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Jul 2015 · 602
Kayla Hofmeyr Jul 2015
I could see it in his eyes
His golden heart was in disguise
He was different from the rest
Lonesome and depressed

But I could make him smile!
And suddenly my heart was in denail
We fell in love, and we fell out of love
But oh boy, we fell

They say the first love is the sweetest
But Baby, the first cut is the deepest
His voice was broken
And his wounds were open

I had to say goodbye
For this, didn't just make me cry
He gave me a new perspective
Even though he was deceptive

This baggage wasn't his
For this boy, had so much more to give
The silence was deafening

I will help him carry his baggage
As he had carried mine
I'm not leaving this innocent boy
Not this time.
Jul 2015 · 259
Where to begin...
Kayla Hofmeyr Jul 2015
It's not the shouting that causes the pain
It's not the lies that causes the shame
It's not the anger that's to blame
It's not the drought after the rain

It's not that easy to get out
It's our hearts filled with doubt
The walls still come crashing in
We still don't know where to begin

Maybe if we pray a little longer
Maybe if we scream a bit louder
Maybe if we stay a little stronger
Maybe make them prouder

Maybe if we give more than we take
Maybe if we don't stop and stare
Maybe if we stop pretending and don't fake
But we all know life isn't fair

You see it's the silence that causes the pain
And the truth that causes the shame
It's the humbleness to blame
And the fading rainbow after the rain.
Jul 2015 · 499
Save me?
Kayla Hofmeyr Jul 2015
Darkness is upon us
The light is fading
Hearts are broken
Forever, we are waiting

But forever is gone
The knot is tied
We've got no power, left to fight
And nowhere to hide

But the truth stays hidden
No love is given
The things we believe in
Yes they are deceiving!

But they can't hold us back
No more grey areas
Just white and black
You can't change the fact
I'm alone in my pack!

Shouting, screaming
But no one is hearing
Drowning, bleeding
No time left for healing

Yeah, the truth stays hidden
No love is given
The things we believe in
Yes they are deceiving.
Kayla Hofmeyr Jul 2015
Are we human?
Are we monsters?
Are we living in reality?
This darlings, is called insanity

Society judges us
Label after label
Its the only thing they do
Trust me, they’ve already got a barcode on you

Avoiding my own kind
Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
Our time is running out
‘cause it’s them drowning us in doubt

But our masks don’t display
All the hurt inside
Yes, we are afraid
What do we leave behind?

Yes, we are human
And we are monsters
This is reality
And there’s no such thing as sanity
TAKE NOTE: This poem was written by me and Thomas Davies (he is also on Hello Poetry)

— The End —