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1.1k · May 2017
p0³m /
kaye May 2017
We are scarred from wounded friendships
Thinking that together we can heal each other
Didn't know that healing didn't do anything
But hurting each other more

What's worse than writing this drunk
Trying to get away with what will come
Our story powers this poem
My story powers this poem

I think what's better now is to stop this
Let's go back to our original besties
This is not working out, my friend
Can I say this is the end?
Submitted to hello poetry
428 · Aug 22
kaye Aug 22
Fri, 23rd August 2019

I know we've met before
Let it be in dreams or real life
I know you're my better half

Infatuation (orlove)
375 · Sep 2017
I am bakc
kaye Sep 2017
I am back again
Cause I'm alone
I am back again
And no one's home

People sit
People leave
Let it be
Let it bleed
347 · May 2018
Wht rlly hppns
kaye May 2018
I know you only hold me when no one's around
Or maybe a person or two

No one knows what we've been up to
No one knows when we hugged each other
No one knows how many times you held my hand
No one knows why we felt comfortable on each other's shoulder

Nah, we don't even know where it started.

And now they know about the things we do
But they still don't know about you
345 · May 2017
Social Cockroach
kaye May 2017
There we have it
The person we don't love nor hate
They do no harm
But no one can resist their sight

We hate them more when they fly
Thinking that a cockroach can soar high

It's sad to think that no matter what
A cockroach is a cockroach
And never an intellectual

Are you a social cockroach?
A poem for no one
316 · May 2017
kaye May 2017
We're good at playing
We like to match
No one's better
Competitive in every fight

But this one's new
You can't win this one
I'm the only one playing
In this game secretly happening
I'm winning in our sad game of pretend.
244 · Jun 2017
kaye Jun 2017
Eyes are dreamy
Lips are fancy
You got that body
And now I'm ready
I took the risk
You are my first

I know there'll be an end
Sometime, someday
It will bend
One thing's unexpected
It was earlier
It was a dead end
For the one who drunk-broke my heart. Is that a word?
230 · Dec 2017
kaye Dec 2017
It got me again
This time, I am at my weakest

I am understanding
I am trying
I hold the piece above

People I only rent
I cannot own
I am poor
As I am not valued
209 · Jan 2018
Not this time
kaye Jan 2018
I can't believe myself
That I wrote about you
I thought our feelings would reciprocate

Maybe you did
But a depression recession

Maybe you did
But the energy was not enough to pass the transition state

Maybe you did
But we never really talked about it

This time maybe you will
But this time I won't let you

This time maybe you'll continue
But this time you'll stop right there

Because we are already happy with what he have
Because we are already happy with what we are
And we will must not try to ruin it and hurt again.
Only doing it bc i am not pathetic enough to put something important at stake or focus on my ego.
207 · May 2017
kaye May 2017
The world and I don't follow the same line.
I am sad when everyone's fine.
I am happy when everybody's devastated.
I am unique but never content.

If the days are going fort
Can I go the other way?
If you are wandering to see tomorrow
Can I go back to yesterday?

Just because the world and I don't follow the same line.
Found a good concept to work onto. But I never wanted to bring back the past
142 · May 2017
kaye May 2017
Why would you hold a rose?

A rose so spiky
That would hurt your fingers
As soon as the tips
Reach your epidermis.

It hurts.
As soon as they reach the dermis
You will start to bleed out
And red blood will flow.

It hurts.
As soon as your skin touches a liquid
It stings like bee
But a tolerable pain.

Why would you hold on?

A friendship so toxic
That would hurt your feelings
As soon as the time will pass
It will fade.

It hurts.
As soon as you get carried away
And believe in something
That you think would last.

It hurts.
As soon as you think it'll be forever
And think about your tomorrows
A very good start.

It hurts.
As soon as you think that forever stops
And all the exciment for tomorrow
Will go from a hundred to a zero.

But why would you hold these things?

