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KDFr Jan 22
We'll never be one;
we'll never see eye to eye.
And I'm not being pessimistic I'm just stating the facts.
The fact is that we talk a lot of unity and love
but nobody sees it when we act.
Politics mistaken for race;
Race looks like religion.
Religion is self centred
And in the centre of it all is an empty space.
Why are we even fighting?
KDFr Jan 22
I would've never imagined that I'd have you as my own
In my life there's been nothing but gray skies and cyclones.

Now you're the sunshine that chase the clouds away,
the gentle breeze that gives me peace on heated day.

My always;
my forever.
My climate, cause you don't switch up like the weather.

My day one, my woman,
my hype; my wife.
You're precisely my type.
Thank you for changing my life.
Dedicated to The Queen of my Heart
KDFr Jan 22
They say sticks and stones could break bones but words won't hurt.
Yet the letter sounds that escaped your caged mind through your lips hit me to the earth;
I tasted the the dirt.
All I wanted were your caring words to lift me up like I could defy gravity.
But you, you're supposed to be my comfort not my means of depravity. You. You who brought me into the world, supposedly to build me up,
are the wrecking ball that led to this tragedy.
In my chest is a mess,
My mind needs some rest,
My treasure, my self-worth, faded into nothing
When you felt pleasure in telling me
I am nothing
And nothing
quite hurt
like your words

KDFr Jan 21
No-one will ever know
hiding behind a wall of lies is a weeping brother trying to sew the torn peices of his broken soul back together.
No-one will ever know
he's withering inside but still still trying to grow,
stretching his limbs for help but does anybody notice him there? No.

No-one will ever know
that screaming from behind a veil of make-up is a girl's dying soul.
Wrapped in pretty clothes
she's trying to break free of the hurt she feels inside
but they don't know.
No-one will ever know she's been tormented by her imperfections and failures
and although she tries not to let it show, it does
but does anybody pay attention? No.

No-one really cares
and they all do a good job at pretending not to see or not to know.
Instead of stopping to help
they turn a blind eye on conviction
and they just go.
KDFr Jan 20
My ancestors taught me to be bold, brave and outspoken.
My society teaches me to keep quiet, roll over and take the hand outs I'm presented with.
My spirit tells me to incinerate the negativity around me by adhering to beats of a broken heart in my chest,
Yes! My body wants me to fight fights in the wars between two worlds- theirs and mine,
But my mind, my mind is trapped in-between rifles and swords.
Can't you tell from the scars and holes?
I'm fighting to free my soul.
KDFr May 2018
I only dance in the silence; I only sleep when it's loud.
I move to beats of nothing on the ground; I lay my head on thunderous clouds.
  Feb 2018 KDFr
C. S. Lewis

You said 'The world is going back to Paganism'.
Oh bright Vision! I saw our dynasty in the bar of the House
Spill from their tumblers a libation to the Erinyes,
And Leavis with Lord Russell wreathed in flowers, heralded with flutes,
Leading white bulls to the cathedral of the solemn Muses
To pay where due the glory of their latest theorem.
Hestia's fire in every flat, rekindled, burned before
The Lardergods. Unmarried daughters with obedient hands
Tended it By the hearth the white-armd venerable mother
Domum servabat, lanam faciebat. at the hour
Of sacrifice their brothers came, silent, corrected, grave
Before their elders; on their downy cheeks easily the blush
Arose (it is the mark of freemen's children) as they trooped,
Gleaming with oil, demurely home from the palaestra or the dance.
Walk carefully, do not wake the envy of the happy gods,
Shun Hubris. The middle of the road, the middle sort of men,
Are best. Aidos surpasses gold. Reverence for the aged
Is wholesome as seasonable rain, and for a man to die
Defending the city in battle is a harmonious thing.
Thus with magistral hand the Puritan Sophrosune
Cooled and schooled and tempered our uneasy motions;
Heathendom came again, the circumspection and the holy fears ...
You said it. Did you mean it? Oh inordinate liar, stop.


Or did you mean another kind of heathenry?
Think, then, that under heaven-roof the little disc of the earth,
Fortified Midgard, lies encircled by the ravening Worm.
Over its icy bastions faces of giant and troll
Look in, ready to invade it. The Wolf, admittedly, is bound;
But the bond wil1 break, the Beast run free. The weary gods,
Scarred with old wounds the one-eyed Odin, Tyr who has lost a hand,
Will limp to their stations for the Last defence. Make it your hope
To be counted worthy on that day to stand beside them;
For the end of man is to partake of their defeat and die
His second, final death in good company. The ******, strong
Unteachable monsters are certain to be victorious at last,
And every man of decent blood is on the losing side.
Take as your model the tall women with yellow hair in plaits
Who walked back into burning houses to die with men,
Or him who as the death spear entered into his vitals
Made critical comments on its workmanship and aim.
Are these the Pagans you spoke of? Know your betters and crouch, dogs;
You that have Vichy water in your veins and worship the event
Your goddess History (whom your fathers called the strumpet Fortune).
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