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Katie A Nov 2014
You were the sound
of violin notes
building up
for suspense

You were
the sharp waves
of the conductor's

Like a sorcerer
conducting a mass
of magic
that enchanted me

You were music
to my ears
You were magic
to my heart
So I am sitting here, wondering, "What in the world did I just write?"
Katie A Nov 2014
Why does people
shun me for lying
to myself when
it makes me feel better?

I deny that I still have
feelings for you so that
the memories I cherish
will vanish

I will keep on
denying until
I am completely
hypnotized that

Our relationship is just
a passing dream
that flew away
with the autumn wind

It's better than
admitting the truth
and rewinding the past
and hurting myself
Katie A Nov 2014
I remember that period of time
when we both didn't have
our licenses so we have to
go on public transportations

I love how we used to
share a pair of earphones
during our daily bus rides
to our way back home

That feeling of emptiness
from my other ear
as relaxing music
whispered profound lyrics

It felt like something was wrong
yet I had the privilege to
sit close to you
and lean my head against yours

I miss those times when
we'd always
share a book
during our train rides

Although the books
weren't really read
the only thing we're reading
were each other's eyes

Now years has passed
and there are times when
after a busy and tiring day
I leave my car back home

With an open book in my lap
and an earbud to each ear
I would look over the window
of that bus we used to take

As I torture my own mind
by conjuring old memories
just because I miss
missing you.
I miss having you in my thoughts after having a cacophony of random thoughts inside my busy head.
Katie A Nov 2014
The splashing sound the waves make
Accompanies the frizzing sound of bubbles
Against the gargantuan stones
Sediment from the ocean salt

The distant sound of seagulls
And the whispers of the marine winds
The faint sound of wind chimes tinkling
Are an orchestra filled with gentle lulls

The sunlight radiating from the setting sun
Looks like an ocean of raging reds and fiery oranges
Reflected on the surfaces of the crystal blue waters
They are two worlds combining as one

You are like the warm rays of the sun
I notice as my eyes look over
The ends of the radiant rays of the sun cool over
Blending with the indigo of the night

There is warmth in your serene smile
As your ocean deep orbs look blissfully
To the work of art no human artist could perfect
There is warmth in your fingers, entwined with mine

The shore is our secret little sanctuary
Below the swaying leaves of coconut trees
Here may be where our last kiss of the night
Shall serve as an eternal bid of goodnight, I fright

The yearning I feel for the day to come incomplete
So big so I could keep this paradise and the summer heat
A heavy deep sigh I heave
As this passing day reminds me to leave

I have to return to land
Where my people belong and stand
Where they dance and prance about
And hustle and bustle around

As much as I want to take you with me
Alas, there are bounds even we can’t beat
Demanding that you belong swallowed in the sea
That you do not belong with me

So when the time comes by
Don’t shed your priceless mermaid’s tears
Don’t let your pain produce
pearlescent pearls tonight

It’s my turn to do my share
It’s my turn to cry
Katie A Nov 2014
why does that something
that holds a meaning
so deep and special
to me

seems so ordinary
and common
in comparison
to all those
beautiful and profound

love stories
and sonnets
and songs
out there?

are we all
the same?
Katie A Nov 2014
I believed in
mere coincidences
unplanned happenings that
coincided with my decisions
and every move that I made

I believed
it was coincidence
when you happened to
stand in front of me
at that cozy café
no one really knew about

I believed
it was coincidence
when you snatched
the last slice
of apple pie
and I made you pay

I used to believe
our relationship were made of
the causes of our laughter
and our tears
and our common interests
they were all coincidences, too

used to be
a word so overused
and cliché
that made me scoff
and cringe
whenever my ears
catch the syllables

But I am now convinced
that even when
I try to travel back
to the past
where we haven't existed
and try to
alter our world

I am and will still be
to give you
the last slice
of apple pie
and my whole heart.
Katie A Nov 2014
spring was your
favourite season
and you often times
compared our relationship to it

spring was
flowers and buds
blooming on
fields and trees

it was the sound
of the last frost
crackling under
your feet

it was the feeling
of the warm breeze
your rosy cheeks

it was the taste
of spring rain
as we had
our much awaited kiss

most of all
spring tugged upwards
the two ends of
your lovely lips

but out of the
you had come up to
describe the simile of
our love

i guess
even back then
in your fantasies
you had realised
that spring only
lasted a while
I hadn't.
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