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Kayla Martindale Nov 2018
She's been down, for so very long
She's felt so weak, desperately trying to stay strong
Echoes of the past flood her brain
She tries so hard just to maintain
She bottles her feelings deep inside
Countless tears she has cried
The pain, the hurt, the sadness and guilt
Her walls are up the one's she's built
No one knows all that she's been through, feeling so alone with no one
to turn to
Her heart has been broken, shattered to
Secrets she hides that she'll never tell

~ Kay M
Kayla Martindale Nov 2018
Some day soon I wish to be.. a smarter, more motivated, determined me. A woman who won't let anything stand in her way, who fights really hard to get through the worst of days. No longer worried about minute things, just a positive attitude..a woman with wings. She flys so high, like an eagle she soars, Never dwelling on the past.. she's closed those doors. An inspiration to all that know her best. This bird is sky high.. she's away from her nest.

Kayla M
Kayla Martindale Nov 2018
am so very sorry for the tears I've made you cry. The pain that I have caused you, and every single lie. Please forgive my darkest sins, the ones I commit time and time again. The flesh is vulnerable, so very weak indeed. Your many warnings I did not heed. Father I need your guidance, I need to hear you speak. Wisdom Lord is what I seek. Show me the path I need to take, the right choices I need to make. I am nothing but a wicked sinner, always the looser..never the winner. Why do I do these horrible deeds? Your grace and mercy are what my heart needs.

Kayla M
Kayla Martindale Nov 2018
I have two faces, but I'm not two-faced.. just wait and I'll explain. Bipolar is my mental state.. in which I try to maintain. I'm either up or down, no in-between.. I have the highs and lows. Stressful situations weigh heavy on me.. my mind in need of repose. Black or white, no grey in sight.. not a happy medium to find. It's severe depression, or manic aggression.. or possibly both combined..

Kayla M
Kayla Martindale Nov 2018
A wild child, a rebel indeed. My father's warnings, I did not believe. Out of control, a problematic soul. My innocence, the devil stole. Nothing but trouble. They should have put me in
a bubble. Both evil and good, it's like I had a double. Running fast down the wrong path. There was no way to get
out alive, no way to be unscathed. Something happened, an epiphany.
I was no longer being viewed as a young woman of infamy. A change of
heart, a change of mind. I left my wicked ways behind.
Kayla Martindale Nov 2018
Darkness so dismal I can't find my way
I'm at a standstill, I'm forced to stay
No light to be found as I attempt to see
I cannot seem to escape the caliginous black that surrounds me
Will I ever find my way out
Will I find the light
Maybe I will just learn to adapt to this dreadful, tenebrous night

~Kayla M
Kayla Martindale Nov 2018
Wrapped in a blanket of ebony, your magnificent light  radiates perfection
Glowing shades of yellow, such a glorious complexion
shining so bright on such a cruel world.. most are sound asleep
except the ones who are on the run, hiding what they've done.. in the shadows that's where they creep
I love to gaze upon your beauty, you are a work of art.
Oh prodigious moon, play me a tune..
using the strings of my heart

Kayla M

— The End —