I went to sleep with hopes that it was just a dream,
That maybe it was nothing more than a scheme,
But when I woke up my heart was tore in two,
Knowing there was nothing I could do for you..
Do you hear me when I call out your name?
Can you see the hurt behind the shame?
Why did it turn out this way..
Maybe it was destined for another day..
I'm starting to lose vision of my purpose here,
Cause everything I touch seems to disappear,
Falling apart right in front of my eyes,
Surrounded by the devil in disguise..
I dropped everything just for a chance,
Just for a taste, a small little glance,
But here I am, feeling nothing but numb,
Trying to figure out what I have become.
  Feb 12 Kathy Leigh Mathis
I woke up before sunrise
got a glimpse of a timeless world bounded by time
the reason why
I’ll stay kind
man needs to leave behind
a piece of himself
so that he can help
a struggling creature
so wise and unique
he toils away day after day
spoils his time
all for this fame
I think it’s a shame
how we can’t just float like the seagulls
lay comfortably like the leaves on billowing trees
but every life has its strain
it’s strive
even just to stay alive
one day I’ll try
to exist like the wind flowing within
as unfettered
as the sun rises from darkness
For years I hid myself away,
Consumed with pain and dismay,
Hidden in fantasies and day dreams,
Nothing is ever as it seems,
Don’t try to control me,
Don’t try to belittle me,
Let me be,
Let me free,
They tried to silence my words,
That shit is for the birds,
Do not mistake me for a fool,
I will no longer be your tool,
I will use my voice for good,
No longer will I be misunderstood,
You can hide under your religion all of your life,
But you can’t deny the lies you tell in rife,
Stealing the money of innocent people,
You should be ashamed of your so-called steeple,
You caused us to be afraid,
You caused our lights to fade,
But we will rise up, we will not back down,
We will riot until you leave this town.
Criminal mind when I think about you,
Cause I want you to feel the pain that you put me through,
4 years later and I still remember it all,
The selfish hands that caused me to fall,
But don't worry cause I'm standing tall,
A new perspective; A better picture on my wall.
  Oct 2017 Kathy Leigh Mathis
I’m finally interested

It’s not me that's broken

The system

But now I’m ever more

I thought I was immune to this disease

Desire has pulled at my strings

I want her

How could I want thee

A living creature

A force of nature

In my possession


I’d be foolish

It's too quick

The rule is

Nothing lasts forever

Don’t let your heart become severed

It's out of your control

whether or not

You like the sound

It resounds

So hear it loud

What now?
Going in circles as I'm running this race,
It never ends when you're after the chase,
All kinds of emotions along the way,
I have too much left to say,
And here I am, yet again,
Waiting for love to take the win,
I'm looking above at a dark cloud,
Above the rain, the thunder is loud,
My mind is gone and my dreams are lost,
My soul is burning while my heart is being tossed,
So I bury in the ground all that was left unsaid,
Soothing the pain to make peace in my head.
My dreams are slipping away as I numb the pain,
Watching the clouds coerce with the rain,
A glimpse of the sun is all I need,
To get on my knees and beg and plead,

Leave me alone, I don't care for your lies,
Splattered within the color of your eyes,
They remind me of a beautiful ocean's shore,
That has been torn apart but a man-made war,

My blood bleeds red but tonight it bleeds black,
As I think of all the mistakes that I can't take back,
You left without trying, now I'm broken,
No longer can I trust the words that you have spoken,

Let me be miserable, let me be free,
As I throw my torn heart into the dead sea,
There's nothing you can say, nothing you can do,
That will stop the black from shining through.
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