you crashed, breaking your ankle and he offered to carry you the rest of the way home.
remember the time he told you he loved you but you were out of his league (you should have disagreed)
remember when he let you cry on his lap when his best friend told you he hated you.
remember everything

step two: hate them,
hate what they wear and how their shirt hangs loosely over honey comb colored skin
hate who they talk to when they are consumed in a conversation
hate their smile and eyes and lips and finger because they are the parts of them you loved most

step three:  cry your heart out,
dry out your tear ducts until all that falls is ash and dust,
drink until your blood turns to alcohol,
drunk dial him a few time and tell him exactly what's on your mind
finally tell them you love them because maybe you don't know it but they may love you too
998 · Mar 2015
Sentimental Bullshit
Keah Jones Mar 2015
I don't want to write about sentimental ****,
not about how your eyes were the color of the ocean at dusk or how you are
made up of stardust and moon beams
Let's be real, you and I were never about that
You and I were about ***
we were about the backseats of cars, broken condoms, and plan B
drunken stutters of affection pushing between colliding hip bones
nauseous mornings filled with clipped recollection of what may or may not have occurred
We were never about those three little words, we survived on two
but even "*******" held little meaning
cuming from you
You and I were about chipped teeth,
separate bills for the meal of the last girls heart
I sustained myself on what you could give me
and you ate me dry
You and I were never about "we"
You and I were never that gullible,
you and I were never about sentimental ****
like flowers and poems.
You and I weren’t,  
But I was.
Keah Jones Jul 2016
he wears cowboy boots to bed
and says "yes ma'am" like sweet tea pouring from his sunburnt lips
once we went up to the lake hitched our horses and went skinny dipping and he left his hat on

he removes his hat as a sign of respect
he holds a hand over his heart for the friends he left behind
he taught me to ride like my soul was being set free from that castle walls that were built

he two stepped with my mamma
when the music rang out through the grass
but that didn't make up for the time I was late for dinner because we couldn't pull our eyes from the stars

he shook hands with my father over burgers on the grill
high fived my little brother and called me baby
but that didn't make up for the time that we drove out the canyon and danced our way to the top of a mountain with no reception
we danced and swayed and stayed until the moon called me home
945 · Jun 2015
Keah Jones Jun 2015
Did you get my letters?
I wrote to you every night
yet maybe I never sent them
I have been tired and uninspired by this atmosphere without you
All I want is home
and the only place I can have found that is nestled in your sternum
So please come back
I'm homesick
838 · Mar 2015
Theory of Emotion
Keah Jones Mar 2015
This is my theory of emotion.
It ruins you
Extracting bone marrow pain
Rubbing my every inch raw with your calloused and greedy fingers
This should be considered an emergency cause this **** don’t heal the pain
Popping pills of what ifs on an empty stomach
With the full knowledge of the inevitable bile rising into my throat
Acid gnawing holes in my stomach lining and revolting the truth
Spreading through my body like a parasite
Feeding off of my flesh and bone
Your consumption will be the end of me
827 · Feb 2017
heartbreak isn't beautiful
Keah Jones Feb 2017
you wear heartbreak around your neck
like a string of pearls for everyone to see
and darling I will be the first to tell you it is not beautiful
826 · Mar 2015
Keah Jones Mar 2015
You plucked the banjo strings of my heart in a tune that sounded like home
And as hard as I try
I cannot find the sheet music
A minor, but you are the master
And I am tone deaf to any key but you

Problem is, I forgot the words part way through so
I stopped singing along

Write it down

Tear it up and

Teach me to feel again

I can’t hear you any longer

Don’t stop, I need the vibrations ricocheting off my eardrums to continue on the way I have been

