I'm scared of my own mind
And habits that have not yet been declared old
Falling in love is not what i fear
Its my own body parts that disown me
Im not scared of being hurt
I fear my heart beat out ticking clocks on the walls
But my best self takes responsibility
So much that I feel like ive been choked
Kayleen Amato Apr 27

Years of loneliness held into one single moment
All once replaced with distractions
Instead, why can't I just matter?
All my fears gather together to face me and tell me to fight
I am stronger than ever under pressure
Maybe I just fear the unknown lands that wait for me up North
The flock of birds in the sky attempting to guide me
To my birth place where I can plant seeds
The sky has cleared up
Yet I wish I was free
But if I want to be something in this world
I can't just leave
And if I just up and left,
I'd expect you to come with me
What if you didn't come with me

There is a girl
Who always looks like shes waiting
For something or someone
And still to this day,
I take a seat and watch for magic
Perhaps day without night
There has got to be something good
Any normal person would have left already
But the rain pouring down
Tells me she is not to blame
Tells me she has unfinished business
She still belongs to the garden
Giant shiny green plants with teeth
Devour her back into their wrath
Where she incubates
She must prove she is ready

The sun shines while clouds drive
A promise kept made by the sky
And the milky snow is melting
Drop by drop from sewers left behind
Of yesterdays debris​
How can one choose to not accept today
When right now is all we truly have
Rabbits and birds are on our side
Marching with pride
The pull of the moon is the only judge
To decide what is to come
And what already was
Past lovers and new ones
All morphed into a reflection
Sometimes the ground pulses
And i see a heart beat
Its saying look at me
Don't go back to a realm
Where im not alive

Kayleen Amato Mar 25

I want to give my love
I want to share this stuff and keep some for me in a jar,
I want the responsibility of myself
I want to show raw emotions aching in my body
transformed into something light
And we can smile and laugh at ourselves and be playful
I want to give my love
I appreciate having the privilege of hearing
A bird chirping at dawn
Oh what a sweet humble existence
I get to share this air with
I want to give my love out
It's matter pressed together in little balls
bouncing off the walls
A liberating moment

Kayleen Amato Feb 21

The rain finally stops pouring down and the sunshine draws out his sword
But a rainbow melts his heart through demonstration
All while green aliens dance in the sky just to celebrate forgiveness
A child rides her bike
But only as a woman decides to go outside for no apparent reason
And while a lonely man fixes his old car in his driveway,
A stubborn young lady argues traditions and pisses old people off
To go home and pace back and forth and fight with herself
A tornado picks up a house with rage
Just to put it down gently and flee
"Hahaha we were just testing you!" Cried the clouds in laughter
A teenager finally surrenders, says thank you to her dad
And gives her mom a hug before walking away

Kayleen Amato Jan 28

A restless cat sporadically clawing and kneading
To feel the carpet's texture in between each finger

And if I keep talking to you
Ill never go to sleep
A soft, humble, shy
Not person
But entity gently caresses
The undefined fragments of myself

Im forced to deny you
Damn scared child
The endless tears of the invisible
From dull blue millenniums
cry for help

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