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KAYAL Mar 14
Like the rainbow
born out of rain,
My love
born out of your tears,
It's just
A momentary beauty.
KAYAL Mar 14
Sometimes love is
Untangling hearts
with Twisted emotions
KAYAL Feb 24
With those lonely bare branches,
Heaps of shed leaves,
Street scenes with yellowish tint,
Goodbye kisses of the dropping leaves,
Somehow this sad season gives solace.
KAYAL Jan 20
A crackpot, don't get closer
I thought to myself when I first saw you
Little did the poor me knew
I would end up loving you.
We were living in completely different worlds,
With extremely opposite principles
I denied everything you said, you did
And you were no different
Still I found something comfortable in you
I started telling u all my boring histories
Cussing out the double crossers I have met
Ranting out the regrets of my life
Crying over my first love failure and whatnot
I gave out almost every memory my brain held
You always listened discreetly
To the gibberish coming out of me.
I was able to show the genuine me
Without the fear of being judged,
You saw right through my mind
Like it was a clear glass piece
When it was all dark and dull.
You solved every puzzle of me
Whenever i came with a broken picture.
You came like a summer to me
When my eyes had long rainy days.
I fell sick you nursed me like my mom,
Took wrong turns, you guided me like my dad,
You give advices like my granny,
We sticked together like we were twins,
We fought like we were foes,
You looked after me like a lover.
Now, you have become my crackpot
My family, my love, my fundamental person
Under a single label
My Best friend !!!
KAYAL Dec 2018
I came across this guy
Who had the exact same eyes as yours
Maybe it was different
Those eyes couldn't reflect me
Like yours did
But that doesn't mean
I miss you

I heard this song
You sang to me
Your voice flashed in my mind
That honey voice
I could never get tired of
But that doesn't mean
I can call u at 2 a.m

I saw this picture
Where our eyes were still smiling together
Not knowing what happened to us
But that doesn't mean
I would be happier
If we were together

I went to the place
Where we went often
The one filled with our stories
I saw you with her
For the first time
Your smile trampled my smile
But that doesn't mean
I regret letting go of your hands

Your memories haunt me everywhere
This doesn't make sense
There is always this little part of you
That got struck in me
That can never be cherished
Never be despised
But that doesn't mean
I still love you
KAYAL Oct 2018
My best friend !!!
The one who never left me alone
At the zenith or at the rock bottom,
Wherever I stand
Chaos! You were always standing beside me
Maybe you should love me little lesser
For me to be a little clearer
KAYAL Aug 2018
So here I am again
The sky drowned in darkness
The stars buried behind the clouds
The little rain droplets endlessly kissing the ground
The air completely drunk with Petrichor

With no eyes opened around
Me sitting amidst all the deadlines
With all the unanswered texts
Still thinking of words to reply
To all the unanswered calls
Still thinking of excuses to make

And the brain scanning the memories
For a good one to replay
A warm one to smile away
A beautiful one  worth reminiscing
Unfortunately the scanning ends in vain

Finally when eyes persuade to sleep
The birds started chirping and cheering
For the sun to rise again
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