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Katgreir Erisdil Jul 2020
a single flower in a field
is perfectly crafted
its petals in geometric pattern
its leaves absorb light
its stem so thin but makes it stand

if i know anything else that is perfect,
it's you

the handsome moon illuminates
two lovers sitting by the shore
they know the moon isn't smooth
it is full of craters and scars
yet they look so much at the moon
more than what is in the ground

if i know someone that is as handsome as the moon,
it's you

a little girl cherishes
the love she had received today
she was given three pesos
by her father who had just come home
from selling quail eggs and balut

i know she wasn't just happy about the coins in her hand
but she had been patiently waiting for her father to come home
and lift her up in his arms

if i know of a love that is enoughh
like that of the father and the child,
it's you

i love you
Katgreir Erisdil Jun 2020
"she is all the flowery words in the dictionary combined.
she means the world to me."

as I lay in bed
with these flowery thoughts inside my head
wishing he'd tell me the verses exactly as I said

but only **** comes out of his mouth instead
Katgreir Erisdil Jun 2020
your eyes, they sparkle
with your smile, i marvel
and with your smell, i flutter
but your heart... just artful
Katgreir Erisdil Jun 2020
i awake from a slumber so deep
the reason why — there are ghosts that won't let me sleep
they always keep me company
ironically even so,
i still feel so sad and lonely

so i tuck myself back in bed
and some happy thoughts to calm my head
Katgreir Erisdil May 2020
Once upon a night,
I dreamt of a hermit
I happened to cross paths
Along the street
He said he went down to the city
To find me and bid his last wish
Before I could even speak,
He said he becomes one with nature as he sleeps
A dew drop on a window pane
A foam among the waves
Sometimes even the wind
Maybe even a bird pushing through the rain
He may even be the branches on my bedroom window
Watching me as I sleep
He told me of the rough life I live
That I most wished I never exist
And as he went through,
He said that when I die,
I will become one with nature too
I will be a new galaxy in the universe
Or maybe a star to shine along with the moon
I won't have to worry about hell
For someday heaven will be a tune a musician plays
He said I won't have to think of my shameful days on Earth,
For soon I will die, and people will stare at me in awe
I may have become the comet in space
He wishes to take me.
Not to die, but to live on.
For even in death, we serve our purpose
We become what the living enjoys
A tree, a plankton in the sea, a flower among the fields.
Katgreir Erisdil May 2020
Fifty years from now, I may not be the person whom I thought I would be
I may not have served the job I dreamed of having
I may not be living in a house I dreamed of building
I may not be married with the person I am in love with right now
I may not have made peace with the past

But fifty years from now,
I hope,
I have decluttered my mind
I may be old but I will be beautiful
I may not have reached my dreams
But I will remember the moment I wrote this -
I am young and dreaming
I may have let my younger self down
But somehow I know now what my younger self had not known
I may not have traveled the world
But my eyes have seen what my younger self had not yet seen

Fifty years from now, I may not be as alive as I thought I would be
I may be under the ground with a dirge or requiem
Maybe two or three people crying or maybe none
But as that time comes,
May I never forget
That fifty years ago,
I have fought with my whole life.
Someday I will not be the person whom I thought I would be. But I will be exactly the person whom my creator destined me to be.
Katgreir Erisdil Feb 2020
Why must you worry of my callowness?
Fearing that I may lose control and take the road of the fallen.
Why must you deem me feeble just because I am young?
Telling me that I must worry of the future and sacrifice the moment.
Why must you frown upon my footsteps?
And I wonder why you should when you have never walked on my shoes?
Elders, haven't we all been there?
Judged and warned by those who are older to only take the path the winners have taken.
We were stubborn indeed but I have learned
To live my life without their watchful eyes and sharpened tongues
You may call me a fool for taking no heed of your warnings
But this is my life
And I have to suffer it
Understand that I will never trade my experience
For your unpleasant augury.
You have been there.
You have loved, taken risks, done foolish things and taken the road of the fallen
For such is life
And no one is normal
That is why I refuse to be controlled by the seers
For life is an ache that only hurts for a moment
Pain and failure is a gift
And we must endure suffering
For such is the only way to hoard strength
We must fail and let loose
For such is the right way to experience life
Let me suffer it.
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