Help me out here
Lets take lessons
Start over and rewrite our song
813 · Oct 2016
Keah Jones Oct 2016
the way he rolled his cigarettes was godly
and i know baby that you miss how he tastes of smoke and loneliness
and i know that you miss breathing in his aroma of stale coffee and sweat

you told me about how his hands caressed you like you were a whisper
and how he bit into your skin like you were something to be devoured
797 · Jul 2015
Ignore It
Keah Jones Jul 2015
Ignore the trembling body that lay before you

Try to forget the sight of her sliver fingers curling around the reapers gift
remember how they caressed your hair last season when the sky was as pale as the skin between her thighs, an oasis that you knew all too well

Don't watch her growing ever smaller, the flesh you once drew your tongue over disintegrating

Finish your joint and turn the other way
797 · Dec 2016
dancing down the hallway
Keah Jones Dec 2016
she is dancing down the hallway
laughing like the world is made of all the good things
like her favorite flowers and twinkling lights

and god how i wish i could bottle this moment
pull her close and protect her from the harsh reality of heartbreak
when she realizes that not everything is made out of ribbons and glitter

but for now i revel in this moment
watching her twirling down the hallway
thinking that she is my world
that she is full of all the good things
786 · Mar 2015
Keah Jones Mar 2015
There are some things you can't refute
like how all babies are born with blue eyes
proving, even before they are born
they are trained in the beauty of taking their time
or how jam and jelly aren't the same thing
even though they are made of the same parts
or how someone will always be the second choice

There are some things that you cannot refute
like how your father left you
so you picked up the ax and taught yourself to be a man
swinging at trees and taking life into your own hands

It's not that these aren't simple truths
these are facts
things you cannot refute
like the way I feel when I look at you
773 · Jul 2016
Keah Jones Jul 2016
waves are crashing and in them is me
flames are burning and in them is me
wind is howling and in it is me
the earth is turning and in it is me
744 · Mar 2015
Tangled Up in You
Keah Jones Mar 2015
A. This year I will no longer be tangled top sheets,
soiled comforters, or stained mattresses.
My blood runs clear and the extra year made me a little harder to ****. I started kissing boys on corners who had girlfriends, being someone we would never imagine of me and I bet you never expected ***** to run through these sober veins, couldn't handle me after four shots and you are inebriated by the alcohol seeping from my pores.
B. I started the year off kissing a bottle, not you
you ruined it, left me behind, a newborn still unsure how to walk unstable and unbalanced on tender feet.
you ruined it, left me to fend for myself among the wolves of the world,
C. It took me 907 days to learn how to love you in the way you needed it, this gestation was the slow decline of everything that defined me.
No one ever told me that each person needs love molded to them
so on the 909th day when you left, i had just perfected the sculpture, didn't have time to show you before you rushed in, knocked it on the floor and were gone
D. that is how we ended, shattered splinters of clay, scattering mosaic beautiful on the floor.
tied tongues and upset stomachs from too much alcohol and too little sleep
E. this is how we ended, strangers lips and foreign bed sheets
we went out like a poem if only I could find the right words
735 · Jul 2016
hell at your heels part 2
Keah Jones Jul 2016
wanting death is a poison
it takes over selfishly
but all of us in here want it
all of us in here are selfish
pinning for the first dance with the devil
for the first sip of poison

the woman in the bed next to me hears voices
the cackling of the clowns in her face
she tries to sleep and in her dreams she's running towards death

the russian woman in the 34A is screaming for someone to help her
but help her from what?
no one knows
she is pulling her maine of hair out
which was once so pretty when she was a young lady

the boy in the bathroom is trying to throw up lunch like purging will make him more of a person
now he asks me for a breath mint pretending like it's our secret
the next day he took a bite of the poisons apple hoping prince charming will find him one day

