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Keah Jones Jul 2021
How you kissed me today is what I have been longing for

God, how I had missed the taste of your lips colliding with mine

So, I took in that moment

I engraved it in my memory

And I will go to war for that feeling again
Keah Jones Jul 2021
Lately I have been taking showers so hot that they scorch my skin
leaving their mark on my body in every place that you used to kiss
  Jul 2021 Keah Jones
Mitch Prax
It is okay if
all you are able to do
today is exist

1:37 AM
Keah Jones Jul 2021
How can someone make you the happiest yet the saddest version of yourself?
  Jul 2021 Keah Jones
Words don’t hurt
They haunt
Keah Jones Jul 2021
You are doing your best
and bettering yourself

I am doing my best
yet I am destroying my body, mind and soul
Doing everything I can to be here

Because you are better without me
but I was better with you...
Keah Jones Jul 2021
just tell me...

how do you plan a life with someone
and then one day
act like they don't exist?

i still remember meeting eyes across the bar
i remember the first time we kissed
the day you cleared out your closet to make room for me

and honestly
i hope she notices how you twitch right before you fall asleep
i hope she knows your favorite food
and your pet peeves

i just hope you are happy

but it kills me that it's not with me
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