Both are very beautiful
Inspite of the pain it gives.

I would hold on
Even if it hurts me
If it gives me the happiness
I needed for that day.

I can cry inside
But I shall never be seen sad
131 · Jun 2017
kaye Jun 2017
Fork to my chest
Stabbed me a hundred times
It wasn't the best
So you tried another ten lines

It shouldn't hurt
Lately I felt numb
But I became sensitive and inert
Hear my heart like drum
It hurts when it shouldn't.
127 · May 2017
kaye May 2017
My actions
Doesn't belong to me

My words
Doesn't belong to me

But my words and actions
Fully defines
Me, my situation, and emotion

My words and actions
Are more honest
Than thy self
127 · May 2017
kaye May 2017
How can something difficult
Be easy with determination?
How can something so complex
Be simple with love?
123 · Jan 2018
haut fait
kaye Jan 2018
Let me hear you speak
You let the ocean sing for you
You let the rain cry for you
And you let the flowers bloom for you

You always use poems to feel
You always use movies to see
You use music to hear
And you use me to flare
117 · May 2017
kaye May 2017
He can make you happy in many ways
He can keep you company in many days
But what good does it bring
If he treats you like a thing
116 · Aug 29
kaye Aug 29
Fri, 30th August 2019

Sometimes you make me special
Sometimes you don't
You got me thinking about you
Are you thinking about me, too?

Are you testing me if i like you
Or am i testing you if you like me?
I shouldn't fall for you
But I am so so so into you

I can't let go but i should.
109 · Jun 2017
kaye Jun 2017
Why do you have that face?
That face of trauma
A primitive face
That I don't want to see again.

Your face makes me cry,
Mirroring the past.
Even if I try
Tears are dropping fast.

You were my safe place,
A haven for my drama.
You fitted in my blank space
But you are my trauma.
I am sad.
89 · Jun 2018
kaye Jun 2018
it is 2am in the morning
a lot happens at 2am
some have the best *** of their lives
some live their youth drinking

some fill their minds
with thoughts, confusing thoughts
that leave them wondering
if they are true or just made up

when it fills their thinking capacity
the unheard thoughts escapes
they overflow as tears

now when someone sees
thoughts become heard
the tears as a cry for help
they will know you're hurting
73 · Jul 2018
kaye Jul 2018
They tell suicidal people
They are going to hell
Sinners as theyre ungrateful
Depreciating the work of God

They tell suicidal people
They are going to hell
Making them think twice
Knowing hell can be much worse

And as an intellectual,
You challenged the heavens
To take your soul in an hour
And then they didnt

You said to yourself
That there is no hell
Nor heaven nor God
Cause it didnt end there

You took the blades
And started cutting it yourself
Your ties to the Lord
And your arteries
61 · Aug 16
kaye Aug 16
Fri, 16th August 2019

I can't hear the rustle in a windy afternoon
Only our beating hearts, the unfamiliar voice I already like
These inclined roads seems easy, not without you

Instead of stealing glances, steal my hand
Hold it tight, connect the strings we ought to bound
Steal my heart so you can hold me tight

Whatever it is that we have, I hope it says.
I need a friend (or a lover) for the moment (or forever)

I like someone from food nutrition and he walked with me to the sunken garden so i made a poem inspired by the myrtle beach poem. Nothing serious just for fun.
37 · Aug 25
what a catch
kaye Aug 25
when you miss people
and they don't
it kinda *****

leaves me wondering
left me

and im crying again
is it my chest that hurts
or is it just the truth?
32 · Jun 5
kaye Jun 5
I always believed that love should be something I would be proud of.
I always believed that love is something not to be embarrassed of.

But darling when I loved you
I believe in love in secret
Loving peacefully without remarks
Igniting love with our own sparks

When I loved you
I believe that love is something to treasure
And we know that treasures are buried under the sea
Surprisingly amazing.

— The End —