I kept begging to turn back time because i didn't belong here
but when I found a girl who's scars matched mine we told stories of the devil's diseased trees
and how laughter become painful noise

we talked of how the wind began to hurt and whisper to us
it would tell us that the only way to escape was to pick the leaves off the trees in the forest of hell

she made me realize death wasn't what i was running from
she made me realize that hell may be at my heels but it doesn't mean that i have to keep running
she made me realize that if i want to i can turn around and look the devil in the eyes and say
you won't be the end of me
732 · Apr 2017
Keah Jones Apr 2017
all these words are spiderweb tangled in my head
I can't seem to string them into a coherent strand of letters
spelling out how much i love you
723 · Aug 2016
you and me
Keah Jones Aug 2016
we belong together
maybe as friends,
maybe as lovers
but god do i hope it's the latter
707 · Jul 2016
Check it out
Keah Jones Jul 2016
Check out my new book! Please!
674 · Nov 2015
Green Eyed Baby
Keah Jones Nov 2015
He looks so out of place curled alphabet pajamas against pale blue cotton sheets
Leaving me intravenous tube tongue tied
Wishing it was my veins the poisons were running through
Cause this green eyed baby doesn’t know the opposite of life yet

Shattered glass whispers from the hall slingshot my heart into my throat
At six this reality should be as far away as Pluto
This word that consumes life
It should be tucked away in the closet behind any monster that lingers there when the lights are off

He isn’t ready for the liquid filled lungs to take over and steal his breath
He doesn’t yet know any synonyms for love or how you feel invincible in the arms of the right person
He doesn’t yet know the imperfections that fill the world
He still believes in the magic that spills out of his favorite books
And still trusts without question
He hasn’t had time to grow into the person he was meant to be

I am not one to believe but lately I am thinking that
Whoever fills the sky
Let it be my lungs
Let it be anyone but him
Keah Jones Nov 2016
day one: you asked me if i was okay as i tried to hide the tears that were spilling down my face. i looked at you and my heart stopped right there and whispered, "hello old friend, I've been waiting for you"

day two: i woke up to a good morning text. i knew this was the beginning.

day three: we threw rocks in the river and you laughed as i slipped off my shoes in the dark and waded into the ice cold water. i told you how it made me feel alive to have it biting at my skin

day four: you told me it was a bad idea, that we weren't allowed to do this as your kisses led there way from the nape of my neck to the horizon of my lips

day five: i realized how beautiful you were when you spoke about the things you loved, how your smile threatened to consume your whole face.  but i also realized how beautiful you looked when you talked about the things that hurt, the things that you would never forget no matter how hard you tried

day six: i thought i would know you forever, in whatever sense that meant, i thought you would stick around. i realized how delusional this sounded after six days of knowing you. but you said you would stay.

day seven: the urge took over and i gave it all to you. every secret my body held, the words spilling off my tongue and into the space between us like a waterfall. like i said the urge took over and i gave it all to you.

day eight: you didn't value me enough to even whisper an explanation.

day nine: we were a story cut off mid sentence. with no happily ever af....
668 · Mar 2015
Does it Still Count?
Keah Jones Mar 2015
Does it count when she changed her mind at the last moment
that she whimpered no over and over, but you couldn't here over the slapping of skin on skin.

He says "Don't tell anyone,
he says, people don't want to hear poems about things like **** and death and the ugly."

But why, it is the wrenching truth?

No one wants to hear about another woman's body being violated
they say, "It happens all the time, you were asking for it."

Does it count that he had a girlfriend?
When he pinned her on her stomach with arms over her head
forcing the innocent from her body, slapping used on her forehead so she felt like a piece of trash

Does it count when she took months to tell her mom why the lights had shut off in her eyes?
When she couldn't look her dad in the eye because she was so ashamed,
when she retracted from the slightest touch.

