Criminal mind when I think about you,
Cause I want you to feel the pain that you put me through,
4 years later and I still remember it all,
The selfish hands that caused me to fall,
But don't worry cause I'm standing tall,
A new perspective; A better picture on my wall.

I’m finally interested

It’s not me that's broken

The system

But now I’m ever more

I thought I was immune to this disease

Desire has pulled at my strings

I want her

How could I want thee

A living creature

A force of nature

In my possession


I’d be foolish

It's too quick

The rule is

Nothing lasts forever

Don’t let your heart become severed

It's out of your control

whether or not

You like the sound

It resounds

So hear it loud

What now?

Going in circles as I'm running this race,
It never ends when you're after the chase,
All kinds of emotions along the way,
I have too much left to say,
And here I am, yet again,
Waiting for love to take the win,
I'm looking above at a dark cloud,
Above the rain, the thunder is loud,
My mind is gone and my dreams are lost,
My soul is burning while my heart is being tossed,
So I bury in the ground all that was left unsaid,
Soothing the pain to make peace in my head.

My dreams are slipping away as I numb the pain,
Watching the clouds coerce with the rain,
A glimpse of the sun is all I need,
To get on my knees and beg and plead,

Leave me alone, I don't care for your lies,
Splattered within the color of your eyes,
They remind me of a beautiful ocean's shore,
That has been torn apart but a man-made war,

My blood bleeds red but tonight it bleeds black,
As I think of all the mistakes that I can't take back,
You left without trying, now I'm broken,
No longer can I trust the words that you have spoken,

Let me be miserable, let me be free,
As I throw my torn heart into the dead sea,
There's nothing you can say, nothing you can do,
That will stop the black from shining through.

You’re tired of me,
Cause I’m not who I used to be,
I’m better now, but not to you,
I wish there was something I could do,
Who am I kidding? I need to move on,
I can see that you’ve been long gone,
I’m a master of disguise,
You can’t see through my eyes,
Now the sky seems a little less blue,
Since I’m no longer with you,
The grass seems a little less green,
Ever since I’ve been clean.

Hey there love, I got something to say,
I know it's bad timing but let me know if I may,
Just get these feelings off my chest,
And I'll leave it up to you to judge the rest,
For days I've been trying to sort out how I feel,
Like, is this love? Is this real?
I've come to the conclusion that you're the one I need,
Longing for your love, Baby take the lead,
I've never been so sure about something before,
Willing to give up everything, Shut every door,
And start new with you right by my side,
I won't let you down, In you I'll take pride,
When you hurt, I hurt, It's we're meant to be,
Baby, I don't think you know what you do to me,
I'm under some sort of spell that you cast,
And don't worry, I'll treat you better than your last,
Trust me, I'll love you with everything that I got,
I just need to know if you feel the same or not..

Time and time again I find myself in the same place,
Thinking about how we never finished the race,
We were almost there, we almost made it through,
It was destroyed overnight. What happened to you?
The sweet boy, with the crystal blue eyes,
Full of love with a frontal disguise,
Somewhere along the way, you got lost,
I tried to steer you back no matter the cost,
The boy I once knew turned into a stranger,
Constantly careless and always in danger,
Now I'm alone with nothing but memories on my mind,
The passion we had was one of a kind,
And on my end, the fire never died down,
All of my friends say that I'm a clown,
But I would give anything in this world to hold you again,
My love, my happiness, you were my best friend,
Sure we fought and we fought hard,
You were the only one who could tear down my guard,
You knew all of the cues and all of the signs,
I need you to come back and read between the lines,
I know that you love her but I love you,
There's no way that she loves you as much as I do,
Do you honestly think she knows you better?
I bet she would never want to be your debtor,
But I'm forever indebted to your heart,
I knew this was it from the start,
I don’t' keep count of all of the pain,
Because I know it's so much better to let it wash out in the rain,
But lately my heart has been so dry,
I'm missing the only thing that gets me high,
My drug, my addiction, my whole life,
I was always supposed to be your wife,
You were pulled right from under my feet,
Now I walk around with a look of defeat,
Love is crazy and painful and a liar,
But if your heart was on sale, I'd be the first buyer.

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