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kaye Jun 2017
Why do you have that face?
That face of trauma
A primitive face
That I don't want to see again.

Your face makes me cry,
Mirroring the past.
Even if I try
Tears are dropping fast.

You were my safe place,
A haven for my drama.
You fitted in my blank space
But you are my trauma.
I am sad.
  Jun 2017 kaye
Carmen Mendez
You're an Angel
"You're an angel", he says.
But beloved, how can I make you see?
My wings, they caught fire, and now they're the color of ash.
"You're heart is made of gold," he continues to say, "the purest there could possibly be."
Oh, Beloved. My heart?  It's made of wax and stone. It melts and hardens, all at once at the sight of you.
"Your dreams and ambitions are what makes you beautiful," he tells me.
Beloved... How else to explain, but to say..all my dreams are by road where the trash is. I'm falling harder, headed in a direction, opposite of the stars.
"You're a warrior. And I love you."
And then there it Is; the way He silence my fears. You A mess on the inside and an even bigger mess on the outside? Scars, bruises and shards? Me?
And so I smile,
because dearest Beloved ; your affection is what I live for.
  Jun 2017 kaye
I was not born a


I was broken into


  Jun 2017 kaye
What's the point in trying when i'm just going in circles?
There's no point.
No start.
No end.
why can't we ever be a thing?
  Jun 2017 kaye
I still remember your last touch. That set my body on fire, and still felt like everything in me was at peace.
kaye Jun 2017
Fork to my chest
Stabbed me a hundred times
It wasn't the best
So you tried another ten lines

It shouldn't hurt
Lately I felt numb
But I became sensitive and inert
Hear my heart like drum
It hurts when it shouldn't.
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