Does it still count?
May be triggering, and I apologize if it is.
661 · Apr 2015
Keah Jones Apr 2015
I have screamed her name from the top of this mountain so many times that the echo starts calling back before the one syllable love song leaves my lips

and the shale knows the tangy stick of my blood and sweat as they drip from the tip of my tongue colliding after a five foot free fall, and this is how I make a statement
658 · Nov 2015
Keah Jones Nov 2015
This perfection
at my finger tips ebbing closer and closer
circling satellite numbers inside my head
55, 47,42,38, 35,29, 28, 24, 20, smaller, smaller, smaller
This is all that matters

Brittle bones
accentuated hip bones
bruises smatter over transparent skin
like a painters next painting that found a home in the dumpster full of could haves

Flat stomach
Ya, celery is my favorite food...
and I can't seem to get out of bed

Sunken eyes,
but I don't do drugs

Perfection is so close
Smaller and smaller
Flatter and flatter

I left behind the person I used to be
She is waiting on the other side
with open arms
Not me,
647 · Oct 2016
midnight memories
Keah Jones Oct 2016
one day you will regret watching her walk away
you will remember her as the girl who loved you into oblivion
who withered herself away in the hopes that it would make you stay

one day the memory of her hips will begin to gnaw at your heart
the bitter cold bedsheets will eat at your bones

you will think of her when you wake in the middle of the night
because her memory has become your nightmare
641 · Mar 2015
Dusty Innocents
Keah Jones Mar 2015
I have mistaken love for 12 nights of forced entries

I should have called the cops on this burglary because I can't find my innocence

the last time I saw it it was driving away in a gray F-150 spewing dirt from the tires

I think he lost it in the dust as I ran after him

but he doesn't want me with out it
637 · Nov 2015
Wait, don't go
Keah Jones Nov 2015
Don't touch me
Wait, don't go
My mind has called the rebels and
I'm scared to be alone

Hold me
Quiet though
Wrapped in your shelter I feel like I'm home
636 · Jul 2016
Keah Jones Jul 2016
you're still a mystery
aren't you?

i still haven't composed a web of words for you
have i?

I haven't written about the time we went skydiving and i didn't scream
but when i did scream riding the roller coaster on the boardwalk
you made fun of me

i didn't tell you that the words got lost up there at 18,000 feet
and i haven't been able to find them since

I haven't compared you (nor will i) to the stars and the moon
but i will compare you to a bed of rose thorns
craving and drawing blood with the slightest touch

i will compare you to a stargazer lily
my favorite thing to look at
635 · Nov 2016
drinking poison
Keah Jones Nov 2016
I've been drinking bleach lately to rid you of this body
drinking cocktails of clorox and ammonia to scorch you from my insides
you are like a stain that won't be scrubbed out
you left this canvas so ***** that there is no hope that it will ever be white and innocent ever again
630 · Jan 2017
missing pieces
Keah Jones Jan 2017
at 16 you had your heart handed to you by a boy in a truck
he said he was done with it
that it wasn’t worth anything
so you slipped it ****** and barely beating back into your chest
before you realized a part of it was missing
because he kept part on his dash like a trophy of his conquest
617 · Oct 2016
Keah Jones Oct 2016
i know electricity runs through your veins
but it is time to flip the breaker and let the lights fade
614 · Mar 2015
Keah Jones Mar 2015
You asked me if I was okay.
Not really wanting to know the answer. It was more of a
prerequisite to getting me to your bed.
Watch out.
Caring can be a sign of weakness, a sweet spot to the whole **** building collapsing
Boy, can’t you see how weak you are?
You break bones like twigs, sitting awake at 2 a.m. drunk and alone pretending to enjoy yourself
When it takes all of your courage to face the darkness
And I am darkness, no wonder you could never face me sober
I have been here for far too long, looking for an end,
But all I keep coming up with is a map of this maze I can’t find my way out of. Instead, I find my way to you. Join me,
I will try and save you
But my lips never held enough alcohol for intoxication, never enough to get your next fix
Hurling crushed cans out windows, you created birds out of bubbles and hops
And other **** that made you look like the child that jumped out of the tree thinking he would fly and realizing he couldn’t, and
I wanted to make you fly
You found out and tied boulders around your ankles, willing me to try harder. And I did. Everyday. Until I got dizzy eventually and I will never be strong enough pathetic boy, nor you will ever be brave enough to handle a being like me
In the end the sweet spot gave and the whole **** bridge came down
I gave up on boulders and flying and began to swim
I sure had had enough practice breathing underwater
This time I left you to drown

