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Kayla Simone Jul 4
The combination of morning yoga and meditation
A drink of water and a sudden realization
The moment is still
My body is calm
My thoughts are non-existent
This is the moment that I realized I had no more frustration
I thanked and rejoiced the universe for guiding me
I thanked and praised myself for resiliency
I am the universe
I am divine
The morning of the 4th of July is where the universe assured me that I am forever blessed
Kayla Simone Dec 2020
The narcissist cried abuse in shame of committing abuse
The narcissist cried depression when he's called out on his laziness
The narcissist insults, but can't take the truth
The narcissist appears to have strength by deliberately picking his supply, but really is the weakest man alive
The narcissist stare... when someone has the guts to call him out is a deadly pair, like Jesus and Lucifer
But the narcissist stare when he is picking his battle is all that is there
Because if someone were to pick apart his ways and throw them in his face he'll run away

The narc held on to HIS truth although others knew THE truth because he has too much e.g.o to admit his wrongs

The narcissist provokes those who can't defend themselves
The narcissist can't control the world so he hates life itself
Kayla Simone Feb 2020

Dim by the Willow
Dark, but not gloomy
As i lay supine on our full size bed
You prone on top of me
We're prone to make love

— The End —