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Keshant Samaroo Oct 2018
With a bang
I felt the light
The stars you made
Sprouted life

Now we’re ice
Cold inside
Drifting apart
Like galaxies alike
Keshant Samaroo Jun 2019
Here I lie
Thoughts at bay
Rainy days
Are here to stay

The thoughts of you
Etched in clay
Rinsed away
The river's wave

Here I lie
Thoughts at bay
Memories they swish
My smile away
Keshant Samaroo Dec 2018
To the girl with
The rose pink cheeks
Covered in tears
At the sight of me

To the girl with
The trembling lips
Muttering how much
I've hurt you

To the girl with
The curled brown hair
Whisking away
To someone else

To the girl with
The smile that could
Turn me right side up
I wrote this for you
Keshant Samaroo Nov 2018
Your lips they seam
Against the hair
She once caressed

Your hand in mine
I squeeze you tight
To end my plight

— The End —