Keah Jones Sep 2016
one day it will all make sense
it will make sense why i cry tears of a phoenix that seem to fix everyone but me
why i breathe fire and scorch everything i touch
why i have to be locked away in order to one day be lovable and suitable for this world
this world that is trying to destroy me as i stand by submitting myself to its wrath
585 · Oct 2016
growing light
Keah Jones Oct 2016
Fly over me phoenix
love me tulip
let me grow through the dirt and soil my petals
reaching my buds to the sky
offering my leaves to grow

sun warm me
warm me
call my name
feed me with your rays
and fill me with your light
576 · Aug 2016
Keah Jones Aug 2016
maybe i am foolish,
for i feel i am biding my time
waiting to meet my creator
drawing my blood to check if i am still alive
purging memories from my mind
gulping  hallucinogens to try and see the future
but all i can see is the past
all i can see is you

i remember the nights we filled the air with laughter
shining our faces to the stars greeting them like old friends
lying on a carpet of grass that molded to our bodies
listening to each others breath sounding like the hymns of angels descending

but now all i can do is sleep
pretending the world hasn't ****** me up seven ways to sunday
trying to calm the rattling in my lungs
trying to pretend i haven't bee split in two like the spine of a book and ruined everything inside
575 · Mar 2015
Composed of Seven
Keah Jones Mar 2015
Absence has seven letters
As does your name
I should have seen the glaring neon warning in this
But I was too busy counting the seven scars that you claimed defined you
Giving a heroic story to each
Slowly encoding your biography into my blood
I met you on the seventh of July
A glowering shadow across the bonfire
A smile filled with seven fake teeth
Hands that would become all too familiar in the months preceding

It took me seven days to memorize the seven numbers connecting you to me
One number a day for a whole week
Seven numbers that I cannot will myself to forget
I find my fingers attracted to each in succession
Only to hang up when I hear your raspy hello in the early hours of the morning

There are seven wonders of the world
I claim to have seen each
As I scour over your body
Finding the Taj Mahal carefully constructed of your hip bones
Balancing on the Great Wall of your fifth rib
Touring the marbled landscape of the Coliseum between your shoulder blades
Your smile
But there are also seven deadly sins
Lying tongues and tears shed
563 · Nov 2016
you're fading away
Keah Jones Nov 2016
as the hickies slowly faded so did the memory of you
as the red turned purple against my skin your smile began to float away

how perfect it was
teeth aligned just so
fighting with your lips to be seen

and don’t get me started on your lips
they tasted like home
they were two glowing embers
and when I pressed mine to them they ignited into the most glorious of flames

and don’t get me started on your eyes
burning holes in my soul with your stare
you looked through me like I was transparent and had nothing to hide

then there were your hands
a godly creation
making me feel electric and alive at the slightest touch

as the hickies slowly faded so did these memories of you
as purple turned back to flesh against my skin your smile began to float away
557 · Dec 2016
my dear
Keah Jones Dec 2016
my dear
do not fall for the broken ones
i know what it's like to crave being needed
but just because they are broken doesn't mean you can fix them

my dear
never blame timing
i strongly believe that everything happens when it happens for a reason

my dear
love at first sight is real
however that doesn't mean it will last forever

my dear
let the world bruise you
let it tear you apart
this is the only way to learn that you can heal from anything

my dear
there is no beauty in being damaged
there is beauty in surviving
there is respect in surviving
and there is art in surviving

my dear
never try and fill the void you feel with another's body
this will only make it bigger

my dear
we tend to break our own hearts
loving others too much and ourselves too little

my dear
you have to accept that some people will stay in your heart and on your mind endlessly
but i promise it won't hurt forever
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