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Kayla Dec 2012
I've woken with the sting of cold, fresh air.
Pale light glides through my windows, and illuminates the very breath I take. It's quiet enough that I can still think. Each thought I have recorded, in my own head. Sometimes it grows so silent that I observe the ringing in my ears.  When I think, and I hear, and I feel, all at once I recieve a slight feeling, a sense that comes in waves. It's a good one. This is calm. But it is lonely.
Kayla Dec 2012
My rock
What am I without you
My sky
How you're always there
My wind
My breath of fresh air
My everything
My all
My Rise
And then My Fall
My morning
And My night
My landing
And My flight
My warmth
And my speechless chill
My heartbeat
And my still
What am I without you
Kayla Dec 2012
I found my place
I've found your face
After all this time
Do you remember mine
I'm sorry
Are you sorry too
I've found someone new
What will I do
Remember you hurt me
I never told you
How they all knew
How I wouldn't admit it
I miss you
Cause me pain no more
It hurts me without you
I've never felt like this before
There's someone else now
They treat me well
Are you worth it
Is love worth living in hell
For the last time?
Will I ever say goodbye
Kayla Dec 2012
Much like the sun
I was set on fire
Much like this grass
I've been growing higher
Much like the calm
I'd stay here with you
Much like the storm
I will hurt too
Much like the sky
You hold it all
But much like the stars
This may Burn and Fall
Kayla Oct 2012
Take my rights away
For I have nowhere else to go
Make the sinners pay
For they have nothing else to know
Send money for the poor
For we have nothing else to give
Clock hours for the businessman
For he has nothing else to live
Kayla Sep 2012
attained vibrations
absorbed by self-reflections
through unification
separations, self-selection
distanced by dreams
grounded by moonbeams
illuminated by the skylight
inwardly screaming for me
i'm just a set of bones
surrounded by organs
wrapped in skin
i'm just a skeleton
proctected by image
Kayla Sep 2012
no rules applied
, a lesson learnt
, i will not let myself return
to your harming arms.
i found a haven
far away from where you can consume me, but you found me here
, i can't disappear,
this demon can see me always,
for a day i was held hostage,
kept from home,
and taken to your hell yet again.
at first, i rejoiced,
at the sound of your voice
, thought to be a familiar friend
, but instead i was wrong,
i heard the sins on your tongue,
deep in your heart
and escaping from your mouth,
and then inside i was screaming,
with fear in my eyes,
until i was able to realize
  that the decision was mine.
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