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 Jun 2010 Katie Meadows
D Conors
d.conors: i want you.
M: no you don't
M: ****
d.conors: i say what i want.
M: fine
M: go on

d.conors: i look at your pics all day
M: you do?
d.conors: i set my pc up with your pic on my backdrop
d.conors: i look at you and have little silent chats
M: silly boy
d.conors: yes
M: crazy boy
d.conors: and paint and smile and look at that beautiful woman who loves me
M: so ....that's how you spend your day...
M: do I chat back?
d.conors: i spend my day working my tail off with no real contact with other people
d.conors: no, you do not chat back
M: but I do
M: in my head

d.conors: you just stare at me from off the screen with those crystalline eyes
d.conors: and i want you.
d.conors: i lay me down to sleep
d.conors: and
d.conors: i want you.

M: deep sighs
d.conors: i wake up and make coffee for me
d.conors: and
d.conors: i want you.
d.conors: it was rainy and cold today
d.conors: and
d.conors: i wanted you.

M: gulp

M: I sit at my computer
M: stare out my window....and I want

M: you too
This was a yahoo! messenger chat conversation this evening with "M"

D.  Conors
c. 09 June 2010

— The End —