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katie swagbag Oct 2014
shoot m
shoot me

this used to be how i felt but it really doesnt apply anymore because things are changing. i love the people im around lately. ridding the negative people from my life is the best decision i have made in a long while
if you feel this way, do something. no one deserves to feel stuck
katie swagbag Aug 2014
i once was free
but i let you tie my hands, my feet
and tighten,
until the person i was
with ropes, chains, prison bars
you held me up until i forgot
how to stand without you

i once was free
but i let you drown me,
despondent at the bottom of the sea.
i waited so long to breathe
choking, gasping, panicking,
until i didn't care
to breathe anymore;
until i didn't know how to.

i once was free,
but like fire ravaging underfoot,
i let you consume me.
you chewed away at my sanity
with every bite
counting, measuring, running
just until the fat was gone
until i,
was gone.

i once was free,
but then you pushed me
a little too far this time
who knew i would end up here.
"i just wanted to be skinny"
i repeated
"i just wanted to be skinny"
until all i wanted was to be

and there i was,
holding on by a string.
the same string you tied
around my waist, and then,
around my neck
and pulled tighter,
i once was free.
katie swagbag Aug 2014
my heart pumps solitude.
it courses through my veins and into the very tips of my trembling fingers. counting the breaths I take,
the crickets that sing outside these walls
is all the company I care for

those I deem friends
I have only but a small selection,
a rare connection to those I share my soul with.
but regardless of those few,
no matter to those few,
I find myself
on nights like these
warm, bustling nights like these,
I sit, i ache,
a tranquil, flushed complexion
not one dusty section,
in my story of loneliness.

my spirit radiates the hope for change.
to find peace with faulty companionship,
in the unfolding of my potential future.
i let myself sink
solemnly, quietly,
into the place in which I lie.
let this fabric consume me
let the earth digest my thoughts
for tonight
another timeless, endless night

— The End —