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wilted daisies Jul 2019
I swear on the love we had, you will never forget the day you kissed me in the dark. I can promise you, you will regret it everytime you can't sleep at night and your fingers ache to hold my face once again. I know you will rue it everytime you kiss someone else and imagine it's me but it won't be me- because I always taste like strawberries and you always taste like cigarettes. No one will ever be me, or love you like me because I've made you eternal. You will now continue to live on forever in the poems I carved out of sadness you gave me, in the melodies I've sung in evenings embraced by your arms. You will continue to live eternally, in this heart that is- and is destined to be yours. You can regret it now but you can't forget, the day you kissed a poet in the dark.
Very much inspired by Lorde
wilted daisies Oct 2017
I know how I always tell you I'm so in love with Zac Efron because it makes you go all jealous and cute but the thing is, you're so much better than him. Everything about you makes me fall deeper in love with you, not that I'm gonna tell you. It's weird about how when we were playing rapid questions and I asked you my favorite color.  The thing is, I never had a favorite color until I saw you smiling like an angel saying ''purple''. That's when I realized what my favorite color is. You know how I always say I'm sleepy or busy whenever you invite me to a party or we're talking up late. Not because I actually am(I would sacrifice anything for you tho) I only do this because I'm afraid I'll say whatever I'm writing, to you. And you'll abandon me. Please don't leave me. I love you. I love you so much.
wilted daisies Oct 2017
I'm holding my pen with the thought of you running, screaming, tearing through my mind. With every drop of rain that's falling, I'm missing your presence. Everywhere. Right next to me, on me, inside me. Why is it that everything is reminding me of you?

— The End —