the storm reminds me of kentucky
the thunder sounds of airplanes taking off
the very storm is a shock of home
the more violent the more im in those old homes
broken but still home
georgia weather seems so soft in comparison
i dont need soft
i need thunder that is so aggressive it makes you feel alive
because sometimes you need a jolt to remind you
youre here
   on earth
the rain is a cleanse
a rebirth in a way

theres nothing that a little rain cant wash off

the people i surround myself with have this incessant need to keep their story in the dark
shed some light on your past
let me see the true you
yes we wear the mask but let me take a peek
lets count to three and disguard our masks together
we all have our scars
let me see yours
i need someone who is just as raw as me
not someone who keeps the illusion that their life has been perfect since they stepped on this planet
im interested you
indulge in the high that is exposing yourself emotionally

shall i compare thee to a summer’s dismay?
The warm sweat pooling after your first fight
The sticky regret of ever letting someone in
The crickets adding their songs to your heartache
The pool lights drawing more attention to the waves of sobs racking your chest
The memory of trying to make a whirlpool in your backyard
More water leaking from your eyes than what came from the pool

No parent will yell at this splashing
Just a consoling back rub
Or hug in the light of the lightning bugs

Shall i compare thee to a summer's dismay

not summer yet but yeah
Kaytlyn Harris Mar 28

feel real

i've come to the conclusion that personal growth is addictive
"no amount of physical beauty will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart"
when people say oh youll find love i get mildly upset because it makes me feel as if im a doll in need of reassurance that someone still wants to play with me
which isnt the case
i will find someone if i wish but its not something i need to keep me alive
or to feel real

Fire burns within your lungs,
you tell me you love me
but the smoke blackened your tongue
and turned your heart to dust.

Dad, how do you expect me to love
when one cigarette is never enough,
you throw on the porch each cigarette bud;
teach me, how do I smile at a dying man?

With each and every Marlboro,
your voice grows husky and heavy,
I’m not fooled by your light tone,
your feet are heavy with each Marlboro.

I can smell it on your hair,
I can smell it on your shirt,
some smells are too strong
for cologne to dare to mask.

The warning on a box of smokes
is obsolete, they don’t scare you,
you’re not afraid of the smoke you blow
from between your chapped lips and yellow teeth..

In your coffin, between your fingertips,
I’ll place, like a pressed rose,
your very last cigarette,
so in your grave you can take one more smoke,

The last chapter of the death you lit,
but Dear Dad, how many cities are littered
with your nicotine sticks,
how many skies have you turned gray?

How many more cigarettes
until you’ve had enough?

Kaytlyn Harris Mar 22

everything is cold and soaking
i feel sickness creeping up my back
where your hands were
as if im standing outside my house in the midst of a cold springtime storm
left a cold in me
i need to warm up
the thing is im not sure how

Kaytlyn Harris Mar 21

i am so terrified
my feelings for you are so strong in such a short period of time
but not like what im used to
i love you
and this time it didnt stem from lust
its the type of love that grows after being around someone so long and gradually noticing their quirks and having the eventual epiphany
oh god ive fallen
and fallen hard

im terrified because you are leaving me so soon
how is it that you are leaving me but refuse to leave my thoughts
day and night
since the time we have is limited it makes it all the more valuable
there could never be enough time
i cant resist the force that is pulling us closer together

im so scared
my trust issues seem to have melted away with you
i trust you with my everything
you are just so warm and gentle with me
im a puzzle with bent pieces and im giving the box to you
please dont dent them more
please dont break me
i love you so much
be kind please

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