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Kathy Leigh Jul 2020
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Why do I always fall?
Who is this person in my reflection?
Full of self hate from a lack of perfection,
If only it was as easy as changing perspective,
Self love in my heart would be reflective,
Every scar reminds me of my deepest cuts,
The empty valleys and the darkest ruts,
Mirror mirror, show me what's real,
As my soul is ready to heal.
Kathy Leigh Jul 2020
Family values, disintegrate with every sip you take,
With every lie, with every accusation you make,
You want me to die, so take me out,
Remove me from your lineage, I'll be free of doubt,
Growing up with no direction, no where to go,
So you drag me down deep, you drag me so low,
How can you love me and hate me the same,
You keep me around to have a place to project the blame,
An innocent child, grew up way too fast,
Always running from and fearing what's in my past,
I long for the day that I'm strong enough to forgive,
For that is the day I finally start to live.
Kathy Leigh May 2020
My heart is an anchor,
My mind sets me free,
Thinking too much,
About what we could be.

Drained of my energy,
I'm trying to clear,
The mess that you made,
From believing your fear.

Looking for an external sign,
Rather than looking within,
I should have known better,
Than to bare your sin.

My back is broken,
Fighting my way down,
Every time you think of me,
You'll feel like a clown.

Time to focus on loving me,
I deserve much more,
Save your tears for another day,
It's time to close the door.
Kathy Leigh Feb 2020
A feeling of dread,
Looming over my head,
If I don’t make it through,
I’ll end up dead

How did I get here,
Smothered in fear,
What a mess I made,
The end is near

There is no hope,
So I tied the rope ,
And I climbed and climbed,
Just trying to cope

As I planted my feet,
Into the heat,
I accepted my fate,
Our souls will meet.
Kathy Leigh Feb 2020
We’re out of place. Are we out of our minds?
You deserve better, I’m scared of what you’ll find,
About me, about my past. Some things I can’t explain,
The last thing I want is to be your source of pain,
So spread your wings and fly far away from here,
Listen to your heart, run away from the fear,
You don’t know me, the dark side of the moon,
You don’t know the side of me that’s out of tune,
My heart tears apart knowing I made you cry,
With my baggage, I’m broken, I want to try,
I don’t want to drag you through the dirt,
With my emptiness and with my hurt,
So before I break your heart in two,
Run far away because I cannot catch you.
Kathy Leigh Nov 2019
How did I get so lucky? To have you by my side,
You came crashing like an astroid, right into my life,
I tried to find you, but all I found was bones,
Searching for an escape from a broken home,
Where you sent from heaven? I guess God is real,
I started believing again when you showed me how to feel,
You opened my heart, poking away at a bruise,
It hurt at first, but I had nothing to lose,
So here I am, my flaws and all,
Here I am, scared to fall,
I hope that you catch me whenever I do,
Because I’m so deeply in love with you,
Fate is undeniable when it presents itself,
Like a ghost during the day,
Leaving subtle hints in front of my eyes,
Impossible to look away.
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