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Katgreir Erisdil May 2019
I have seen words drifting across the world
Either to praise the mighty Lord
Or the danger it forebodes
Genesis (First Book of the Bible)

Time can tell how prophets crafted them so well
From Egypt to Canaan the poets dispel
Words of heaven and gates of hell
The Israelites

From the blood of David, and modest abode
Sent to die and save the world, the Prophets foretold
Words spoke of truth but rather abhorred
Jesus of Nazareth

The letters morphed and somehow deformed
Transcended past the oaths sworn
I know your kind, tall and white, a name to conquer one prolific land
George Washington

They call him "The Eighth" with six wives
One died, two divorced, two beheaded, one survived
Each couldn't bear a son, one was born but to the grounds he lied
King Henry the VIII of England

Now we come to the 21st Century
You know who, sent to terminate all Jews
I won't mention his name but I guess you know who.
Poets of Time is a metaphor to the most prolific historical people in the world.
  May 2019 Katgreir Erisdil
I know the toothless women
Who crumple on the streets
The rain bleeds through their cardboard,
The cold drips through their feet

I know the dying children
With anaesthetic arms
The angels crowd around them
With time that burns their palms

I've hugged the brainwashed gangsters
With money drenched in blood
I've heard their broken weeping
While digging up the mud

I've seen the starving faces
Of the tired girls at home
The broken, hectic psyches
That eat them to the bone

I know the burning poets
With a desperate thirst for life
The need for finding soulmates
That pierces like a knife

There's weary public servants
Who risk their lives for good
And prove compassion every day
Yet stay misunderstood

Human love is buried
Beneath the plastic weight
Of angry allegations
And a world that feeds off hate

These people may be messy,
But they're beautiful and real
With hidden dreams and secrets
And ability to feel

We have a place to run to
With lights of peach and gold
Where all the weight is lifted
And all our tales are told

We live in total freedom
So safe beneath the moon
And though it seems ambitious
Our dreams will save us soon
The night brings comfort to those who need it most
Katgreir Erisdil May 2019
I feel nothing, I feel empty
Perhaps it's wrath, or maybe I'm crazy
My enemy is the society
But some say they dont care about me
Do not tell me, my enemy is my sanity
God? Deus? Domine? He doesn't care about me
By the time of my death, do not hold a proper funeral, it's costly
Do not give me a priest to bless me
So he will send me in purgatory
Not heaven nor purgatory
Bless me, sanctify me,
The Lord will deny me.
Do not cry for me
Do not shed me crocodile tears
Do not cry for me for i am dead
I tell you, i am not there
Katgreir Erisdil Apr 2019
This is a really simple letter for a very special guy. Now let's pretend that the world shelters only you and I. How pretty the nightshades bloom, struck glowing by the light of the moon. Our feet dangle by the river, touched by the cold current. Your smile faded my weariness away, of that I am certain. The fragrant flowers are so inviting, but when you caught me of your whiff, darling I have been falling. For we not know when the light years have separated us both. We have been crossing paths all along  in one single cluster of stars. And to the naked human eye, we are the brightest from afar. That's because our auras are of the same color. Now the wind have carried us close and meeting you was an honor. How adorable was it that then your eyes have caught my soul. For in that familiar gaze I was summoned by a call. Now speak once more for you ignite my affection. I regret of having to squander all my chances for the wrong emotion. But is it possible for a binary star to fuse? When all that the centuries have done was for us only to orbit one another. If we collide, would we form into a black hole or another neutron? Perhaps the Skyrim Mages would aid us in forming a solution. Though as of now, I am elated in seeing you from the distant. For when we revolve, we illuminate the Virgo aflame. For it is through forging an oath to bind two souls together in one holy name. Now my darling, don't a blackhole sound good?
Katgreir Erisdil Apr 2019
I am the pit and the craters
Fondled by cosmic rocks
and chemical dusts

I am the dragon,
from the eastern realm
Fiery and red,
I bring blood to the lunar light I lust

I am the brighter light
The giant of the great Milky Way
Without I, the eternal fire
This poem wouldn't have existed tonight

I am blue, I am green and I breath
I am hundreds of lightyears away
and the only body with eyes to see
How you illuminate my land when lost in flames
Katgreir Erisdil Apr 2019
my  heart yearns to speak a thousand words
but my mouth stitched shut locking me into the void
my tears have turned into fears, this i have been holding on for years
the stillness of my troubles lay a secret deafening my ears
you may call me a lunatic, an ungrateful being, blinded by darkness
eyes opened wide to sorrows behind, hands clasped to toil repressed
how much blood must stain my skin
how many needles would it take to sting
to sting my soul to heal completely
how sharp should i grind my blade
so that the secrets i hide may escape
by wounding it a little
i yearn for freedom, for the glowing moonlight and the rising sun
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